Fraggle Rock Competition Winners Revealed!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for!! As you may have noticed, we’ve been shouting all over the Internet about our amazing big Fraggle Rock give-away, where we’re giving you guys the chance to win some amazing Fraggle Rock prizes and more!

You guys have been amazing and have been busy entering in as many ways as you can including tweets, likes, comments and follows and we would just really like to say a huuuuge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to get involved and spread the word. You’re all winners in our eyes! 🙂

The Prizes


  • Sony DVPSR150 DVD Player
  • Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary DVD set which includes all 4 seasons of Fraggle Rock, an exclusive Red plush key chain, an exclusive all new graphic novel and a bonus DVD featuring never before seen footage.
  • Fraggle Rock graphic novel signed by Lisa Henson
  • 7 Fraggle Rock Plush dolls of all your favourite characters
  • ÂŁ100 of store credit to spend on Fraggle Rock T-Shirts

2nd Prize

  • Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary DVD set which includes all 4 seasons of Fraggle Rock, an exclusive Red plush key chain, an exclusive all new graphic novel and a bonus DVD featuring never before seen footage.
  • Fraggle Rock graphic novel signed by Lisa Henson

3rd Prize

  • Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary DVD set which includes all 4 seasons of Fraggle Rock, an exclusive Red plush key chain, an exclusive all new graphic novel and a bonus DVD featuring never before seen footage.

How our lucky winners are chosen….

Very quickly, easily and of course fairly! Our competition was run through RaffleCopter who have collected all the various entries and added them into a big competition hat of sorts. To pick our three winners, we simply use the system to randomly find them and tell us who they are and how to contact them. Easy as that!

Our Lucky Winners

Drumroll please……Our lucky winners chosen at random are!

1st – Lynne Jury Newton
2nd – Laura Seligman
3rd – Joanne Hester


We’re currently contacting you directly via email to arrange delivery of your prize so please please get back to us ASAP and we’ll get everything to you right away.

If you’re not one of our lucky winners, don’t forget you can always pick up some of our amazing Fraggle Rock clothing and get your very own slice of the Fraggle action.

Stay tuned for more competitions coming your way soon!


Todays World! 80s Technology….Today

Now one thing we REALLY love here at Truffle Towers is…gadgets!

We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest technology treats to occupy our busy little fingers that will keep us in touch with the world, have fun, or simply lend a helping hand in life.

Looking at all the amazing technology we now have surrounding our everyday lives now got us think about the things we thought was cool, the best thing since sliced bread and at the cutting edge during the 80s and how it would compare to things now. Take a look at some of our top tech comparisons to see just how far things have come from their…larger beginnings usually.


Probably one of the most noticeable advancements in most people lives really. From very humble beginnings in the days where memory was better seen as writing something on a notepad and RAM simply defined how hard to had to hit the thing to get it to work. Basically in their very early days they became very expensive, glorified calculators. Now things did improve in the 80s, seeing many new models with the use of  discs and programmes that did bring a amazing new meaning to personal computers compared to their predecessors. Compare this now to the brand spanking new laptop we recently received at  Truffle Towers with it’s 8gigs or RAM, 250gig solid state hard drive, USB 3.0 ports and more bells and whistles than a jester at a renaissance fair, it’s a far cry from todays world indeed.

Personal Music

Possibly one of the greatest things you could own in the 80s…the classic walkman. These were the pinnacle of cool and technology and meant that people could shake on down to the classics wherever they were. First introduced in the US in 1980, the Sony Walkman really did change the way we listen to music. It wasn’t just about it being portable and offering big stereo quality sound, it was so much more. The latest technology gives us the ability to, download music directly, play games, use apps and even video chat. I remember I blew my grans mind when we video called my sister in India on her iPod early on 2011 Christmas morning, well actually even I was amazed with it all secretly.

Mobile Phones

Often referred to as bricks for fairly obvious reasons, classic 80s mobile phones, particularly the early models left a lot to be desired when it came to features. SMS… what’s that? and 4G was something only fighter pilots could ever experience…you get the picture. Although by today’s standards at least, these heavey, expensive and very temperamental phones make a huuuuge impact on everyday lives. Business could be done on the go, people could keep in touch wherever and whenever which was a massive deal! My dad actually had one of the phones pictured below and thought it was the beans….so did I actually.


A subject very close to our hearts….TV! Probably one of the most important gadgets in our lives, we have so many fond memories of the TV experience back in the 80s with their big boxy retro sets. These typically brown curved screen beauties basically they had three buttons,  on/off and up or down channels, about as simple as they some. This was back when we had the delight of 4 channels to choose from instead of over 400, but this didn’t prevent some truly amazing programming that have inspired so many of our classic TV T-Shirt designs. Comparing this today, we could have never imagined tv’s smarter than we feel, on demand programming, 3D, HD, Blueray, and huuge screens that are thinner than the old remotes that used to work them. Amazing!

And that’s a wrap! Got anymore technology memories or amazing advancements from the humble 80s where everything was big including the hair? Let us know with a comment below.


Pat Sharp Talks Twins, TV and T-Shirts!

February 1989 will be remembered for a number of interesting reasons. The Soviet army withdrew its last troops from occupied Afghanistan; Sky TV launched in Europe; Salman Rushdie had a $3m bounty placed on his head and the first GPS satellite was launched into space.

But here at Truffle Towers, the big news of February 1989 was the launch of the best kids TV game show that has ever been! Set in a zany obstacle course, Fun House delighted us young telly addicts with it’s fast paced Grand Prix, gungey games and the tag hunt finale around the house.

Fun House became an immediate hit, propelling it’s host Pat Sharp into TV stardom.  Pat hosted each of the 146 episodes of the show’s 11 year run and has since appeared on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Come Dine With Me and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out O Here!, famously messing with Lorraine Chase’s teddy and causing “Tedwardgate”.

Today, Pat hosts the afternoon show on national Smooth Radio, runs an online presenter academy ( and spins his wheels of steel DJing at events all over the world.

We’re lucky enough to work directly with Pat on our range of Pat Sharp T-Shirts and Fun House T-Shirts and thought you TruffleShufflers would be as interested as we were to hear some of Pat’s memories of working in kids TV in the 80s and 90s.

TS: Let’s get the obvious questions asked first Pat… What was the best and worst thing about owning such an impressive mullet?

PS: I think the best thing about the mullet was the fact that twenty years later, people still remember it and talk about it! Not many people can say that their haircut from the 80’s is still a talking point!
The worst thing about the mullet… I suppose it would be that I ever considered it attractive!

Pat Sharp's Mullet

TS: Are you and the twins still friends? What are they doing now?

PS: Yes, we’re very much still friends, I saw them three weeks ago for lunch with their partners and kids and I’m seeing them again on Friday at a gig. Martina works for cosmetics company Clarins, and Melanie works at a motor traders in Kent.

TS: When the cameras stopped rolling, did you ever do the Fun House Grand Prix or run around the Fun House?

PS: Alas, no. We didn’t really do anything in the Fun House. We wanted the kids in the audience to see it as a kids place, and having us in there would spoil that image – it would look odd with adults in there! The camera crew were the only adults allowed into the Fun House when the audience was present.
Saying that, we would often use the ball pool as a rest area,  and I do remember having a kip in there every now and then!

Fun House TV Show

TS: TruffleShuffle customer Denise Rolls would like to know if you could gunge one person, who would it be and why?

PS: It would have to be Noel Edmonds – he’s gunged enough people in his time! He looks far too coiffured on Deal Or No Deal and needs a good gunging!

TS: Is there any truth in the rumours that have been circulating for years about Fun House being brought back and if so, would you want to front it?

PS: Yes, there is truth in the rumours, TV companies are considering it. I’d like to see an adult or celebrity version. The twins and I probably wouldn’t front it, at least in the same guise as before, but we’d all definitely be keen on a cameo role – maybe we should be the caretakers of the Fun House!
The biggest problem is that nowadays, the show would never pass Health & Safety rules. I remember we had go-kart crashes and sometimes you’d see kids standing around in agony with us trying to continue the show as normal!

Quickfire round…

TS: What was your favourite TV show as a kid?

PS: Catweazle or Here Come The Double Deckers

TS: Apart from our impressive collection of Pat Sharp T-Shirts, what one t-shirt would you most like from

PS: It would have to be this A-Team T-Shirt

TS: What superhero would you most like to be?

PS: Batman – but it would have to be the original Adam West Batman – he had the best outfit and I had one as a kid!

Massive thanks to Pat for taking the time to answer our questions. It gave me a great excuse to watch a couple of old episodes of Fun House on YouTube! We really do hope the show makes a come back, and we look forward to the original three housekeepers making their cameo appearances!

And a final congratulations to Pat – today is his 27th wedding anniversary!

WIN an Exclusive Signed Pat Sharp T-Shirt & ÂŁ50 to Spend!

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Good luck!