Dance Magic, Dance… Exclusive New Labyrinth Collection!

Labyrinth opened in cinemas this weekend back in 1986 which gives you the perfect excuse to fill your wardrobe with our brand new tribute tees right?
Each one is adorned with a scene from the cult classic, capturing all the friends and foes that Sarah meets along the way.

Exclusively available right here at, come check out the full range of Labyrinth TShirts (or forever be suspended headfirst into the Bog of Eternal Stench.)

Labyrinth Ballroom Dance Screenshot White T-Shirt

Big hair, big sleeves, power makeup and cruel eyes a go-go, this Labyrinth Ballroom Dance T-Shirt pays homage to one unforgettable 80s movie moment. Continue reading “Dance Magic, Dance… Exclusive New Labyrinth Collection!”

Exclusive New Knightmare Clothing & Accessories That Will Have You Screaming At Your Screens!

Enter stranger and prepare to take a trip back in time to the dank and dreary depths of Knightmare Castle with our latest tribute range!

We don’t know about you, nut back in the day we were totally obsessed with the virtual reality interactive gameplay show Knightmare.

Bringing all the drama, four brave dungeoneers would attempt to complete a set of riddles and mazes in order to escape. Three would be shouting orders the only adventurer who was blindfolded by the Helmet of Justice. You’d better hope they all know their left from their right! Let the adventure begin!

Knightmare Armoured Knight White And Black Ringer T-Shirt

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Smashing Onto The Site! Criminal Damage x Back To The Future

If there is one brand that never fails to make us sit up and shout out loud ‘”damn that’s cool!”, it’s the mighty Criminal Damage!

Blending London’s streetwear style with one of the most iconic 80s films ever, we’re so excited to have the stunning Criminal Damage Back To The Future Clothing collection burst onto the site and boy… is it looking good!

Packed with style, design details and more homage to this cult classic than we thought possible, take a look at this latest range!

Criminal Damage x Back To The Future Delorean Denim Jacket

If we could only have one jacket for the rest of our days, it would totally be this Back To The Future Delorean Denim Jacket! Sure to make other BTTF fans in the land shriek ‘Great Scott!’. We’re only left wondering… where has this been all our lives?
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Sarah Alexander Styles TruffleShuffle!

As fun as it is getting to think up, design and create our huge collection of classic retro tshirts, (and trust us, it’s really fun!) getting to see all you guys snapping up and styling your TruffleShuffle TShirts however you wish never fails to get us excited.

Seeing our designs become something so much more is a real buzz for us which is why when the totally lovely Sarah (AKA fromsarahlex) wanted to put her favourite designs to the test and style them up, boy did this put a smile on our face!

Let’s take a look and see how Sarah chose to bring our designs to life…

fromsarahlex Wizard of Oz TShirt

First up, our exclusive White Wizard Of Oz T-Shirt took to the stage. As her favourite film, Sarah matched this retro classic with her cream teddy coat, tartan mini skirt and brown boots. Nailing it, right?
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You Can Run With Us, We’ve Got Everything You Need! Exclusive New Raccoons TShirts

When darkness falls, leaving shadows in the night, don’t be afraid.. we’re here to bring all kinds of cheer with our latest exclusive Raccoons TShirts! – catchy, right?

The Raccoons

As lovers of all things nostalgia, naturally we’re HUGE fans of the legendary 80s show The Raccoons!
Getting to work with the show’s creator, we’re so excited to finally reveal our latest creations showcasing this total classic show in true vintage style.

Sure to add lashings of 80s style to your day, our hot new designs will have you singing ‘that’ theme tune all day long and loving every minute. Trust is! Take a look…

Women's The Raccoons Gang Orchid T-Shirt

Women’s The Raccoons Gang Orchid T-Shirt

Getting to hang out with The Raccoons crew would be the dream, right? Why not bring the gang along with you wherever you are with this retro orchid tee and get as close to the dream as possible!

Men's The Raccoons Gang Grey Marl T-Shirt

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