Clueless Released Today in 1995!

Can you believe it, its been 18 years since Clueless was released! We love our Clueless t-shirts and will definitely be wearing them this week in honour!

The cult movie starring Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash and the late Brittany Murphy, was a teen dream in the 90’s. A high school drama with humour, sad bits and some great fashion (well, it seemed it at the time anyway she says pushing the knee high socks, kilt and beret to the back of the drawer).

We feel that watching this great movie has made us better, more informed, perceptive people and so we find ourselves asking, what did Clueless teach us?

1. Avoid rebounds!

Poor old Cher, thought she was helping Tai by teaming her with Elton, but this newly single hottie was just no good!

2. Make sure it really is a date!

Cher got the hots for Christian (and who can blame her), but oh-oh, they were like, totally not on the same page! He seemed so cool, into all the same things and really thoughtful. Cher went for it. But Christian was more into the guys than the gals, embarrassing response to, ‘is this a date?’ ensues.

If He Likes “Spartacus,” That Might Be A Red Flag
He might be just not that into you … and into men. Even having something baking couldn’t save Cher’s relationship with Christian.

He Will Still Love You If You Burn The Cookies … But He Will Still Be Gay
It all worked out for Cher and Christian in the end. She got a new shopping buddy.

3. What to wear, how to wear it and why

Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.

Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.

Makeovers are fun, but use caution as to not turn your recipient into a monster.

4. And Finally, It’s OK to be Clueless!

Cher pretty much freaks out at the end when she has this epiphany that she’s basically an idiot. We all feel stupid sometimes, but life is all about messing up and learning from it. How are you ever going to realize you found your Josh if you aren’t a total bitch to him first? Then you’ll never know how far you can push him.

The beauty of our youth – a trip down memory lane…..

If you were born in the eighties/grew up in the nineties, this is sure to strike a nostalgic chord!

Your ‘look’ simply wasn’t complete without these trusty beauty essentials…..

Hair Mascara

Sounded great but inevitably always ended up looking absolutely rubbish – even the posh Dior ones! And even worse was when they started flaking out – bright red/blue/purple dandruff was never going to be a good look. Thank god for the disguise of butterfly clips and scrunchies!

Photo credit: The Style Rawr

Rimmel’s Heather & Coffee Shimmer Lipsticks

Any self respecting 90’s girl knew that the perect way to top off their look was with a slick of Rimmel’s massively popular Heather Shimmer! This purpley brown shade somehow became THE lipstick of the 90’s – must have complimented the overplucked eyebrows and bubble perms? Or not…..

Exclamation Perfume

A splash of !Exclamation perfume with it’s eye catching bottle that looked great on your makeup table! Can’t remember for the life of me how it smelled though?

Other favourites included So….?, Body Shop classics, dewberry and white musk, Versace’s red and blue jeans, Impulse, Anais Anais, CK 1…… anymore?

Sun in!

Sun in hair dye – with it’s promise of beautiful beachy blonde highlights – was a beauty cabinet essential of many a 90s kid! I remember several sleepovers revolving around us dyeing our hair with this little gem. Sadly it always seem to end up looking more ginger than blonde and what was with the slightly crispy texture? Don’t think my poor hair has ever quite recovered….

Babyliss Crimpers

For those of us not lucky (hmmm?) enough to have managed to persuade our mums to let us have a perm back in the day, these Babyliss crimpers were the next best thing. Can’t beat a bit of volume!

Blogger Lou models the look perfectly!

Photo credit: A Sprinkle of Glitter

Topsy Tail Hair Tools

Possibly the least offensive on the list so far, the Topsy Tail made creating an inside-out ponytail AKA THE hairstyle of the early 90’s, total childs play!

If you can ponytail, you can Topsy-Tail!

The variations and therefore the styling possibilities were endless and I definitely tried out most of them during my school years – well that is until I started doing the scraped back high ponytail with two pieces of hair pulled down at the front. What a bad ass!

Body Glitter

< ![endif]–>

For those special occasions (school discos/nappy night etc etc) it was only right to crack out the body glitter. The more the merrier so it seemed to my teenage self – no bodily territory was sacred! I seem to remember investing in a scented one too – madness!

All that remained was to grab our floppy hats, Bennetton/NafNaf/Sweater shop jumpers, waistcoat teamed with a skirt over trousers and puffa jacket and boy were we looking HOT!

Oh the memories……

Have we missed any of your old school make up/fashion essentials?


For those of us not lucky (hmmm?) enough to have managed to persuade our mums to let us have a perm back in the day, these Babyliss crimpers were the next best thing.

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Re-run the Fun! Fun House is BACK (with Pat Sharp too of course!)

If just hearing the words Fun House brings back that rosy glow of childhood nostalgia then boy do we have a treat for you!

Hosted by the legend that is Pat Sharp along with his faithful sidekicks, the unforgettable blonde cheerleader twins Melanie and Martina, it featured frankly amazing games that any kid would give his right arm to play, not forgetting of course the excellent final go-cart battle….

A game! AND a race! A real wacky place!

The show had a very credible ten year run from 1989 to 1999 but just when you thought that it was doomed to only live on in your childhood memories forever, we’re bringing it back in T-Shirt form!

Pat Sharp And The Twins Fun House T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £24.99
Pat Sharp And The Twins Fun House T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £24.99

Yes that’s right folks – we’ve teamed up with Pat himself to pay homage to what was a kids TV institution for any respectable 80’s/90’s kids!

The front of our new and exclusive Tee features a colour photo print of Pat (complete of course with THAT mullet) and the Twins all set against the famous Fun House set.  And as if that wasn’t enough retro goodness for one tee, the back features a print of the famous show theme tune.

Available for guys and gals here – get yours before they go and just wait for the nods of appreciation from fellow fans!

All together now…

It’s outrageous!
Fun house, a whole lot of fun,
prizes to be won.

It’s the real crazy show where anything goes.

Fun house, it’s a quiz,
it’s a race, a real wacky place,

Use your body and your brain
if you wanna play the game!

Were you a faithful Fun House fan? Let us know your memories of the iconic show in the comments box……