The Weekly Retro Movie Rundown – 380

With dust sheets down and everything masked up, we’re loading up our movie brush to layer on some thick action, nostalgic and perhaps a splash of romance too. Are you ready for these masterpieces?


Baby’s Day Out (1994) Channel 4 10:30am-12:30pm
Three bungling kidnappers hatch a plan to pose as society reporters and snatch the baby son of a wealthy couple. However, the infant escapes on to the streets of New York, evading the crooks’ every attempt to recapture him. Comedy, starring Joe Mantegna, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Pantoliano and Brian Haley.

Chicken Run (2000) BBC One 1:40pm-3:00pm
A headstrong chicken and her fellow fowls ponder how to escape from a grim Yorkshire farm before the evil farmer’s wife can turn them into pies. Luckily, help arrives in the form of a heroic American rooster who promises to show them how to fly. Nick Park’s animated comedy, with the voices of Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Miranda Richardson and Jane Horrocks.

Aardman merchandise

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Cracking Tees Gromit! Exclusive New Aardman T-Shirts Have Touched Down

By ‘eck lad! Celebrating the adorably cute and hilariously funny classic Aardman movies, we are super excited to introduce our exclusive new range of Wallace and Gromit TShirts featuring awesome moments from A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave and A Matter Of Loaf and Death. What a cracking set of tees!

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By, Heck Lad! Banish The Gloom With Wallace and Gromit.

Nothing like a bit of Wallace & Gromit to cheer us all up, eh?

Yup, this much-loved duo have jumped out of our screens and onto a whole host of marvellous merch which we know you’re going to go crackers for.

Wallace and Gromit Merchandise

With a whole heap of exclusive Wallace and Gromit Clothing and Gifts on our site, we’re never short of ways to bring some Aardman magic to your day.

Take a quick look at some of our top picks from our collection to help pull you through 2020 in total style…

Wallace And Gromit Feathers McGraw Metal Water Bottle

He’s cunning, he’s sneaky and boy is he always up to no good! You’ll always want to keep an eye on our Feathers McGraw Metal Water Bottle which is handy for keeping hydrated huh!

Wallace And Gromit Gromit Shaped Mug

No matter what you put in it, you’re guaranteed a crackin’ brew in one of our Wallace And Gromit Gromit Shaped Mugs. Just looking at it alone in your cupboard is already a win, getting to enjoy a morning cuppa in it, BLISS!

Feathers McGraw Wanted Poster 11

You loved this design so much, we just HAD to create this Feathers McGraw Wanted Poster 11″ x 14″ Art Print!
Perfect for warning guests of this possible criminal mastermind in the area. Keep a lookout!

Men's Wallace And Gromit Feathers McGraw Wanted Poster Ecru T-Shirt

As one of our favourite Aardman characters ever, we’re so glad you guys and gals love our exclusive Wallace And Gromit Feathers McGraw Wanted Poster Ecru T-Shirt as much as we do! Total top seller.

Wallace And Gromit Rocket Shaped Mug

Blast off to brew bliss in this truly magical Wallace And Gromit Rocket Shaped Mug. Have you ever seen anything more amazing? It’s a total work of art and pretty handy for the perfect brew too.

For our complete collection of Aardman merchandise that make for the most ideal pick-me-up for yourself or someone special, head over to our site. Have fun kids!

Top 10 Quarantine Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Friends & Family

With everyone in isolation who can, it can totally sometimes feel like the time has simply stopped. Like someone sat on the pause button and has yet to stand up, find the remove and press play again. Right?
Personally, we’d love a time controlling remote but scientists must still be working on our request huh…

Alas, time has not stopped and life is totally going on including birthdays, anniversaries and heaps more special reasons to celebrate.

If you’re not able to celebrate someone’s special day with them, we’re here to save the day with our huge collection of Birthday Gifts for you to snap up for their big day or even just as a little treat to get them through 2020 in total style.
Check out our top ten gifts to snap up and make someone feel a little extra special.
Let us wrap and send them so you can stay safe at home.

The Golden Girls: 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Like to giggle as much as they like a challenge? Our The Golden Girls: 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is almost too perfect for those long days at home. Ideal for a little mindfulness time or to take on the task as a team.

100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster

Know a bit of a movie buff? Set them the ultimate challenge that will have them enjoying 100’s of hours of fun with this 100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster.
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Raising A Mug For National Tea Day 2020!

If there is one thing we hold close to our hearts here at Truffle Towers, it’s tea!

If you’ve not seen the TruffleShuffle tea round (when we can get one made… you know who you are), you’re in for a treat and it hopefully shows just how much of a magical moment they are.

Of course, it’s not just us who love a cracking cuppa and we know just how much this simple pleasure can mean to so many which is why we’re always sure we’ve got a fresh supply of cool mugs to help take your brew game from weak and cold to strong and oh so hot!

Take a peep at some of our fave mugs available right now to help make your next tea round a whole lot more special. Enjoy!
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