A Whole Latte Fun! Our Top Retro Latte Art Designs…

Calling all you coffee fans! Or well….actually even if like us you just like all things retro! During our recent online adventures through cyber space, we’ve spotted some pretty darn amazing retro designs that not only look amazing, but they look tasty too.

Stumbling across some of the coolest Latte designs we’ve ever seen, we thought we would pick out some of our very favourite and share them with you lot. We know, we spoil you!

So! Looking to stir up the hidden barista inside us all, check out some of these simply amazing retro inspired designs below.

So there you have them folks! Got any caffeine cravings? Are you creative with you coffee or have you seen some designs to rival these? Let us know by commenting below.


Amazing Jon Burgerman Beano T-Shirts – Cast Your Votes!

We’re so excited to be able to share these designs with you guys!

jon burgerman

For those of you who haven’t heard of him (really?) Jon Burgerman is a UK born artist, famed for his instantly recognisable style of doodling.

As a long-time fan of the classic kids comic, he was given the opportunity to get his hands on the stars of the Beano and as big fans of both, we at TruffleShuffle.com were then given the chance to turn his drawings into wearable art – AMAZING!

There were so many cool images to choose from though, we couldn’t decide which ones should make the cut which is where you lovely lot (hopefully) come in.

To help us choose and cast your vote, simply head over to the TruffleShuffle Facebook page, find the Be The Buyer – Jon Burgerman x The Beano @ TruffleShuffle.com album and simple let us know in the comments box which YOU would buy. The two designs with the most love will then be available to buy this Easter.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

For lots more info on the amazingly talented Jon Burgerman, check out some of his socla pages below and discover even more of his fab work….

Jon Burgerman Facebook
Jon Burgerman Twitter
Jon Burgerman Instagram

Thanks everyone!


The Sm-ART way of Shopping Retro!

Hello retro fans!

We’ve got a treat for you lucky lot! Always looking for new and exciting way to retrofy our pads and add some nostalgia to our decor, we’ve got our hands on some amazing retro canvas prints featuring some of the most iconic movies, faces, bands, and superheros ever to exist…ever!

Take a look at some of our latest collection that are ready and waiting to liven up your living room or boost your bedroom.

Retro Films

Any child of the 80s we’re sure would say that it was THEEEE time for some of the biggest and best films of a generation. Films that have inspired decades of following, merchandise, and of course some all-time classic quotes. Deck our your home with some of our amazing new movie inspired canvas prints below featuring comedy classic Ghostbusters and of course cult classic Pulp Fiction.

 Ghostbusters Canvas Print
Ghostbusters Who Ya Gonna Call Canvas Print

Pulp Fiction Canvas
Pulp Fiction Canvas Print

Ghostbusters Canvas Print
Yup, we’re singing the theme tune as we type, we can’t help ourselves when it comes to 80’s movies! This canvas features the unmistakable Ghostbusters logo, allowing you to flaunt your appreciation for this amazing 1984 hit, in the comfort of your very own home!

Pulp Fiction Canvas Print
We all wish Quentin Tarantino would pop round to our house – grab a cup of tea and have dinner with us, but unfortunately he’s a busy man! We do have the next best thing though – an awesome canvas of his amazing 1194 hit, Pulp Fiction. Pay homage in style with this super cool movie poster design.

Retro Music

We’ll guess what, it seems that it wasn’t just the movies that were big back then, so was the music and so was their hair! With classics like Heart of Glass, Atomic, Sunday Girl, Call Me, all the way to Sympathy For The Devil, Gimme Shelter, Satisfaction….do we need any more reasons for you to want these?? 🙂

Rolling Stones Canvas Print
Rolling Stones It's Only Rock N Roll Canvas Print

Blondie Canvas Print
Blondie Heart Of Glass Canvas Print

Rolling Stones Canvas Print
This amazing canvas is brought to you by the greatest band of all time! ‘It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it’. You’re damn right we like it Mick – which is why we’re going to flaunt our appreciation with this little treat..!

Blondie Canvas Print
It’s fair to say – we’ve never seen a bad picture of this woman! We’re not jealous..honest! Woman wanted to be her, men wanted to be with her – she’s just an all round babe! Show your appreciation for the gorgeous Debbie Harry with this ‘Heart of Glass’ canvas.

Retro Comics

Everyone loves a superhero, and well some of us would just love to be a superhero 🙂 If you’re a comic book junkie like us you’ll be flying high in the sky with joy when you take a look at our amazing new Comic book inspired canvas prints featuring some of the most iconic characters….well…ever!

Batman Canvas Print
DC Comics Batman And Robin Canvas Print

Marvel X-Men Canvas Print
Marvel X-Men Comic Cover Canvas Print

Batman Canvas Print
This super-cool, vintage-style canvas shows our favourite duo hard at work! The Batman logo can be seem beaming in the sky, while the partners can be seen running to save the day! Awesome!

X-Men Canvas Print
Pioneering American comic book artist, Jack Kirby’s famous artwork is featured on this official awesome canvas, making it a must buy for any old school comic fans! Pay homage to your favourite super heroes from the comfort of your own home.

Whichever design tickles your artwork fancy, pick up one of these little numbers today for £29.99 and get next day delivery when you order before 4pm. Enjoy!


Retro Artwork with a Classical Twist

As big fans of all things retro, we just instantly fell in love with these amazing pictures.

Featuring some of the most iconic retro characters from the 80s such as Batman, Skeletor and Spiderman, and few few rocognisable faces from Star Wars of course, these fab pictures offer an amazing twist on some classical style artworks.

Take a peek!

We certainly would love to have some of these little beauties in pride of place above the mantel. What do you think?

Our ‘Typo’graphic Movie Posters!

As huge fans all all things retro, we’re absolutely loving these! Take a peek at these amazing pieces of movie artwork in the form of Typographic style film posters inspired by some of our favourite flicks and cartoons.

This series of creative posters by Pete Ware features popular movie characters made out of words and famous quotes. The British artist creates typography posters featuring characters from classic films and cartoons such as Star Wars, Transformers, Indiana Jones, Rocky, and more!

Who knows, perhaps these could inspire some of our  retro movie t-shirts designs in the future??

What do you think? xoxo