Stunning New Disney Loungefly Bags Now At!

Making one heck of a splash, our latest collection of from the mighty Loungefly has hit our site and we just couldn’t wait to show them off!

Taking inspiration from some of the biggest, most iconic and every Disney fans faves, Loungefly have created a stunning new range of Disney Bags that we know plenty of people will be scrabbling for.
Let’s take a look at just some of our very top picks!

Loungefly Disney Fox and the Hound Water Fight Mini Backpack

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Seven Days Of Summer: Day Five – 20% Off Selected Barbie Merchandise!

We’re here with day five of our deals peeps! Today, we’re giving you a super sweet 20% off selected Barbie merchandise! Because, you can never have too much pink, right?

Take a peep at the the top picks that we’re giving you huge savings on using discount code BARBIE7. Today only!

First up is a TOTAL classic! On a sweet candy pink, our Barbie 80’s Logo T-Shirt is ultra girly and a great way to add a touch of fun to your collection.

Pink Barbie 80's Logo T-Shirt
Be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world with this super cute Barbie Logo Backpack! This premium PU bag comes with an all over Barbie logo design and rose gold details. Sure to stand out from the crowd!

Pink Barbie Logo Backpack

Make a statement with this wonderful Barbie Logo Shaped Handbag! For those who loved the plastic fantastic doll and were inspired by her vibrant and super cool wardrobe, this one’s for you!

Barbie Logo Shaped Handbag

This glamorous, pink Barbie Logo Purse with rose gold detailing is definitely something Barbie herself would totally adore! Such a hit with all our bloggers too!

Pink Barbie Logo Purse

Barbie asserted herself as an independent woman in the 80’s with the new slogan, ‘we girls can do anything’ taking on roles from gymnast though to scientist. This Barbie 80’s Logo Hoodie features the 80’s Barbie logo and is a total classic!

Barbie 80's Logo Hoodie

Barbie is always immaculate, keeping a keen eye on the current trends and would definitely approve of this stunning Barbie Set Of Three Stacking Bracelets. Each bracelet comes with it’s own delightful charm and can be worn individually or as a set depending on your look. Get doll’ed up!

Always impeccable, Barbie’s other half Ken is one plastic fantastic kinda guy! This fab Ken Repeat Print Logo Boxed Mug is a great choice for all you Kens (or fan of Kens) out there!

Ken Repeat Print Logo Boxed Mug

There you have them peeps! Stay tuned to plenty more amazing deals heading your way over the rest of the week.

21 Things Every Retro Gamer Needs In Their Life…

Atari, Nintendo, SEGA, PlayStation….big or small we love them all! Growing up, like many of the kids we knew we were totally in love with the latest video games.
Nothing was more exciting that button bashing Street Fighter, helping Mario save the Princess (or die trying at least), or perhaps even being chased around the screen by Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

It wasn’t all about the latest graphics, the best in game physics, HUD, or even having the biggest free world to roam around in. Retro gaming was purely about raw fun which is what many of the classic gave us by the bucket load.

If like us, you’re heart belongs to some of the classic titles and characters from your childhood, not only do we want to virtually hi-five you, but we also think we’ve just some pretty cool goodies you’d just got to snap up.

To show you just what we’re talking about, we’ve popped together a list of our top Things Every Retro Gamer Needs In Their Life. Enjoy!

1. Men’s Blue Nintendo Mega Man Costume Hoodie
If fighting off evil robots with your trusty Mega Buster was your kind of fun, our awesome Mega Man Hoodie will be right up your street.
2. Men’s Black Nintendo Bowser Kanji T-Shirt
Ahh we hated this guy so much growing up! He was so tricky! Show some love for the ultimate baddy from the ultimate gamer series with this awesome Bower Tee.
3. PlayStation Set of 3 Pairs Of Socks
We can still remember getting out first PlayStation like is was yesterday! Why not re-live just a touch of that joy by getting your hands (or feet!) on these funky PlatStation socks!
4. USB Powered Colour Changing PAC-MAN Lamp.
Whether they were chasing after you or running away, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde always added a bit of colour to proceedings. Add some of your very own with our fab new light!
5. Men’s Charcoal Marl Super Mario Brothers Nintendo T-Shirt
Can’t decide on your favourite Mario character? Why not rock them all with this seriously cool Nintendo T-Shirt.
6. Pac-Man Belt
The ultimate in retro accessories for any gamer! Watch Pac-Man much up the ghosts every day with our fab belt!
7. Men’s White Classically Trained T-Shirt
Fancy new technology? 3D graphics? More gigabytes than Quagmire? Times change but real gamers started with the classics.
8. Ladies Sonic and Tails Title Screen Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt
If you’re more of a SEGA kind of gamer, they don’t come much cooler than Sonic and Tails!
9. Sonic The Hedgehog Set of 3 Pairs Of Socks
Don’t stumble like Tails, strut like Sonic! With these Sonic the Hedgehog socks you’ll definitely be the head of the gang.
10. Mega Drive Console Notebook
Take notes or store your cheat codes in style with this funky Mega Drive notebook!
11. Men’s Black Classic Space Invaders Game T-Shirt
Show some love for one of the daddies or retro gaming with our alien busting Space Invaders T-Shirt!
12. Nintendo Gamer Controller Backpack
The classic NES controller is a real design classic and such a gaming icon. Show some love and keep this legend alive with our funky backpacks!
13. Tetris Light
Every time we see this we can still hear that classic music! Create your very own lights with this awesome Tetris set!
14. Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Multi-Colour Fleece Blanket
Snuggle up with Mario and his bro Luigi and add some extra retro cool to your home in one swoop with this awesome blanket.
15. Framed Nintendo Mario Face Mirror
Mama Mia! Boy, do we have a treat for you! If you’re a fan of the (incredibly) Super Mario Brothers, then this awesome, but subtle nod of appreciation is the best way to show some love for the mighty duo!
16. Retro Gamer Ghosts Backpack
Add a splash of colour and gamer cool to any outfit with this snazzy Pac-Man backpack!
17. EXCLUSIVE Unisex All Over Print Sonic The Hedgehog T-Shirt
Love Sonic? Get ‘all over’ this exclusive tee! Featuring Sonic, Tails, Doctor Eggman (Robotnik), and Knuckles, this is a great find for any fan.
18. Tetris Notebook
Sometimes the simplest of games are the very best. Tetris pretty much champions this idea which is why is is possible one of the most iconic games ever. Swap your gameboy for this funky notepad and make a splash at school, in the office or just with friends.
19. PlayStation Shaped Bi-Fold Wallet
Get the world’s top selling console in the very pocked with our amazing PlayStation wallet! Great way to store your credits.
20. Street Fighter LED Torch With Sound Keychain
This awesome keychain features the popular Street Fighter character Ryu. Press his chest and a super bright LED light will be activated whilst he shouts Hadoken! at the same time. Too much cool!
21. Men’s White Paper Scissors Stone Alex Kidd Sega T-Shirt
Celebrate the nail-biting end to each level of the cult classic, Alex Kidd with this funky Tee!
Pheeew! So there you have them folks! Hopefully we’ve sent your on a weird and wonderful trip back down retro gaming memory lane.

Don’t forget to check out all of these classic goodies and so much more in our full range of gamer merchandise at

So what are your biggest retro video game memories? Let us know by popping a comment below.



Heroes In A Halfshell…….. and T-Shirt, Mug & Loungepants!

The year was 1989 and a phenomenon had just began – four fearless fighting green machines quickly took over this ten year old boys life and an obsession quickly ensued!

Their names: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Turtle Mania was massive. In every store window, on every high street would be Turtles merchandise, shop keepers praying and rubbing their hands waiting for whiney kids to nag their parents to buy, posters, toys, pencil cases or colouring books. My parents would avoid taking me past such places for obvious reasons.

I could only dream of the day when I’d finally work for a place that sold such things – Backpacks, T-shirts, Loungepants, Socks and Mugs; I’m wearing my Turtles Boxers Shorts right now!

Men's Grey Marl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group T-Shirt £25.99
Men’s Grey Marl Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group T-Shirt £25.99

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack £44.99
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack £44.99

My teacher at year four of Junior School was a kind, white haired, gentle old man by the name of Mr May and he had a somewhat relaxed approach to teaching. Some would say his class room was chaotic, sure it was noisy but a lot of great creative things would be happening. In one corner someone would be building a space ship out of boxes and tin foil ready for mission to mars. On a small round table, a group of over enthusiastic children would be discussing the merits of Jeremiah Obadiah Jackanory Jones, someone would be playing the recorder and one kid would be boinging a ruler on desk.

Meanwhile my friends, Jamie, Alan, Mark, Kieran and I would be plotting what to do with our day. As there was no real structure or timetable, our discussion soon turned into talking about  Ninja turtles – all it really took was someone to say “cowabunga” and we’d be off! Sensing that some mischief was a rife Mr May swiftly intervened, noticing our obvious obsession and hyper furtiveness he suggested we do something with our energy and just like that a grand scheme of events started:

Firstly we thought about putting on a play, this just led to us making home made weapons, all of us made nunchucks out of toilet roll tubes and paper clips which quickly led to them being banned!

Second was learning about actual turtles, their nature and such facts. We figured reading books was boring so we quietly snuck out of school and ran to Kieran’s house where his neighbour kept newts (because no one had turtles, newts were the next best thing!) Kieran dashed into his house while we waited outside on lookout duty. Kieren appeared five minutes later with a sealed box with holes poked in and four newts inside which at that precise second we named Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. We Stomped back to school pretty sharpish and pleased as punch with our new slimy pets. When Mr. May asked us of our whereabouts “the Library” really didn’t explain the box of newts we’d acquired. All we’d really achieved was a new way to scare the girls as Leonardo and Raphael inexplicably disappeared.

Thirdly I’ve always been a good at drawing and at ten years old I wasn’t all that bad. I’d often get asked to draw random stuff for kids, cars, dwarfs with top hats, a cat on a go-kart…….. etc! Jamie my best friend/partner in crime at the time produced from his desk a Turtles colouring book, he knew my skills were good as we were desk buddies for life. Jamie asked if I could draw the images in the book? Always plotting a quick way to make a buck – Jamie’s plan was simple!

  1. Get me to copy the images from the book
  2. Advertise Turtles Posters for sale
  3. Send our friends around school to gain interest
  4. Get the innocent little scamps to give us money

Unfortunately, as my skills weren’t perfect Jamie realized no one would be interested in a part turtle, part donkey drawing so we did the next best thing! As access to a photocopier was impossible we started tracing the images. Word soon spread and demand was high for hand drawn images of The Turtles, we were getting requests for Splinter, Shredder even April O’Neil! It didn’t take long to trace an image and we shifted maybe 15 to 20 images at maybe 10 to 20 pence each in one afternoon!

We were Dons, we were grand schemers and forgers of art, proper shifty little gangsters living large and in charge. Our dreams of spending the ill gotten gains on sweets and fizzy drinks was short lived as it wasn’t long until one of the parents questioned her son on why he’d paid money for some drawing of a Turtle that had clearly been traced and poorly at that 🙁

The finger of blame was pointed right at us and we were swiftly marched to the headmasters office. Our poor attempt to convince Mr Buckley, our headmaster (no relation) that it was all for charity failed and we were forced to pay back each little blighter. Needless to say I felt pretty bad and promised not to do it again.

I guess the moral of the story is, if you’re going buy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise, buy it from your officially awesome officially retro online retailer

Later on in my teenage years, my friend Nick would discover that I could draw whatever was put in front of me and proceeded to show me teachers signatures – guess who got a lot of merits that year? 😉