Stunning New Disney Loungefly Bags Now At!

Making one heck of a splash, our latest collection of from the mighty Loungefly has hit our site and we just couldn’t wait to show them off!

Taking inspiration from some of the biggest, most iconic and every Disney fans faves, Loungefly have created a stunning new range of Disney Bags that we know plenty of people will be scrabbling for.
Let’s take a look at just some of our very top picks!

Loungefly Disney Fox and the Hound Water Fight Mini Backpack

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Childhood Fave Polly Pocket Is Back!

Do not adjust your screens… it’s not the 1990s (despite us sometimes wishing it was) and this is not a drill. One of the all-time iconic childhood toys is back and will be hitting kids wish lists once again!

Toy powerhouse Mattel have revealed plans to bring back this classic in June this year, and our ‘not so’ inner child is screaming with joy!

Polly Pocket

Coming back with a facelift which has resulted in the toys having all-new settings and a bigger size which means… more space to play right?

Polly Pocket

With brighter colours and swanky new accessories (including a Limo!),  Polly Pocket is set to introduce a whole new generation to her epicness and have a few big kids like ourselves reliving our youth.

Polly Pocket

But that’s not all! Did you know we have one of THE coolest 90s inspired bags ever? No that we’re biased of course. Our Polly Pocket bags have been the jewel in our crown from the day they launched and can be yours for just £37.99…

Polly Pocket Bag
What do you think of these new designs? Let us know in the comments on our our Twitter & Facebook.

Strap Yourself In! We’ve Got Bags of Funky New Backpacks From Sprayground!

Just when you think we couldn’t possibly give you any more retro awesomeness, we just carry on giving you more and more for you to snap up to proudly show off some of your favourite films, cartoons and characters!

This time we’ve been routing around the simply AMAZING collection of backpacks from top brand Sprayground and bagged ourselves some fab new designs that are just perfect for anyone who is looking for something a little funkier than your average.

With so much buzz around the upcoming new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film (released 17th October), we just had to snap up these amazing new bags featuring each of the iconic characters in all their glory. The only question is….who will you be?
If you’re as big a fan of the cheeky chappy who live in the sea, you’ll just LOVE our amazing new SpongeBob Squarepants backpacks! Either rock him as a part sponge part shark combo, or as a super sneaky but probably very clumsy ninja, our amazing new bags are the perfect back to school companion or perhaps as a funky weekend bag.
But wait there’s more! If classic cartoons aren’t your thing, why not take a peep at our cool new Pixel Game Over DLX Tech Backpack or Leopard Shark Backpack. Perfect for those of you looking for something a little different.
For all of these and even more amazing funky bags, head on over to and check out our complete range today.


Amazing Thunderbirds Behind the Scenes Piccys!

5….4….3….2….1….Thunderbirds are GO!

We can still remember it now, the opening titles, the excitement of getting to see what the heroes of Tracey Island would be up to next and what catastrophe or evil villain they had to deal with, all taken in their bouncy, puppety stride.

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been the biggest fans of Thunderbirds along with a whole line of kids from its humble beginnings back on September 30th, 1965 (nearly 49 years ago!).

It had everything, the characters, the gadgets, the cars, the planes and of course….its own Island! Not only that, but at every moment you found yourself trying to spot the strings (which wasn’t tricky) and also when they had used someone’s hand….probably the tea boy’s, but all the while trying to believe it was all real. Simply magical!

Now, hopefully some of these won’t act as a spoiler and perhaps young fans eyes should look away, but we’ve been busy digging out some of our favourite pictures of the creative geniuses putting together this iconic show for you all to see. Take a peep at our amazing ‘string’ of classic behind the plasti-scenes pictures (not even sorry) 🙂 Enjoy!

How cool are they?! We had such a blast getting to search through and sniff out some of our favourite behind the scenes snaps, and not only that, we’ve also been getting to bust out some of our FAB new range of Thunderbirds Bags and Wallets! Take a look…
So what are your memories of this TV icon? Did you have a favourite character or vehicle? Perhaps you had some as toys growing up? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


We’re A’wash’ With Some Amazing New Bags!

That’s right peeps we’re back in full swing here at Truffle Towers and can’t wait to get cracking with 2014 and making it even more amazing than last year! If that’s possible!

Kicking things off so far we’ve got our hands on some amazing new funky washbags inspired by some all-time design classics that we all know and love.

If you’ve ever been to Laaandaaan, the chances are you’ve scurried your way around on the underground train lines and have seen one or two of these little beauties. Well now you can re-live those moments in style with our fab London Underground Tube Carriage Washbags

London Underground Tube Carriage Washbag
London Underground Tube Carriage Washbag

Not a fan of the Tube? Well whether you’ve been there or not it’s hard to deny the instantly recognisable style found in the classic London black cab! This little number is a perfect companion for your trips A to B, the Taxi’s useful too 🙂 P.S this will go saaaaf ov the riva!

Black Cab Taxi Washbag
Black Cab Taxi Washbag

If you are a fan of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, this is the wash bag for you! You really can’t Beat’le it! Perfect for all you classic VW fans out there.

Retro Orange VW Beetle Washbag
Retro Orange VW Beetle Washbag

Not looking for a smaller wash bag but after something more every day awesome? Take a peep at our amazing range of retro bags including messenger bags, rucksacks, flight bags, totes and more!