Shop the 1985 Argos Catalogue!

Over the last 38 years, millions of children have had the joyful experience of flicking through the Argos catalogue and picking out their Christmas lists.

The excitement of carefully copying the name of the latest toy/game along with it’s trusty catalogue number in preparation for Santa to (hopefully!) make all your Christmas dreams come true was the best thing ever.

If that makes you all warm and tingly, then this awesome imagery we stumbled upon of past Argos catalogues will surely evoke ultra nostalgic memories of Christmas Past.

Check out this gem of a page which stars Rainbow Brite, Roland Rat and My Little Pony among other old school faves!

A page from the Argos 1985 Catalogue - Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and even Roland Rat are there in all their old school glory

And just look at the prices! A whole Castle Grayskull for just £23.95 – He-Man would definitely have to dip into his savings to afford one of those today!

And one for the boys - check out this page of 1985 He-Man Goodies!

Hands up if you owned anything on this page? I had the typewriter, cassette recorder and lights alive – cue a rummage around in the loft tonight to see if mum hung onto them! Fingers crossed!

And don’t forget, the best part of all this reminiscing is the fact that here on, we have most of these classic characters, games and toys covered on our brilliant range of retro tees, hoodies, gifts or accessories so you can relive the magic of a childhood Christmas even as a grown up!

We love Bears that Care!

With hundreds of items inspired by the very best of our childhood, visit TruffleShuffle for a chance to shop the very best of 1985 today!

Retro Cool Secret Santa Gifts!!!

It’s that time of year again and as the shops begin snowing up their windows and blasting out Slade’s Crimbo classic IT’S CHRISTMAS, we all scurry around in a frenzy trying to find unique, funny and affordable Secret Santa gifts. Well, if like us you are feeling under pressure and needing inspiration for this annual stress, we can point you in the direction of some amazing Secret Santa gifts, guaranteed to raise a few office giggles and envious glances!


80's Child Mug £4.99

Love Hearts Tea Lights £4.99

Morph Waving Key-chain £3.99

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Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnets £7.95
Rubik's Cube Mug £8.99
Pac-Man Ghost Salt And Pepper Pots £7.99

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Retro Toys And Tea-Time Treats From Punky Allsort

We were left positively drooling at these new arrivals from the super-sweet brand Punky Allsorts! Lovingly hand-made, just like mama’s fairy-cakes, these utterly scrumptious delights are the perfect pick-me-up treat (and completely calorie free!)

Cola Bottle Ring £8.50
Minature Allsorts Bracelet £12.95

Biscuit Collection Ring £18.50

And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, these absolutely gorgeous and nostalgic goodies turned up! How we loved building castles from Lego and practicing our Care Bear stares back when we were little!

Funshine Bear Bracelet £16.50
Lego Ring £9.95