Our Top Toys Of The 80’s

We can remember the excitement of Christmas Eve as a child like it was yesterday! Being reminded daily of all the wonderful, iconic stuff which made life in the 80’s and 90’s so wonderful, just working here at Truffle Towers.

So here it is, if we were to go back a few decades to the 80’s this would have been our Christmas Wish List.


Launched in 1982, this little bed buddy let off a gentle glow to help you sleep, so cute!


These beany, plushy, delights came in their own little cardboard kennel with an adoption certificate (the welfare of the Puppy was very important). I was lucky enough to get one call Beamer!


With a relentless marketing campaign, it was hard to escape the urge to own a (or a few) Transformers. The Robots in disguise cleverly ‘transformed’ from cars into robots and Kids across the globe took part in battles between the Decepticons and Autobots.


If these cute, cuddly Bears enticed you to grab them from the shelves with their Care Bear stare then, like me, you will have fond memories of the sweet toys. Mine was called Cheer bear ūüôā


Although not strictly an 80’s toy, Furby sales went completely mental in the year 1998. Love them or hate them, they definitely deserve a place in the must have retro toys for kids Xmas wish lists!


A whole host of fresh new tees exclusive to TruffleShuffle!

It’s been an exciting few weeks at TruffleShuffle with a load of brand new and exclusive T-Shirts! ¬†With brands ranging from Rainbow to Transformers to Care Bears you’re bound to find something you love whether you’re searching for the perfect Christmas gift or simply wanting to treat yourself to something fancy. To help make your mind up I’m going to give a quick run through of these fab new designs that you won’t find anywhere else!

“Up above the streets and houses…” ¬†The classic kids show Rainbow is a fond memory from many a childhood and if you can remember the adventures of Zippy, Bungle and George you’re sure to love our new range of Rainbow T-Shirts!

You’ll find it hard to ‘beat’ this fab new Boombox Bungle tee! Featuring the down-with-it bear and his 80’s ghetto-blaster, it’s a side of Bungle you have never seen before!

We’ve stumbled across the gold at the end of the Rainbow with this fabulous Zippy T-Shirt!

Stand in line for this awesome new Rainbow tee featuring George, Zippy and Bungle in unfamiliar surroundings!

We absolutely adore this sweet new official Care Bears T-Shirt! Featuring bedtime bear, all wrapped up on a cloud, alongside the slogan, Let It Snow! The perfect winter buy for Care Bear fans!  Also available on a snug Ladies Hoody.

This uber cool Care Bears tee comes in monochrome print, featuring a host of different bears along with an ’82 back print (the year that they were launched). An absolute must have for any 80’s child! ¬†Available on mens and ladies tees.

80’s whizz kids will love these wicked new Transformers T-Shirts, exclusive to TruffleShuffle.com! Featuring the gadgety toy of choice back in the day, this tee shows the clever contraptions in their automobile form! Do you know which is which?

Pay homage to the puppie who changed the world of frozen drinks forever with this ultra kitsch Slush Puppie T-Shirts!

This wicked new Goonies T-Shirts comes with a cool skull print surrounded by famous quotes such as, Never Say Die and Mamma You’ve Been Bad. An absolute must have for any fan of the cult 80’s movie.

We love this fab Tommy Cooper T-Shirt, featuring the rather perplexed looking comedian alongside one of his catchphrases, Always Leave Them Laughing, this is a must have for any fan of the comedy genius!

This super cool, nostalgic Sesame Street T-Shirt features all your favourite characters in a wicked vintage distressed print! A fab find for kids raised on the street!

Blythe Dolls are very special indeed, as any fan will rightly know. Launched in 1972 and produced for just one year, deemed to quirky and surreal for little girls, this big eyed, kooky doll has since gained cult status, This super-cute Blythe T-Shirt comes with a magazine style, vintage distressed print, proudly showing Blythe off as the fashion icon she has become!

After her grueling fashion show schedule throughout the year, the cult doll Blythe kicks back in the snow, snapping her winter wardrobe outfits in cool, polaroid pics! This fabulous tee (and hoody) features a blonde Blythe in a winter wonderland scene with a vintage distressed finish. A delightfully special find for any fans!

All aboard the playbus! This wicked Playdays T-Shirt brings back nostalgic memories of the show which stopped at the Why Bird Stop, Playground Stop, Dot Stop, the Patch Stop or Tent Stop depending on the day of the week. Introducing childhood favourites Zoe Ball and Dave Benson Phillips, it forever lives on in our memories.

I hope you’ve found something to tickle your fancy amongst these treats, and remember to keep checking back as we are constantly updating our stock with newness! xoxo

Wrap Up Warm With TruffleShuffle This Bonfire Night!

Wooosh! Fizzle! Kablaaamo!

No, it’s not an episode of Batman from the 60’s, it’s likely these are some of the noises you may be hearing tonight! Just a mere five days after getting dressed up like a weirdo, Bonfire Night is most likely everyone‚Äôs second favourite day of fun.

Building fires out of old pieces of discarded furniture, crumpling up newspaper and stuffing them in an old pair of paisley pyjamas your kind old granpappy donated to you for the Guy.

Keeping warm was the thing – your mum would wrap you up as if preparing for a hike to Antarctica, Parker, mittens with the piece of string, scarf and woolly hat, never before has anyone been so cosy.

So Let TruffleShuffle be your over-protective loving Mother this year and wrap you up nice and snug before you go off and enjoy bonfire night. From Sonic, Sesame Street and Care Bears to Muppets and Gremlins, we have a great selection of warm and cosy hats to keep you snug and don’t forget to add one of our Harry Potter scarves for some extra warmth!

I remember holding a sparkler for the first time ever, I may only have been about six years old. The sheer feeling of joy I felt holding something like that as it fizzed yellow sparkly stuff was only hampered by my confusion, I had no idea what to do with it. My mum would be saying “wave it about, write your name” as she reached for the camera!

My uncle would always put on a fireworks display. It was never a professional affair, my cousins and I would be on tender hooks much of night as we dodged and ran from rogue rockets! One time a Catherine wheel poorly nailed to a fence span off and flew around the garden like a glittery U.F.O hovering for a moment before turning into a deadly sparkly Frisbee and flying at us. Despite the danger it was the best time.

Remember – play safe and enjoy yourselves!

Shop the 1985 Argos Catalogue!

Over the last 38 years, millions of children have had the joyful experience of flicking through the Argos catalogue and picking out their Christmas lists.

The excitement of carefully copying the name of the latest toy/game along with it’s trusty catalogue number in preparation for Santa to (hopefully!) make all your Christmas dreams come true was the best thing ever.

If that makes you all warm and tingly, then this awesome imagery we stumbled upon of past Argos catalogues will surely evoke ultra nostalgic memories of Christmas Past.

Check out this gem of a page which stars Rainbow Brite, Roland Rat and My Little Pony among other old school faves!

A page from the Argos 1985 Catalogue - Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and even Roland Rat are there in all their old school glory

And just look at the prices! A whole Castle Grayskull for just £23.95 РHe-Man would definitely have to dip into his savings to afford one of those today!

And one for the boys - check out this page of 1985 He-Man Goodies!

Hands up if you owned anything on this page? I had the typewriter, cassette recorder and lights alive – cue a rummage around in the loft tonight to see if mum hung onto them! Fingers crossed!

And don’t forget, the best part of all this reminiscing is the fact that here on www.TruffleShuffle.com, we have most of these classic characters, games and toys covered on our brilliant range of retro tees, hoodies, gifts or accessories so you can relive the magic of a childhood Christmas even as a grown up!

We love Bears that Care!

With hundreds of items inspired by the very best of our childhood, visit TruffleShuffle for a chance to shop the very best of 1985 today!

Retro Cool Secret Santa Gifts!!!

It’s that time of year again and as the shops begin snowing up their windows and blasting out Slade’s Crimbo classic IT’S CHRISTMAS, we all scurry around in a frenzy trying to find unique, funny and affordable Secret Santa gifts. Well, if like us you are feeling under pressure and needing inspiration for this annual stress, we can point you in the direction of some amazing Secret Santa gifts, guaranteed to raise a few office giggles and envious glances!


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Morph Waving Key-chain £3.99

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