Jimbo and the Jet-Set

Your brain does funny things. Its amazing what it picks up, stores & reacts to. Whilst going about my daily duties I must have subconciously noticed the Jimbo T-Shirts as I spent most of the day and the majority of that evening humming the Jimbo and the Jet-Sets theme tune and mumbling ‘JIMBOOOOO!!’ just like the air traffic controller at the end of the opening credits.

Well, if you’ve ever tried to get a song out of your head you will know its easier said than done but as I’ve learnt with this example, trying to forget a theme tune that only contains one word (Jimbo) is nothing short of a nightmare!!!

I have no idea how to avoid this slightly annoying situation happening again but one thing I do know is that I won’t take browsing through our Cartoon T-Shirts so lightly from now on.

So I suppose the point to this blog is a friendly warning that shopping with TruffleShuffle.com can cause some serious feelings of Nostalgia. To prove my point, I dare you to watch the theme tune to Jimbo and the Jet-Set below and not hum it for the rest of your day!!

[lyte id=”Ke7r3SBC-z8″ /]

Whilst we’re on the topic of Jimbo and the Jet-Set here’s some t-shirts we do:

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When TruffleShuffle Hit New York!

Today just last week I was lucky enough to be standing at the front of The Statue of Liberty herself as she gazed across the bay. Believe me I never thought I’d be saying that!

Oh yes, my week long Manhattan NYC adventure saw me up the Rockefeller Center (night) and Empire State (day), shopping in Soho, eating breakfast in Times Square of a morning, walking the High Rise, navigating Central Park, and more! What a dream!

Being such a huge retro fan (obviously) one thing that I was always on the look out for was the retro 80s fashion scene over in the states. Being my first time over the pond, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would be be popular? Would they love all the same films and characters?

What awaited me when I hit the streets of Soho was simply amazing! Working at the wonderful world of TruffleShuffle had meant that I’m now pretty accustomed to seeing a huge amount of awesome tees, but this left me standing wide eyed and open mouthed like something out of a cartoon. No really!

Bursting into one of the coolest stores I have ever seen called Yellow Rat Bastard, I was greeted by this huge wall of eighties nostalgia which had my bank balance shaking in its boots! So much choice in once place it would have been impossible to choose only one! See for yourself…

Stacked up high was wave after wave of some of the coolest tees from bands, cartoons, films and superheroes it had the lot! Luckily for you guys, quite a lot of what was on offer if currently available at my homeland TruffleShuffle. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered 🙂

This was only half of the top floor!
A Superhero collection to end all others

Check out this fab collection from one of our top brands Junk Food! Such a great style in this section with customer graffiti and messages which gave this a much more casual feel when compared to shopping in most department stores. Check it out.

Junk Food Clothing stand

Checking out one of the nations favourite stores Macy’s, I stumbled across these beau’tees’…

Loved the Beavis and Butthead designs as well as the hilarious ‘Junk in the trunk’ Mr Potato Head tee! Toy Story tees at TruffleShuffle one day? Let’s hope so!

One things for sure over in the big apple, they love a good retro tee! Just walking around it’s hard not to spot the odd Batman, Spiderman or Coca Cola tee on other city goers. In one of the top fashion capitals of the world, the 80s bands and characters are still very much at home and people rock them with pride.

Over all I was hugely amazed by all the 80s influences out there, for anyone who has yet to visit NYC, I would just say….Go for it! It won’t disappoint and you’ll love every second, PROMISE!


Beavis and Butthead