Our Lucky Raccoons Competition Winner Is REVEALED!

That’s it folks! It’s allll over but hopefully you all had some fun and at least got to check out our amazing interview with Mr Raccoons himself Kevin Gillis!

As some of the biggest The Raccoons fans in the land, we always after some new and exciting designs to call our own which is why we snapped up the chance to create some exclusive new Raccoons TShirts… which is what we’ve just done!

Inspired by the classic characters we all know and love, our latest comic style designs are some of our best yet and are sure to hit the right mark with any ran of this retro classic. Take a peep!

So what’s it all been for?

To celebrate in true TruffleShuffle style, we thought we could give you guys the chance to bag some amazing Raccoons goodies which we managed to get signed by Kevin just to sweeten the deal.

Up for grabs we had an exclusive TruffleShuffle Raccoons TShirt, season one and season two of the Raccoons on DVD and a helping of Raccoons badges to help decorate you or you home with!

How are our lucky winners chosen?
Our competition was run through Gleam who have collected all the various entries and added them into a big competition hat of sorts. Their nifty system then picks out a winner completely at random! Easy huh.

The Winner!!

We have rummaged through alllll the entries you guys have been busy submitting and can now reveal that the lucky winner of ALLL these amazing goodies IS…

Tracey Pankhurst


We will be contacting you shortly to arrange delivery of your winnings.

Huge thanks again to everyone who entered but weren’t so lucky this time. Stay tuned for plenty more competitions to come either on our blog, Facebook PageTwitter or Instagram.

See you next time!

TruffleShuffle’s Top Tips For Pokémon GO!

So it’s official, Pokémon GO is here, and…well… it is absolutely HUGE. Like bigger than the Death Star big! Frankly, if you’re not using your phone to walk around and catch virtual creatures in your area we have no idea why you even have a phone!

With so much buzz surrounding this groundbreaking AR adventure game (for those who never discovered Ingress at least), it seems Pokémon is right back at the top of the pile and bigger and better than ever. Talk about a comeback! From battling it out on our trusty Game Boy colour back in the day to talking stats and evolutions with friends down the pub, Pokémon has always brought people together and turns out is still as cool as ever.

Now it’s back in our lives in style, we figured we would pop together some really cool and useful tips that we have picked up along the way. Who knows they might just give your game a little boost! For free! Sit back and check out our Top Tips for Pokémon Go!

You can grab Pikachu as your starter Pokémon

Yep believe it! Pretty much THE face of the entire Pokémon empire, Pikachu can be grabbed right from the get go. Perhaps not so useful for all you eager players out there already catching your way through the levels, but as a new player when you’re asked by the Professor to catch you very first Pokémon you will be met with some old faces including Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. However! If you walk away from them (literally walk away), and continue to walk away from them until your phone vibrates the three classic stater Pokémon will appear again. Walk away again, and repeat 3 to 5 times and eventually Pikachu should appear.

When exploring, vary your surroundings

So just like you would fine in the real world, different Pokémon can be found in different areas. So for some examples, Rock types can be found near Quarries, Water types can be found near….you guessed it, Ghost types can be found near cemeteries and Electric types near power stations. We’re not suggesting to climb a mountain or break into a industrial area but instead vary where you hunt a bit.

When you capture a gym, defend it!

So you’re at at least level five and the real fun has begun, setting to work capturing your local gym will earn you some big rewards so well worth doing but hey….nothing good comes easy. Other players will be looking for a taste of of high life so be prepared to defend your gym by leaving good Pokémon there. Good defending will also earn extra bonuses and keep you in a good position.

Master your power

Now we don’t mean Pokémon powers or even superhuman powers, we mean getting the most from your device to keep you playing. It’s no secret that playing Pokémon GO pretty much smashes your battery so be smart. Activate the Pokémon GO battery saver mode in the settings option, dim the screen brightness, close unused background apps you might have running or perhaps invest in a battery charging pack to give you some extra juice on the go.

Throw a Curve ball

Not figuratively, literally! When you’re about to catch a critter, hold down on your Poké Ball and spin it in a circular motion with your finger. This will start it spinning, and if you hit and capture a Pokémon with this move you’ll gain some extra XP. Score!

Get out and play!

Possibly the best tip really and perhaps not one which can be avoided too much. The best way to enjoy the game, earn the good stuff and continue your amazing work is just to get out and explore….safely. Walking distances will help everything along and will help you bump into new characters and places. Again try to vary the locations, location types and even time of day and keep in mind that seeking landmarks in your area will be some great treats along with them too. The more you play, the more XP you will earn and the better everything will get.

So there you have them peeps! Hopefully we’ve passed on some handy hints to help you along you way. Know any other cool tips to help you fellow players? Shout them out below in the comments section!

Naturally, as veteran Pokémon trainers we’ve stocked a whole heap of Pokémon merchandise over the years and it seems that no more than ever is the time to grab a slice of the action and start showing off your love in style! Check out our latest catches including some fab Pokémon jewellery…


New & Exclusive She-Ra Clothing…..NOW IN!

Calling all you superheroines! Now as we know, She-Ra can do anything He-Man can, and in heels making her pretty gosh darn amazing in our eyes!

As one of the most iconic blondes to have ever been, we’re always on the lookout for even more ways to show and share our love.
Whether it’s tying a towel around our necks and running around (come on we all did it!), re-watching every episode ever made online, or perhaps creating even more new and exclusive She-Ra clothing, no matter what we can’t get enough of the Princess of Power in our lives.

Showing off our latest work, take a peep at our fab new She-Ra TShirts and Vests which have just hit the store….

Ladies Blonde Hair Don't Care She-Ra T-Shirt

This funky slogan tee brings some 80’s super-heroine attitude to the current day! Featuring the impeccable She-Ra, alongside the text, Blonde Hair, Don’t Care, it’s an edgy one alright!

Ladies Blonde Hair Don't Care She-Ra Vest

Also available in a funky pink vest, this is a perfect addition to any Summer wardrobe and will be sure to get some love from fellow Blondes and She-Ra fans too.

Check these latest additions and the rest of our She-Ra Merchandise over at TruffleShuffle.com. See you there!


EXCLUSIVE New Tees To Send You Right Back To Your Childhood!

They’re here folks! We’ve finally taken delivery of our exciting new range of totally exclusive and 100% official classic retro designs from some of our all-time favourite shows.

Eagerly working away as ever, we’ve created some amazing new vintage inspired designs that will scream out to any fan of these retro legends! Let’s take a peep….

One of the best and bonkers kids shows ever made, if like us, you were entranced by the adventures of Mr and Mrs Spoon and their daughter Tina Tea-Spoon and watched in delight as they blasted off with their bean tin rocket into Blanket Sky, these tribute tees are the perfect way to show your appreciation for the totally legendary show.
Featuring a distressed print of the whole family getting ready to jet off to Button Moon, these uber nostalgic Button Moon TShirts also feature a print of the show logo across the top. Grab yours now and spread the word.
Button Moon may be gone *sniff sniff!* but it’s definitely not forgotten!
Take a nostalgic trip to Cuckoo Land with these awesome Jamie And The Magic Torch TShirts! Originally created and aired from 1976 to 79, this retro classic was later shown again to all us 80s kids and intro and we can’t thank them enough!
Featuring Jamie and Wordsworth, this fab design sure takes us back to our childhoods just like stepping into Jamie’s portal itself! Snap yours up today and start your very own adventures with Jamie and co.
Now we couldn’t go on a retro loving rampage without getting our Ketchup loving vampire Count Duckula in on the game! Certainly one of a kind and not because of his vegetarian ways, this Danger Mouse villain is sure a hero in our eyes.
These fab Count Duckula TShirts are such a great way to show your appreciation for the cult 80’s kids cartoon, featuring Count Duckula himself, Nanny and Igor.

So there you have them folks! For allllll these new designs so so many more TruffleShuffle exclusives, pop on over to our home at TruffleShuffle.com and find the perfect character, colour, design and style for you. See you there!


Good Grief! New Snoopy T-Shirts at Truffle Towers!

Like so many others out there, we grew up with Charlie Brown and can still remember reading or even watching their classic moments like it were yesterday. Such a classic!
First hitting the scene over a whopping 65 years ago, Peanuts quickly became a newspaper comic strip staple and has since grown to become one of the world’s most-loved and recognized.
With so much love for this real retro icon, we are soooo pleased to be adding even more to our range of Snoopy T-Shirts and gifts.

Available from £19.99, these 100% official designs sure aren’t a swing and a miss and are the perfect way to add some cartoon cool to any look. Take a peep!

Calling all Peanuts fans! Another great t-shirt paying homage to selfies and Snoopy…what more does a girl need!? Hashtag….AWESOME!
Are you forever in the dog house? If so, you’re not alone! Charlie Brown’s beloved pooch Snoopy features on this simple but super cool design – must have for all you fans!
Snoopy is on this travels, to a far away land on this awesome oriental t-shirt! Buying for a Peanuts fan? They’ll love you forever!
For all these and our complete range of Peanuts Clothing, gifts and accessories. Swing on over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk.