Good Grief! New DangerMouse episodes to air on TV!

“He’s the greatest, he’s fantastic, wherever there is danger, he’ll be there!”

Yep this isn’t a typo, the huuugely loved and classic animated show DangerMouse which followed the adventures of the world’s greatest secret agent and his ever-nervous sidekick Penfold is set to make a comeback of on CBBC with 52 new episodes next year. Exciting!

Taking the TV by storm from back in 1981 and running all the way to 1992, DangerMouse (voiced by Sir David Jason) became one of the top shows of the 80s with a whole generation of kids turning in for their famous adventures and of course…those catchphrases 🙂

After over 20 years absence, DM and trusty sidekick will return this time to CBBC and will come complete with a whole heap of 21st century gadgets to help them with protect the world from the dastardly likes of Baron Greenback.

We can’t wait to see these guys back in action once again but given a modern twist as while Danger Mouse and Penfold’s HQ will continue to be in a classic red post box, it will now be packed with cutting-edge technology even with his iconic eye-patch becoming an ‘iPatch’!

Such a great way to get some 80s nostalgia back onto the airwaves as well as introducing some of the classic characters to a new generation of cartoon lovers.

So what do you think? Excited to see the new episodes hit the screen or would you rather leave the show as it was and keep the 80s magic alive?

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Have your say below and let us know what you think to this comeback on a true 80s icon….


Exclusive New Jem And The Holograms Clothing For All You 80s Jem-eration Kids

You wanted more….so here they are!

They sure don’t make em’ like they used to! Move over Beyonce there’s a new (old) legend in town!

With sooo much buzz surrounding Jem lately thanks to the simply huuuge retro lovers dream news of their forthcoming feature film (covered on our blog HERE), there has never been a better time to show your love for this amazing group who rocked our world back in the day.

With the cast now revealed, Aubrey Peeples (from Sharknado! Wooo!), Stefanie Scott, Hayley Kiyoko, and Aurora Perrineau will be taking the stage an plugging in their amps to remind us once again just how cool Jem is!

@heypeeplesitsaubrey - Instagram
The director is Jon M. Chu, who helmed “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” and “Justin Bieber’s Believe.” Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, is one of the producers. An open casting call for the film was put out weeks ago, calling for people to send in videos of themselves. In a YouTube clip, Chu also asked for submissions showcasing people’s “creativity,” “from writing music to designing costumes.”

In the movie, Jem is an orphaned teen who becomes an online recording sensation, she and her sisters then embark on a music-driven scavenger hunt - one that sends them on an adventure across LA in an attempt to unlock a final message left by her father. Exciting!

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What do you think Jem fans? Anyone else excited for the new film? Let us know below.

Thanks! xoxo

Happy Star Wars Day – May the 4th (be with you.) Celebrate with our #Competition!

Devotees of that galaxy far, far away will of course know that May 4, as in ‘May the 4th Be With You,’ is the official day to celebrate all things Star Wars and party like a drunken Ewok.

While every day is Star Wars Day for us hardcore fans, with the big day fast approaching, we couldn’t resist a little competition to celebrate and remind everyone that the Force is everywhere.

So we’ve taken a trip to the dark side (i.e. raided our warehouse!) and put together a frankly awesome bundle of Star Wars goodies to giveaway.

Check out all the intergalactic treats which are up for grabs below!

The Prize

Star Wars Comp

Yup you could be in with a chance of winning one of each of the following….

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How To Enter

Fancy getting your hands on this lovely lot? Well entry really couldn’t be easier! We’re using RaffleCopter to make things ultra simple and to give you plenty of ways to enter. Remember, the more ways you enter, the more chances you’ll have of winning. Imagine each entry as putting a ticket into a hat, the more tickets, the more chances you have! Give it a go….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

How Will You Pick The Winner?

Once the competition is closed and all the entries have been recorded, the RaffleCopter system will pick a winner totally at Random to keep everything nice and fair.

How Long Do I Have?

The competition will run from today (29th April) till midnight on Monday the 5th May giving you lots of time to get involved.

How Will I Know If I Win?

Once the winner has been selected, we will contact them directly via one of the methods they used to enter (Facebook, Twitter, Email etc) as well as announcing it on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. Further to that, we will also publish a closing competition post right here on the TruffleShuffle blog which will detail who the lucky winner is.

Questions? Email us on or leave a comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck!

Only 1 winner will be selected.
If we do not hear back from the winner after 1 week, another will be chosen at random.
There will be no cash alternative to prizes offered.
We reserve the right to close/cancel the competition at any time.

Check Out Ooo-r Amazing New Adventure Time T-Shirts!

As huuuuge cartoon fans, naturally a lot of our time each day is spent watching them, talking about them, and maybe even drooling over our fab collection of Cartoon T-Shirts that we’ve worked so hard to compile. With so many amazing new series to pick from as well as the old classic, it’s hard to know where to start! One of our top picks for sure has got to be the amazing Adventure Time series which has taken the world by storm and earned a cult status for both young and (ahem) older viewers.

Adventure Time

For those not in the know yet….get on it! Taking place in the post-apocalyptic land of Ooo, sometimes awkward teen boy Finn and his adopted talking shape-changing dog Jake find themselves in some pretty amazing adventures with the other list of regular characters including the likes of Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen.

What ourselves and many many others out there love it’s all out creativity, coupled with the amazing relationships and story lines that not only sooth us after a long day but can also leave us with some good old fashioned life lesions and teachings. What a show! 🙂

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Anyone else huge fans of the show? If so what do you think it is about it that has made it such a hit?


Top Cartoon Voices – Who are they?

Are you an animaniac? Crazy for cartoons? Well you probably have a great collection of Cartoon T-Shirts already (if not, why not?) but have you ever really thought about some of the voices behind your favourite animated characters?

Me neither, so I set off in search of some of my favourite characters and voices. Here’s what I found….

Grandpa Huxtable was a Thundercat!

Between 1984 & 1992, Earle Hyman played Grandpa Russell Huxtable in The Cosby Show. Despite being a trombone playing, Hillman College graduate and a really bad buyer of sweaters in this popular sitcom he was also moonlighting as a humanoid warrior feline from outer space, Panthro.

Panthro was the resident mechanic in the cartoon Thundercats and was also the least clothed member after Snarf.

Earle talked about voicing Panthro and he says it was an easy job because he just pretended he was talking to his cats, which makes me think he probably misunderstood the plot of the series just a little bit.

Uncle Phil was a Shedder!

Actor James Avery played Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Obviously not content with just putting up with all the shenanigans caused by an annoying wannabe rapper called “Will Smith” he also voiced Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

For over 100 episodes, the man best known for playing a conservative judge also lent his voice to an Asian ninja master best known for living inside a giant mechanical eyeball and hanging out with a hideous man-hog and a disembodied brain. Avery openly admitted the relationship between him and Krang was played “like an old married couple.” Check out the full interview here:

[lyte id=”DnVhQrNTQgY” /]

Fergie was Sally Brown!

Stacy Ann Ferguson, aka Fergie, is probably best known for being part of the ‘pop sensation’ The Black Eyed Peas along with and….. those other guys?!?! Apart from being a member of the B.E.P’s, Fergie has also done some film acting (Planet Terror, Nine) and voice acting work (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa), but the highlight to her career has to be when she voiced Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s little sister in Peanuts.

Sally is remembered for her crush on Linus and for not being the brightest spark in the box. Fergie was one of the original Sallys. As Stacy Ferguson, she voiced the character in two classic Peanuts movies and The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show, starting when she was only 9. Here’s what she sounded like back then:

[lyte id=”7sdNdf3-waQ” /]

And apparently she can still do that voice, which means that if they did a CGI remake of the Peanuts movie, casting Fergie would actually be quite a good decision.

Kelsey Grammer was Side-Show Bob!

When you think of Kelsey Grammer you probably think about Frasier Crane, the character he portrayed for 20 years on ‘Cheers’ and then in ‘Frasier.’ But Kelsey is also responsible for another pretty noteworthy and long-running television fixture and probably my favourite cartoon bad guy Sideshow Bob.

Sideshow Bobs tendancy to break out into song comes from Grammer’s own life. Apparently Grammer had a habit of singing during the shooting of ‘Cheers’ and Sam Simon, who wrote and produced ‘Cheers’ before developing ‘The Simpsons,’ recommended Grammer incorporate this trait into the character Sideshow Bob.

Other Sideshow Bob secrets revealed is that Bobs accent comes from the late stage actor and personal friend of Kelsey, Ellis Rabb. More confessions to come from the interview reveal Kelseys favourite Sideshow Bob line. So why not check out the interview below:

[lyte id=”atX0M99CB5Y” /]

So there you have it, 4 of my favourite cartoon voices. Thankfully we have plenty of cool tees available so you can show your appreciation for these vocal genius too!!

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