We Went To FriendsFest… And LOVED IT!

If like us, about 70% of your teen years and beyond was spent watching 90s TV icon Friends, and now you spend waaaaay too many hours binging it on Netflix… FriendsFest is for you!

On an overcast Tuesday afternoon, a few eager TruffleShuffle crew made their way to the totally awesome event being held at Blaise Castle in Bristol. With their Friends TShirts proudly on, we made our way into what can only be described as Friends heaven!

Friendsfest Intro

So what is FriendsFest? Gathering together some amazing props from the show and also recreating some iconic set, it’s really the ultimate celebration of this hit show that really throws you into the action. Fancy a cuppa in Central Perk after having a browse around Monica’s apartment? Now you can!

Bursting our way into the venue like kids into a bouncy castle, we were thrown straight into the set tour (not that we were fashionably late or anything).

First up was Joey and Chandler’s apartment which felt like coming home. It’s weird to be somewhere for the first time and feel like you’ve been there a thousand times over.

FriendsFest Joey and Chandler Apartment

Getting to lounge on the sofas, play table football and even ride the canoe… such a treat!

FriendsFest Joey and Chandler Apartment

Up next was Monica’s apartment. Getting to sit at the kitchen table, lounge around by the TV and even peep out the window at ugly naked guy was such an amazing experience!

FriendsFest Monicas Apartment

A real (sort of) home from home, we spend the whole time expecting Joey to burst through the door with a few pizzas for us.

FriendsFest Monicas Apartment

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Friends Central Perk Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt

Up last we headed over to Ross’ apartment to check out his collection of bones and artwork. He’s so grown up!

FriendsFest Friends Apartment
FriendsFest Ross Apartment

We didn’t realise just how much cool stuff Ross had! Loved getting to explore all the small details they included on the set including the iconic keyboard!

Still flying high from our set tour, we then lined up and had the chance to recreate the classic PIVOT moment from the stairway…

FriendsFest Pivot

Thirsty from all that lifting, we decided to head over to the only place you can get the ultimate cuppa, Central Perk!

FriendsFest Central Perk Sign
FriendsFest Central Perk

Anyone got a spare $5?

Friends Characters Rolled Sleeve T-Shirt

Suitably refreshed, we decided it was time to really commit, you know? We took the leap and walked down the aisle together… Vegas style!

FriendsFest Wedding

*sob* such special memories *sob*

With our special day coming to a close, it was time to grab a cab…  Phoebe’s cab of course!

FriendsFest Taxi

With Phoebe’s cab being out last stop, we had to rush back so we could continue the fun by picking and pack all your orders.

If you’re thinking about heading to FriendsFest or have even got some tickets, we huuuugly recommend it. Such an amazing experience and you really do feel like you’re there.
Plan time to line up and do each photo opportunity as well as checking out some of the awesome food options and the big screen playing some classic moments.

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“Oh… My… Gawd!” New Friends T-Shirts Now In!

So no one told you life was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s D.O.AAAAAAA!

Even just hearing (or reading) these iconic lyrics sends us right back to the mid-90s and early 00’s! Getting to see the gang do their thing at central perk long before ‘banter’ became a thing and just being…well…friends was all you needed to have fun was such a weekend highlight.

Friends really helped to capture and define this era and sooo many of us were just hooked on their weird and wonderful lives. Through all the craziness, highs and lows, we all (if secretly) wanted to be a part of their lives. Hell, if you watched enough of it you probably did feel part of their lives!

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So what do you miss the most about this iconic show? Let us know your favourte moments and memories by leaving a comment below.

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11 Things We All Miss About FRIENDS 11 Years On…

Can you believe it?! Today back in 2004 saw the last ever episode of cult hit show FRIENDS hit our small screens. We’re starting to feel old now!

There was just so much to love about this show, from its quick one liners, amazing physical comedy, totally natural friendship between the cast and the sometimes deep story lines in there. It really had the lot! To help jog some memories and perhaps rekindle some of that old love for these amazing characters and moments, we thought we would pop together some of the very best things about this show that we probably all miss even today.

Sit back and enjoy our 11 Things We All Miss About FRIENDS…

1 – The classic intro.

2 – Ross and Rachel’s will they….won’t they.

3 – The Flashbacks to the oh-so painful past.

4 – “We were on a BREAK!”.

5 – Joey just being Joey.

6 – Joey and Chandlers bromance.

7 – The amazing guest stars.

8 – Phoebe’s weird and wonderful songs

9 – The moments FRIENDS got too real.

10 – Chandlers ermm… jokes.

11 – Tom Selleck’s mighty moustache.

With sooooo much to love about this iconic show, hopefully we’ve inspired you to bust our your DVD collection or to maybe just flick on over to catch some of their re-runs and start feeling some nostalgia love today.

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So what do you miss the most about Friends? Let us know by commenting below.

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