Hey You Guys! Discover our Exclusive New Goonies T-Shirts…

As many of you know, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!

Being perhaps some of the biggest fans of this 1985 Steven Spielberg classic, we’re always looking for bigger, more exciting and of course uber stylish ways to show off our love for the very film that helped to inspire TruffleShuffle itself!
Well….doing what we do best, we’ve just designed some of our very own new and exclusive Goonies T-Shirts as well as getting our hands on a few extra styles for all you fans out there to snap up. Exciting!

Inspired by this 80s icon, these fab new designs are surely THE perfect way to spread your love for the ultimate 80s film. The classic Pirate skull and swords design coupled with ‘Save the Good Docks’ will be something that all fellow fans will know and love. Grab this and await nods of approval on the streets…

But there’s so much more! We’ve just added three more designs to our range which also offer even more ways to spread the Goonies love this summer. Take a peep…

So which is your favourite? Available from only £17.99, take you pick from these or the rest of our huge range of official movie T-Shirts.


Revenge of the Sith! New in from Chunk Clothing…

Phew! Even though we’re still in recovery mode from the hectic action of Christmas (yes really), there has been no time to stop and sit back as we’re busier than ever searching high and low for even more retro coolness to snap up and pop on our little corner of the internet.

This week has certainly been no exception as we’ve just got our hands on a simply huuuuge range of amazing new vintage tshirts from one of our real favourite brands Chunk Clothing.

For those not in the know, Chunk create, among other things, some of the very best Star Wars T-Shirts in town and they never fail to make us smile. With their amazingly top quality and super soft tshirts, it’s hard not to love their designs.

Check out our latest collection including the likes of Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Princess Leia, Boba Fett and so much more….

So there you have em’ folks! Which is your favourite? Post your comments below and don’t forget to head on over to TruffleShuffle.com to catch all these and so much more.


Beat The Brrrrr With our Huge Range of Retro Inspired Jumpers!

It’s true folks, as much as we hate to hear it and it makes our hearts sink for another year…Summer is over.

Now! As devastating as this new is, there are still plenty of rays of sunshine that can shine through the clouds and for us these come in the form of our simply huuuuge range of official, exclusive and of course retro inspired jumpers!

Not only will our collection keep you nice and warm on even the coldest of days, by they will allow you to still show off your love for some of your favourite movies, toys, bands, films and characters! What more could you possibly want? 🙂

To help launch you into another season of sweater weather, we’ve hand picked some of our favourite and latest designs for you to pick from. Enjoy!

Ladies Grease Rydell High Jumper Ladies My Little Pony Retro Heart Sweater
Ladies Dance Magic Dance Labyrinth Poster Sweater Men’s Charcoal Stone Wash Joy Division Unknown Pleasures Sweater
Ladies Grey Marl Batman Logo Sweater Ladies Grey Saved By The Bell Bayside Tigers Sweater
Ladies Care Bears Only Way To See A Rainbow Sweater Men’s Black Vader Stormtrooper Selfie Star Wars Sweater

Ladies Coca-Cola Holidays Are Coming Lightweight Christmas Jumper Men’s Grey Marl Kevin Sweater
Don’t forget! For alllll of these and a whole lot more, check out our amazing range of cool jumpers over on TruffleShuffle.co.uk. See you there!


Ladies My Little Pony Retro Heart Sweater

Hey You Guys! Exclusive New Goonies T-Shirts Now In…

If like us you were born in one of the best decades ever (not that we’re biased of course), you fell instantly in love with Mikey, Chunk, Mouth and Data when they hit the scene and took us on one of the best adventures ever way back in 1985.

Since the very first car chase scene and introductions to these iconic characters, we were hooked. We all had our favourites and all wanted to go for a quick explore in the loft to see what treasure we could find to start our very own adventures. Who knows what’s up there other then a box of Christmas decorations and and old hoover right?!

As many of you may have spotted, we love the Goonies! So much we even named ourselves after it over ten years ago and this cheeky title is a constant reminder of our roots and what inspired some of bestselling and all-time favourite t shirt designs to date!

Sticking close to our hearts and of course helping to spread the love for one of the greatest films of the 80s, we’ve been busy working away on some amazing new and exclusive Goonies T-Shirts and vests! Take a peep at some of our latest handy work….

Okay, so Chunk has the ‘TruffleShuffle’ under his belt, (or above his belt, should we say) but surely Sloth has the most memorable quote of the movie! It’s only fair we pay homage in style. Flash back to the 80’s and prepare for appreciation nods with these amazing t-shirts!

Oh also while we were at it, we popped this on one of our amazing vests too! 🙂

Not only that! Possibly one of our most hotly anticipated tees has finally arrived and what a tee it is! Starring the legendary Goonies superstar Chunk in the midst of the dance that made him (and us!) famous, this little gem is an essential buy for all you TruffleShufflers out there!
So there you have them folks! Hopefully we’ve helped to capture some of the magic that made The Goonies such a classic and have perhaps also inspired you to pop onto Netflix, go buy a DVD copy or perhaps even dig out your old VHS for some extra retro coolness.

So what do you think of our latest designs? Are there any designs you’d love to see? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Our Top Funny Tees That’ll Have You in Stitches!

Always up for a giggle, we’ve been busy little Bees this year collecting some of our favourite Funny T-Shirts from all our our bright and colourful sources, just in time for you all you guys and gals to snap up and start spreading some fun in the Sun!

To help give you guys a little heads up to some of our top tees that are sure to put a smile on your face, we thought we would put together a little list of our favourite designs that have been inspired by some of the most iconic movies, TV shows and personalities ever!

Take peep and try not to smile….we dare you 🙂
Maroon Vader Stormtrooper Selfie Star Wars T-Shirt from Chunk
Everyone’s at it! The Selfie has taken the galaxy by storm and Darth and the Troopers have joined in on the craze as you can see on this fab new design from Chunk Clothing!
DC Comics Batman Slogan T-Shirt
Blow your cover with this awesome new ‘I Never Said I Was Batman But…’ tee! With a simple black print and hand-written effect text, this is a cheeky little t-shirt which is bound to appeal to anyone who once dreamt of being the caped crusader!
Mr Bean Cool Beans T-Shirt
We reckon our digital marketing guy looks just like Mr Bean, and we think that’s pretty cool!  This tee brings back memories of all the little chuckles we had whilst watching the silly character, Mr Bean, played by the amazingly talented Rowan Atkinson. He is looking particularly fancy on this Cool Beans slogan t.shirt, sporting a trendy pair of red wayfarers and a bow tie, he’s one dapper chap!
Einstein Run EMC T-Shirt
Einstein was a pretty clever chap and we think this is a pretty clever tee too! Combining one of the greatest minds ever in a funky photographic image with the iconic Run DMC logo being given a twist to show Run EMC! Because of course, as we all know, Einstein was best known for his mass–energy equivalence formula, E = mc2, the most famous formula ever!
Star Wars Yoda On Stage T-Shirt
Yoda’s bored of being the wise master of the Force and has decided to reinvent himself as a superstar DJ so get ready to follow his intergalactic tour with this new ladies tee. It features a distressed print of the little Jedi complete with sunnies and headphones. Hilarious.
Dead Parrot Monty Python T-Shirt
‘This parrot is no more. It has ceased to be. It’s expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late parrot. It’s a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies. It’s rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot.’
This classic Monty Python quote, expertly delivered by John Cleese is referenced on this fantastic new t.shirt, guaranteed to be a real talking point!
Pinky And The Brain Breaking Bad T-Shirt
What are we going to do tonight?’ Cause a lot of mischief by the looks of it!  Created as a spinoff from the zany hit show Animaniacs, Stephen Spielberg’s Pinky and the Brain spent three years on air trying their damndest to take over the world and entertaining millions of kids at the same time! We love this modern twist of an old skool classic! I also know 2 ‘scientists’ who would also approve…a must have for all fans!
Disney Pixar Toy Story Rex T-Shirt
This Toy Park, no wait – This Jurassic Story t-shirt is an awesome mash up of 2 amazing films, a must have for all Dino fans! Made by a subsidiary of Mattel, Rex has proven to be one of the most loved characters from Toy Story. Besides Woody and Buzz, Rex is the only other Toy Story character to appear in every medium in the franchise. Now, you can take “the meanest, most terrifying dinosaur who ever lived” with you wherever you go with this Rex Toy Story tshirt.
Liked any of these? Don’t forget this is just the tip of the TruffleShuffle iceberg as we have a whole host of cool t-shirts covering modern day hit to classic shows and music. Shoot on over there now and take a look around 🙂 xoxo