Chunk – A great British t-shirt brand!

Hi my name’s Simon and I’m a Chunkaholic. There I said it. Now, If you haven’t come across any of our men’s T-shirts from Chunk then you’re in for a right treat. I’ll start with a quick history lesson…

Chunk started back in 2001 having launched some designs all based on the Haynes Car Manuals iconic cover illustrations. Ten years on and Chunk is now one of the UK’s leading urban street-wear labels. Chunk’s ethos was, and still is, to produce great designs on quality garments, targeting 18-35 year old males with a strong emphasis on cool nostalgia. Famous for their bold graphics, tongue-in-cheek humour and unique design quirks, Chunk now has worked with some of the biggest licenses in the world, which include Marvel, Hanna Barbera, Fremantle Media (Danger Mouse) and Lucas Films (Star Wars) – for which Chunk won a licensing award in 2007 for its Star Wars range. The future promises to be incredibly bright for Chunk as the brand expands into even more retro goodness further cementing its reputation as a great British brand.

With offering a massive range of amazing retro t-shirts, gifts and accessories we get to see cool new stuff all the time. But for me nothing matches the excitement of a new Chunk catalogue turning up because I know it will be full of amazing new designs. It’s their ‘outside the box’ approach to designing a t-shirt that I love, generally taking a familiar character such as Darth Vader or Mr.T and putting them in an unusual situation, IT’S GENIUS. I could only wish that when I’m down at the coast for a cheeky weekend surf that I catch a Stormtrooper ‘out the back’ riding that perfect wave or driving past my local scrap yard would reveal that Mr.T, Luke and Bo Duke, Michael Knight and the Trotters famous ‘rides’ had reached the end of their lives (probably due to the government Scrappage scheme!!). Only t-shirts from Chunk make this happen.

EXCLUSIVE Men's Star Wars Surfing Storm Trooper T-Shirt from Chunk!Men's Trash TV Car Pile Up T-Shirt from Chunk

Here’s some of my current favourites T-shirts from Chunk that you can buy RIGHT NOW!

Men's Black Street Vader T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Black Street Vader T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's White Clonestock T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's White Clonestock T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Ink Blot Mr T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Ink Blot Mr T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Blue Fresh Air T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Blue Fresh Air T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for more retro goodness coming soon from Chunk including the likes of more cheeky Star Wars designs (Darth Vader – who’s your daddy and Yoda – short may be I but your ass kick I will) and even more excitingly, a new collection inspired by that 90’s classic, Ren and Stimpy!!

Buyers, Breakfast, Berlin and Bread & Butter – An Inspired Trip

Last Thursday, alarm clocks set at 3am (yes, that’s right) us TruffleShuffle buyers, hazily awoke from our slumbers and prepared ourselves for a long day of trade show fun. The destination, Bread & Butter in Berlin. This is where we head for a bi-annual buying trip, a place to meet up with existing suppliers for a chin-wag and view of the new collections for 2011. It’s also a fab opportunity to source new ranges and expand our current supplier base as we are always super keen to introduce new exciting brands and product to the site.

Yummy pancakes with honeycomb butter and caramel drizzle. Ahhhh dreamy...

Upon arriving at Heathrow, the first thing on our minds was BREKKIE! We needed some serious fuel for the day ahead and some kind of a feast to keep us awake and perky! After checking in, we swiftly made our way to Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food restaurant and one Eggs Norwegian, one full English, one Pancakes with banana, two apple juices and two coffees later we were ready to go!

High up in the sky

Taking off at 7.05am, we flew high above the clouds and took in the most stunning sun rise; some more coffees and a little nap later, we had arrived! Set in the amazing old Tempelhof airport, Bread & Butter attracts buyers from all over the world and is a showcase for major brands such as Replay and Superdry as well as smaller up and coming brands.

Entrance to B&B
Bread and Butter info boards - old school!
Conveyor belt full of goodie bags!

What an amazing setting! With all the original airport signs, baggage conveyor belt, check in desks and design details still intact, we even had to show our passports upon entering along with our boarding pass style entrance tickets. It is a very slick operation, and a really fantastic show. Zig-zagging our way through the numerous stands, we caught up with some of our favourite suppliers including, Chunk, Amplified, Coloud, Chaser LA and Junk Food. We were buzzing with excitement at the new ranges, there are some real treats in store for you this year!

The fabulous Martin at Chunk
Amplified's industrial style stand
A cage of tees (And sneak preview of the new leather jacket)
Model behaviour at Amplified
Gum-ball goodies at Junk Food
Vintage distressed wall pics!
Chaser LA looking slick with a nod to the sixties!

After all our buyer dealings we had a little time to take in the sights of the show and I got quite snap happy taking photo’s of all the wicked design details and decorative stands, these were a few of my fave bits!

Bottled beauty
Disco pants
Got my eyes on you...
Hangin on the line
Sneaky aerial(ish) view

And so, back to Blighty to write up and follow up on this year’s finds! Roll on July, when we head back for more… xoxo

Time to depart 🙁

How to do the TruffleShuffle….

As we’re sure many of you have already guessed – we’re named after a very special scene from the 80’s classic, The Goonies!

Ever had the urge to re-create Chunk’s infamous TruffleShuffle (Do it!!) – well now you can with this hillarious step by step guide which we just found on here…

Step 1
Stand on something like a milk crate or soapbox with your feet together and knees slightly bent.

Step 2
Lift your shirt up to your chin exposing your belly and man-boobs.

(Note: Ladies, it is acceptable for you to just lift your shirt up to your chest exposing only your midsection. But it is generally not recommended for women to do the Truffle Shuffle, it is not a very flattering dance).

Step 3
Rapidly shake your belly and butt while wildly moving your torso from side to side. It should appear that you are having a seizure, but remain standing with your feet in one place.

Step 4 (This is our favourite!)
Scrunch up your face like an angry chipmunk or deranged woodchuck.

Step 5
Make incoherent sounds as if you just stepped out of a cold shower or are speaking in tongues.

Step 6
In the immortal words of Clark ‘Mouth’ Devereaux, – “Do it! DO IT!”

Still stuck – just copy the big man himself…

If you do give it a go, send us your pictures or videos for a chance to win one of these beauties….

Over and out….