Holidays are coming thanks to our new festive Coca Cola Christmas Trucks tee!

Ladies Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt

For millions of people across the world, Coca Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ advertising campaign is the start of the unofficial countdown to Christmas.

That familiar sight of a fleet of twinkling Coca‑Cola trucks making their way across a snowy landscape and lighting up the country can’t help but start the onslaught of festive cheer so we couldn’t resist creating this exclusive tee which is just perfect for celebrating everything that we love about Christmas!

Ladies Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00
Ladies Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00

Using official archive imagery from the Coca Cola vaults, this exclusive design is available for ladies and men….

Men's Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00
Men's Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00

and is exlcusive to! They’ll be available to buy from the end of November but you can add yourself to the waiting list for the ladies version here and the men’s version here by clicking on the notify button next to the size you want to buy. We’ll then email you as soon as they arrive!

All together now… Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming!

History of the Coca Cola trucks!

1995 – The Coca‑Cola Christmas trucks were first created by agency W.B. Doner for the company’s new seasonal advertising campaign. Known as ‘Christmas Caravans’, the illuminated vehicles were made even more enchanting with special effects by the world-famous Industrial Light and Magic – who had previously worked on Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00
Holidays Are Coming Coca Cola Truck T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle £20.00

Did you know? Three 18-wheel ‘props’, each covered in more than 30,000 bulbs, were used to make the 1995 ad and crafted to look like a never-ending fleet of trucks

Images of the Coca‑Cola Santa by artist Haddon Sundblom decorate the sides of the trucks. Just before the ad ends, the Santa on the back of the final truck raises his bottle of Coca‑Cola in a holiday toast.

1996 – The trucks returned in 1996 and helped to introduce the new Coca‑Cola Christmas packaging. The ‘Santa packs’ featured their heritage Sundblom imagery and were available in the USA, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines.

1998 – The ‘Christmas Caravan III’ advert was broadcast in more than 100 different countries to millions of viewers. It remains one of the most widely-used Coca‑Cola commercials ever produced.

1999 – ‘Journey’, the fourth advert in the Coca‑Cola truck series, was released. The footage sees the trucks spring to life in front of a young boy and his grandfather as they sit at home reading a Christmas storybook. The advert was filmed in snowy Vancouver, Canada using three trucks (which computer generation later made look like a never-ending fleet of trucks), and a cast of 40 people.

This year, as a special celebration, Coca Cola’s iconic Christmas truck will be touring around the UK, bringing Coca‑Cola magic to people up and down the country. Covering 100 towns, cities and supermarkets across Great Britain and Ireland between 14th November and 23rd December 2011, the Coca Cola elves will be surprising consumers with a selection of festive treats. Check out the nearest place you can see it here!

Did you know? Each truck…

  • Weighs 40 tonnes max
  • Measures 16.5m in length, from the front of the car to the back of the truck
  • Is 4.1m tall
  • Is covered in 3,200 light bulbs

In total, the Christmas truck tour covers…

  • Approximately 5,000 miles in distance
  • That’s about 100 stops in total!

Retro Toys And Tea-Time Treats From Punky Allsort

We were left positively drooling at these new arrivals from the super-sweet brand Punky Allsorts! Lovingly hand-made, just like mama’s fairy-cakes, these utterly scrumptious delights are the perfect pick-me-up treat (and completely calorie free!)

Cola Bottle Ring £8.50
Minature Allsorts Bracelet £12.95

Biscuit Collection Ring £18.50

And, just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, these absolutely gorgeous and nostalgic goodies turned up! How we loved building castles from Lego and practicing our Care Bear stares back when we were little!

Funshine Bear Bracelet £16.50
Lego Ring £9.95


125 Years Of Enjoying Coca-Cola

With the past few days seeing the welcome arrival of some much needed sunshine and warmth, we have been reaching for our beloved cans of fizzy pop, tinglingly cold, straight from the fridge!  Whether you take yours with ice and a slice, neat, or mingling in with your favourite naughty tipple, there’s always a special place for some sparkling refreshment! Coca-Cola is a worldwide phenomenon with an instantly recognisable logo and advertising slogans such as ‘Things Go Better With Coke’, ‘Have a Coke and Smile’ and ‘Enjoy Coke’ and we are incredibly proud to introduce our new range of  EXCLUSIVE Coca-Cola tees from Fame and Fortune which coincide with the 125th year anniversary of the cult beverage. We even have some rather tasty treats from Punky Allsorts to add a retro pop of fun to any look!

Ladies Catch The Wave Coca-Cola Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Men's Have A Coke And Smile Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Ladies Things Go Better With Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Men's Coca Cola 125 Year Anniversay Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Ladies Enjoy Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Cola Bottle Ring from Punky Allsorts £8.50

Fashion With Fizz – Coca Cola Hits The Runways At Dolce & Gabanna

D&G Mens Fall 2011

The world’s most loved fizzy drink ever has made it’s fashion debut on the AW11 Catwalks, and high time too we say! Coca Cola has been refreshing our palates and tantalising our taste buds since it first popped onto store shelves back in 1944 and now that universally recognised logo has been used to spruce up our wardrobes! When we want to be uber cool, it’s ‘Always Coca Cola!

Men's Red Coca Cola Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Men's White V Neck Coca Cola Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

If you are now feeling inspired and want to freshen up your look why not have a browse through our wicked collection of men’s Coca Cola tees!

AND, ladies, what sweet treats we have for you too! We have spotted some awesome outfits featuring Coca Cola tees, why not tie the hem in a knot for a retro look, tuck your tee into a sexy leather mini for a foxy rock chick look or slip on an effortlessly cool slouchy pullover with a bright pair of denim shorts for a relaxed and casual, luxe look. Our special vintage style official Cola tees are all you need to get started, with some fab designs and shapes, we are sure you will find you star tee of this summer!

Ladies Grey Diet Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20

Ladies Coca Cola Off The Shoulder Pullover from Fame and Fortune £20
Ladies Red Coca Cola Logo Tee from Fame and Fortune £20