Our Top Retro Dads

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Just when you thought we had covered almost everything retro inspired idea on our little corner of cyberspace, POW! here we are with yet another look back at the great and good from the 80s, a retro reminisce if you wish.

With Father’s Day fast approaching (16th June), we thought we would take some time to look back and pick out some of our all-time favourite Dads either from the small or big screen.  Some quirky, some strict, som…well…different in their own way let’s say but we love them all the same.

George McFly

Somewhat of a timid and shy character at first, George is Marty McFly’s Dad from Back to the Future 1-3. For those who have yet to see these classic…what are you thinking?? but anyway….George is portrayed as weak and the main target of Biff Tannen’s bullying. He later, thanks to some help from his son Marty, musters up some courage and get what he wants and ends up with the girl. A lovable guy, George is a great part of the film series.

Wayne Szalinski

If you haven’t recognised him already, it’s the Dad from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The classic tale where this wacky scientist accidently shrinks his two kids and two others the the size of insects…as you do. As you can imagine, being that small is a scary place and the tale follows the kids journey of survival while they encounter ants, sprinklers, cerial and more. Okay okay, so maybe it’s not the best parenting you will ever see, but this zany guys is so lovable and you have got to admire his passion and creativity huh.

Philip Banks (Uncle Phil)

While he may not be Will Smiths dad, he’s still the Dad of the house. Philip is somewhat of a strict and gruff man, but he does have a softer side that we see from time to time, offering his family great advice in their times of need. Despite is hardened exterior. Philip is a very caring and loving husband and father. He makes sure that he does what is best for all his children, including nephew Will. Although he is strict, he’s still a pretty cool dad!

Professor Henry Jones

A professor of medieval literature, this guy really knows is stuff and would make the perfect companion for a keen archaeologist, fancy that! Although perhaps the relationship with his son wasn’t very close during the early years…or even later perhaps, who wouldn’t want a dad who can come onle on some of the most amazing adventures ever and hold his own. You might just have to put up with being called Junior and hearing “This is intolerable!” all the time though. His passion for finding the Holy Grail is one that perhaps caused a lot of the tension between father and son, but ultimately it brought them together again. All in all, pretty cool dad!

John McClane

John McClane’s commitment to parenting might initially have been undermined by a sense of being married to his job, but when Alan Rickman’s troop of euro-goons threaten the family’s Christmas plans, there’s no lengths to which John won’t go in order to thwart them. Essentially, he walks over broken glass to make it home for turkey and eggnog. Such a dude.

Don Corleone

A man of questionable morals in the workplace, Vito Corleone takes a different approach when it comes to his family. Indeed, he never wanted a life of crime for his son Michael, as proven by the tears he sheds at the knowledge he has killed on behalf of the business. At least he dies long before Michael really goes over to the dark side.


On top of being a wise and noble king, Mufasa is also a pretty loving dad, playfighting with young Simba whenever he gets the opportunity, and gladly laying his life down in order to save his son. He is the leader of the pride and is quick to show his son the ways of the world as well as get him out of trouble when needs be. Even in death he remains on hand to point Simba in the right direction through life.

Darth Vader

Probably not the the nominees list to win father of the year, Darth Vader is evil to the bone with a deadly empire and fierce reputation and also killed the mother of his children, which obviously isn’t great… but he does make amends at the last, laying down his life in order to save Luke and defeat Palpatine. Fair enough Darth.

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