Your Secret Santa Sorted!

With the all the festive fun that Christmas brings us this time of year, one thing that we always think of coming up to Xmas is the infamous Secret Santa! Whether it’s as a group of friends or as part of a work thing and you’ve no doubt ended up with the office temp who you’ve never spoken too, it’s that magical time of year where finding the right gift is so much more important than how much to spend. This only complicates things!

Never done it before? Check out this cool little site that will explain all and do all the sorting for you and secretly email the names around so everyone’s in the loop – sadly it won’t buy the gifts for you though. Sorry!

Now that’s all sorted, time for some inspiration! Check out some of our beauties on a budget….

Gifts Under £10

Looking for that perfect little something for under a tenner? We’ve got you covered with our huuuuge range of retro gifts that won’t break the bank….

Anchorman Hip Flask
Anchorman Hip Flask £9.99

Mr Men Mr Bump 3D Mug
Mr Men Mr Bump 3D Mug £8.99

DC Comics Batman Suit Cover
DC Comics Batman Suit Cover £9.99

Swizzels Matlow Sweet Shop Favourites Gift Tin
Swizzels Matlow Sweet Shop Favourites Gift Tin £9.99

Ridleys Springy from Wild and Wolf
Ridleys Springy from Wild and Wolf £6.99

Henry Desk Vacuum
Henry Desk Vacuum £9.99

Gifts Under £5

On the hunt for something less than 5 gold coins? Fear not as we have some amazing retro inspired geeky gifts to suit every budget…

DC Superheroes Top Trumps Card Game
DC Superheroes Top Trumps Card Game £3.99

Mr Forgetful Mr Men Memo Pad from Wild and Wolf
Mr Forgetful Mr Men Memo Pad £4.99

Pac-Man Stressball
Pac-Man Stressball £4.99

He-Man I Have The Power iPhone Cover
He-Man I Have The Power iPhone Cover £4.99

How To Survive A Zombie Attack Mug
How To Survive A Zombie Attack Mug £4.99

Ridleys Whoopee Cushion from Wild and Wolf £3.49
Ridleys Whoopee Cushion from Wild and Wolf £3.49


We’ve Come Up Trumps With Our Cool New Card Games!

Top Trump Cards

Ever stuck for retro gifts for that retro kid in your life? Well, these made me smile – memories of Top Trumps in the playground in the 1980s came flooding back…

If you’ve never heard of Top Trumps, where have you been? It’s a card game. Each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values in order to try to trump and win your opponents card. Back in the day it was all about pitting the latest sports cars, ships, lorries, or tanks against each other. But nowadays the range is MASSIVE, and not restricted to mini-petrolheads. You can play this classic game with everything from DC Superheroes and Transformers, Disney Princesses or Spongebob right the way through to Moshi Monsters!!

So, even in this digital age kids (big or small) can put down their PSP’s and ditch their DS’s in favour of a good old fashioned (sorry I mean retro) card game now in stock!!

Top Trump Cards

Mother’s Day Competition Winner Revealed….

Yet another simply amazing response fro all our amazing fans! Thanks you so much to everyone who entered to spoil you lovely mum.

How our Lucky Winner is Chosen

To keep things as completely fair as possible, each email verified entrant is recorded and given a unique number.

We then pick a number at random using which will give us our lucky winner! Simple!

The Prize

To help make this year just that little bit extra special, we compiled a collection of some fab goodies to suit all the mums in the land. Featuring some indulgence, pampering and some good old fashioned entertainment, our little bundle of heaven is packed with all you’ll need to give you mum the perfect day.

Our Lucky Winner

Finally! The big moment you’ve all been waiting for!

We have taken all your entries and fired up our random generator, We can now reveal that our lucky winner of our fantastic gift bundle IS…..Ruth Obrien!

Congrats Ruth!

We’re currently contacting you directly via email to arrange delivery of your prize so please please get back to us ASAP and we’ll get everything to you right away.

If you’re not our lucky winner, don’t forget you can always pick up some of our amazing retro gifts to help spoil you mum this Mother’s day.

Stay tuned for more competitions coming your way soon!


Retro Cool Secret Santa Gifts!!!

It’s that time of year again and as the shops begin snowing up their windows and blasting out Slade’s Crimbo classic IT’S CHRISTMAS, we all scurry around in a frenzy trying to find unique, funny and affordable Secret Santa gifts. Well, if like us you are feeling under pressure and needing inspiration for this annual stress, we can point you in the direction of some amazing Secret Santa gifts, guaranteed to raise a few office giggles and envious glances!


80's Child Mug £4.99

Love Hearts Tea Lights £4.99

Morph Waving Key-chain £3.99

Shop cheap gifts for under £5


Scrabble Tile Fridge Magnets £7.95
Rubik's Cube Mug £8.99
Pac-Man Ghost Salt And Pepper Pots £7.99

Shop gifts for under £10