E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial x Cakeworthy Clothing Has Landed 👉👈

It’s right here! We bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house by the time you finished watching the 1982 classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, an enchanting film about the friendship between a little boy and a creature from outer space.

Capturing some iconic moments from the movie which celebrates 40 years since it first premiered today, Cakeworthy have applied their unique take on this brilliantly nostalgic E.T x Cakeworthy collection and we just had to share it with you!

E.T. Colour Block Pullover from Cakeworthy

Taking you straight back to the 80s (where everything was just better, right?), this totally vintage E.T Sweater from Cakeworthy is the stuff of dreams! Giving us all the ‘just stepped out of seeing this in the cinema after watching E.T for the first time’ vibes. Add some retro charm to your say with this classic.
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He’s Home! Welcoming Our New E.T Clothing from Dedicated

Exciting times here at Truffle Towers peeps! We’ve had a whole heap of completely awesome brands on to the site including the fantastic Dedicated!

Bringing us some seriously ace new E.T. TShirts and accessories, Dedicated have added a whole wave of streetwear cool to our collection and we just had to shout about it.

Combining stylish streetwear, sustainability AND one of our all-time favourite 80s films, Dedicated have really smashed it out of the park with these new styles. Take a look for yourself!

E.T. Phone Home T-Shirt from Dedicated

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Make An Entrance With Our Shoe-Stopping Doormats

If there’s one thing we know, it’s finding new and exciting ways to show off our passion for our favourite movies, games, characters and bands. It’s become somewhat of a way of life for us now! With all the recent snow, rain, wind and general weather rubbishness, there’s one thing we’ve come to appreciate more than ever and that’s a decent doormat. – Yes we are now that old.

Always there to brighten the look and feel of your entrance way and if done right can raise a smile when entering or leaving your home, we’ve been collecting some ace new designs which we’re sure will brighten even the most boring walkways. Take a peep!

Disney Princess Welcome To Our Castle Door Mat

Disney Princess Welcome To Our Castle Door Mat

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Exclusive New Out Of This World E.T TShirts Now In!!

Calling all you classic movie fans! As many of you will already know, the 80s really was THEEE best time for films ever.
Okay, okay so maybe the effects weren’t quite… right, or perhaps the acting and script were questionable sometimes BUT, for sure some of the most iconic, best-loved and most celebrated films were created in our childhood years.
Not that we’re biased in ANY WAY but with titles like The Goonies, Gremlins, Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Back To The Future, Star Wars, Labyrinth, Indiana Jones, and – of course – Steven Spielberg’s E.T. you can see our point.

From as far back as we can nearly remember (which is a long time now!), we have sooo many memories of getting the duvet on the floor in the sitting room and watching these total classics on a weekly basis.

As one of our all-time favourites, we could probably recite E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial word for word, scene for scene but with that totally useful *ahem* talent *ahem* comes a loooong love for this total cult classic which has been inspiration enough for us to get creating some exclusive new E.T TShirts which are finally here and ready to be alllll yours. Take a peep!

Featuring the iconic scene when Elliot and E.T take to the skies on his bike to evade police capture, this print is sure to be a hit with any fan and will be instantly recognisable to fellow lovers of this 80s classic.

Snap yours up today over at TruffleShuffle.com and start spreading the love today!


The 2015 TruffleShuffle Pumpkin Carve-Off!

It’s PUMPKIN TIME again every one! Just like many fellow Halloween addicts out there, this week everyone here at TruffleTowers have been busy bees thinking up and creating our very own Pumpkin creations ready to show off to you lovely lot.

We’ve had such a blast getting stuck into these amazing creations, each with their very own retro inspired theme because….well we are TruffeShuffle after all!

Check out all our amazing designs….

so there you have them folks! Which is your favourte? What cool designs have you created this year? Let us know and let us see by commenting below, tweeting on @truffleshuffle_ or getting in touch via Facebook.