Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious! Mary Poppins At TruffleShuffle…

It’s here! the long-awaited Disney follow-up Mary Poppins Returns has now hit the big screens here in the UK and it’s safe to say… well… we’re pretty darn excited!
With some fantastic reviews already washing over the internet already, it seems Disney has really managed to capture the magic of the classic and bring it into the new era of cinema and hopefully a whole new audience.



So what’s it all about?

Decades on from her original visit to the Banks home, Mary arrives to find that Michael Banks, now with three children of his own has just 5 days to secure his house from the bank. With his only hope being to prove the ownership of his very valuable shares his father left him, Mary Poppins arrives just in time to help save the day and keen a roof above their heads, with plenty of magical adventures along the way of course!

Getting totally into the spirit of things, we’ve been working hard to bring you some Mary Poppins magic of our own with our Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious collection of Mary Poppins merchandise!

Take a peep at some of our top picks to really have you looking and feeling the part…

Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella Trinket Dish

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Exciting New Harry Potter Jewellery Now In!

You know when there’s something you’ve been waiting to shout about for aaaages and then you finally can? This is one of those moments!

As self-confessed Potter addicts ourselves, we love getting to discover and bring in some of the best Harry Potter merchandise we can get our potion-covered hands on.

Packed with more style and Harry Potter appreciation than you can shake a wand at, we have just launched a totally stunning new Harry Potter Jewellery collection onto the site so thought we would share them with you here too. Let’s go!

Harry Potter Earings

Harness Hermione’s magic with these beautiful Time-Turner drop earrings. Although they won’t take you back in time we’re afraid.

Forever synonymous with all things Harry Potter, these magical lightning bolt drop earrings are of course adorned with the mark of the famous wizard. Simple classics, right?

Calling all Potter fans! We’ve conjured up a special treat for you all. This magical set of earrings comes complete with 3 designs inspired by the later instalments so you’ve got deathly hallows, platform 9 3/4 and golden snitch studs.

Harry Potter Slider Charms

Sure to make you believe in the magic of accessorising, this stuning charm bracelet comes in pink and is a great starting point to beginning your Harry Potter charm addiction.

The ticket we all hoped to one day have, show your love for the iconic Hogwarts Express with this simple charm.

It took Harry a near death run in to gain his legendary lightning bolt scar on his forehead but you can get yours just by hitting ‘add to basket.’ As if by magic……

Sooo this awesome time turner charm might not actually turn back time, but it will sure be turning heads!

Harry Potter Necklaceses

Prepare to be bewitched by this awesome Time-Turner necklace. The perfect gift for any Potter fan.

Inspired of course by Harry’s signature lightning bolt scar, this gorgeous piece is sure to please any Potterhead.

Time travelling wannabe wizards rejoice! This glorious gold pin badge is adorned with two shining jewels that represent the hourglass from Hermione Granger’s iconic Time Turner.

Woah, hold up there! Looking for something EXTRA special? We mean… really special! We have added some simply stunning new Harry Potter jewellery featuring Swarovski crystals!

Packed with details and beauty, these new pieces really are the jewel in the crown for our collection and are sure to keep you looking and feeling as special are you really are. Take a peep…

Embellished with inimitable Swarovski crystals, this sterling silver Harry Potter Golden Snitch ring is a true gem! Sure to catch the eyes of fellow Potter fans, we’re coveting this almost as much as the Golden Snitch itself.

We’re completely head over heels for this gorgeous Golden Snitch necklace! Adorned with shimmering Swarovski crystals and crafted in sterling silver, it’s sure to catch the eyes of fellow Harry Potter fans. A classic, premium piece.

“They’re not birds, they’re keys! Winged keys.” This stunning Harry Potter necklace, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, is almost as enchanting as the famous keys themselves. Finished in sterling silver, it’s a timeless, premium piece for true Potterheads to cherish.


“I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.”

Time-Turners may have made time travel possible, but this beautifully intricate necklace makes a truly timeless Harry Potter piece. Embellished with classic Swarovski crystals and finished in sterling silver, we can’t guarantee it’ll turn time but it will definitely turn (Potter) heads.

Add a magical touch to your jewellery collection with these Deathly Hallows drop earrings. Finished in sterling silver and embellished with beautiful Swarovski crystals, they’re an understated way to show your Potter appreciation.

So there you have them folks! For all these and more, check out our full range of Harry Potter Gifts and Accessories on the site. See you there!

Our Top 10 Goodies You Need To Smash This Year’s Wedding Season…

It’s true folks! Winter Wedding season is coming! A wonderful time full of fantastic venues, food, friends, family, partying and the odd sore head (you know who you are), the beginning of Summer sees the arrival of many long-awaited events which have taken more time and planning than most full scale military operations.

Of course part of celebrating with your nearest and dearest on their special day is getting to dress up and look your very best. Something which we’re always more than happy to help you with in our own little way.

So! Giving you beautiful guys and gals out there a little sneak peek at some of our favourite items which we think just could complete your look, check out Our Top 10 Goodies You Need To Smash This Year’s Wedding Season

Retro Gamer Cufflinks

It’s all fun and games at your next wedding reception with this totally cool pair of gamer cufflinks! Featuring an iconic gaming design, these are bound to get a smile from your fellow gamer lovers!

Pac-Man Suit with Tie….

What an a-MAZE-ing suit! Featuring the most cult and classic of all arcade games, Pac-Man in a jazzy statement design, this is sure to earn you some cool points on the dance floor and will sure be something people won’t forget on a special day.

DC Comics Photobooth Set

This DC Comics Photobooth Set is SUPER fun! Perfect for adding some extra POW to any Superhero lovers special day.

Retro Gaming Pixels Characters Belt

Up your ‘game’ in this awesome retro, gaming characters belt. A real gamers choice, this beauty will leave you and fellow guests totally pix-elated!

Star Wars Light Saber Tie Slide

This is a subtle yet VERY cool way to show their appreciation for once of the worlds greatest sci-fi phenomenon’s ever, Star Wars! The silver metal tie slide, comes in the form of the weapon of choice, the Light Saber and is presented in a funky box, making it the perfect addition to your wedding get up for sure.

Platinum Plated Simba Outline Lion King Necklace

A childhood classic for many of us, this super simple but super iconic Lion King Simba design is such a great way to keep it classy and keep it retro!

DC Comics Batman Logo Suit With Tie…

Just like Ross in friends, you too can wear Batman’s suit….just perhaps in a slightly more ‘out there’ different way. Covered in the iconic logo, this amazing suit comes with matching tie to really complete the look.

White Gold Plated Small Mickey Mouse Silhouette Stud Earrings

This super cute pair of White Gold Plated Mickey Mouse stud earrings are the perfect accessory for any Disney fan! Simple yet classy don’t you think?

Harry Potter Dobby The House Elf Watch

Let Dobby The House Elf assist you in your timekeeping on the big day with this delightful, official Harry Potter watch! Always good to know just how late the Bride really was huh!

Red And Gold Harry Potter Clutch Bag With Chain…

Add some wizardy glam to your special look with this magnificent clutch bag featuring the Gryffindor logo!

So! Whatever you wear and whatever embarrassing things go down on the big day, we all hope you have a blast and don’t forget to grab some cake!

For all these goodies and so much more, pop on over to to check out our huge range of Jewellery, Funky Suits, accessories and so much more. See you there!


Magical New Disney’s Cinderella Jewellery Now In!

What an exciting time for Disney fans! With an all new Cinderella flick hitting the silver screen in just a few days, we’re really getting into the spirit of it all and have been working hard, doing what we do best to bring all you eager fans some amazing new Disney inspired Jewellery and T-Shirts!
Disney fans have been waiting a long time for something this special to come along and we for one are bursting with excitement to see just what this latest adaptation has to offer.

Based on the Walt Disney 1950 classic, this new installment follows Ella, played by Lily James, as she finds herself in the care of her wicked stepmother after her father unexpectedly passes away. After meeting a dashing stranger in the woods, she is determined that an invite to a palace ball might help to reunite her with her mystery man against the will of her stepmother. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of a kind beggar who can perform magic and help grant Ella’s wishes making it all possible.

Inspired by the magic of this story itself and our huge love for all things Disney, we’ve gone all out and have released this amazing range of stunning Disney Jewellery that is just the thing for any aspirational princesses out there. Take a peep….

Disney Cinderella Filigree Choker Necklace Disney Cinderella Pearl Vine Aliceband
Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Jewel Statement Earrings Disney Cinderella Butterfly Brooch Hair Chain
Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Jewel Statement Necklace Kids Disney Cinderella Fairytale Charm Necklace And Ring Set
Disney Cinderella Fairytale Tiara Disney Cinderella Butterfly Brooch Hand Chain
Silver Disney Cinderella Fairytale Charm Bracelet
Available from only £7.99, show your love for this classic take and modern twist in one go at prices that don’t take the Mickey.

Take a peep at the rest of our range over at today and snap up something that’s perfect for your style.

So are you looking forward to this film release? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Kitsch, Retro Jewellery From New Brand – Chelsea Doll!

Chelsea Doll Jewellery offer the perfect accessory to go with your finest retro t-shirts and general attire. To add a bit of fun and sparkle, this statement retro jewellery is just the ticket!

Chelsea Doll is an independent fashion accessory emporium, founded with love in 2009. With a real love of fashion and the inspiration it breeds, their passion has resulted in a collection of on-the-pulse and individual styles. From the vintage to the wild, their jewellery epitomises individuality which gives people that eureka moment in front of the mirror!