Sesame Street characters in a whole new light!

This past friday The Seventh Letter and Neff Headwear put on an exhibition in Known Gallery in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to one of our favourite shows, Sesame Street!

With appearances from Elmo, Oscar The Grouch, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Grover and Count Von Count, everyones favourites Sesame Street residents were represented.  They were bought to life from a great variety of artists such as Tyke, Sage Vaughn, Dabs & Myla, Mr Cartoon, Eric Dressen and many more.

I really admire all the different interpretations of all the characters we know and love, there’s some really cool and unusual stuff.  The exhibition has now closed and was also a bit too far away for me to visit unfortunately, but I’m loving the chance to browse through these photos, wish I could have been there!

Retro gaming has never looked so cool!

We’ve just found out about an amazing exhibition that’s happening in far away Los Angeles.  ‘Super I Am 8 Bit’ is a group art show where over 100 artists re-imagine their 80’s gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media – painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation.  Get ready to see some classic computer game characters as you’ve never seen them before!

Pixels are sexy!

Check out this awesome flyer for the event, which features some of my favourite characters like Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic and Mega Man all leaping out into action from underneath Princess Peach’s skirt!

How many old skool favourites can you name?

This short video shows one of the past events, and is a glimpse of the kind of goodies that you might expect to see at the new 2011 version.  Keep your eyes peeled for a DJ using a GameBoy as a soundsystem!

For more information visit  It all sounds right up my street, it’s just a shame it’s so far away!  Here’s hoping that the exhibition can find it’s way to the UK at some point soon, don’t keep a Nintendo fan boy waiting…