As you know – we’re always on a fact hunting mission, if it’s interesting and related to the cool t-shirts we sell – we will most definitely share it with you! Whether it be on the TruffleShuffle Facebook page, or on the TruffleShuffle Twitter page, we always like to share the retro goodness. We thought it was about time we put together our favourites….let us know if you have any interesting facts – we’d love to hear them!

Did you know…

The Beatles earned $90,000 in 35 minutes for their Minneapolis show in August 1965.

They had to stop touring as the music couldn’t be amplified loud enough to play over screaming fans.

Beatles t-shirts

The name “Harry Potter” is mentioned 18,956 times throughout the entire Harry Potter book series.

J.K Rowling originally planned to kill Arthur Weasley in Order of the Phoenix but decided on Sirius Black.

Rupert Grint (Ron) wanted to be an “Ice Cream Man”, he bought an ice cream van with his Potter money.

Harry Potter t-shirts

If police officers in Thailand break the law they are forced to wear pink armbands featuring Hello Kitty!

The whoopee cushion was invented by a 14-yr-old Roman Emperor who was assassinated by the time he was 18.

Jack Daniel’s last spoken words before he died were “One last drink, please.”

Jim Cummings, voice of Winnie The Pooh, calls children in hospital & talks to them in character! (this is one of our favourite facts!)

Walt Disney was once fired by a newspaper editor for “lack of creativity”.

Disney t-shirts

Hugh Hefner started Playboy after resigning from Esquire mag because he was being denied a $5 pay rise.

Playboy was originally going to be called ‘Stag Party’.

Playboy t-shirts

Marvel Universe has created over 9000 superheroes & other characters in the 74 years its been publishing.

In the original stage-play “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy’s companion was not Toto, but a cow named Imogene.

The first couple to ever be shown in bed together on prime time television were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Santa started wearing red after Coca-Cola’s 1920 advertising campaign, he used to wear blue green or yellow.

Coca Cola t-shirts

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The TruffleShuffle Retro Cake Bakeoff

Here at Truffle Towers we’ve taken it upon ourselves to celebrate Easter with an old school, staff bakeoff!

Yup that’s right – the whole team at TruffleShuffle were invited to come up with their very own retro cake creation to be judged by you lovely lot.
As all our lovely Facebook fans will know, here at TruffleShuffle, we run a weekly Friday competition (held on Thursday this week due to the bank holiday!) on our Facebook Page which gives one of our lucky fans the chance to win themselves a TruffleShuffle treat.
Well this week, for a chance to win yourself a retro tastic £25 TruffleShuffle gift voucher – all you have to do to enter is help us judge which of the team deserves the title of master baker by ‘liking,’ commenting or sharing the cake which you think is the best!
Retro baking 80's cakes nostalgia cakes
Yup it really is as easy as that!
Just follow this link (or click on any of our cake pics) to get across to our Facebook page where you’ll find full details of how to enter!
And to help get those retro tastebuds tingling, here’s a full run down of all the entries for you!
Nom nom nom……
Nintendo Mushroom cake Nitendo mushroom 1up mario goomba cake baking
Amy's amazing Nintendo inspired cake - complete with a mushroom, 1ups and even a few Goombas! SCORE
Henry the hoover cake
Daves brilliant creation was of course inspired by Henry The Hoover - good clean fun!
Spiderman retro cake
Claire used good old Spidey as the inspiration for her baking effots - love the liquorice lace mask!
Rubik's cube cake
Iain's cake was of course inspired by the world famous Rubik's cube! Apparently it was as infuriating to make as it is to solve.
Pac Man Cookies
We can't wait to gobble up James' Pac Man Cookies!
boombox cake, coke cake, 80's cake, retro cake, retro baking, cassette cake
Dickie went for a totally 80's cake scene for his entry which was modelled on an old school boombox, a coke can and of course, a trusty cassette tape! Proper old skool cool.
Tetris cake
Loving Lee's arcade antics with his terrific Tetris cake!
Burger fries cake american fast food cake
Lucy's lip smackingly good junk food cake is a real feast for the eyes! Complete with burger, chips and even ketchup - fast food never looked so good!
Love hearts cake, love hearts cookie, love hearts baking
We're totally feeling the love for Michelle's Love Hearts Inspired Cake and cookie confections!
Nintendo controller cake
Pat's Nintendo controller cake was one of two attempts to re-create the brilliant bit of NES kit. The question is - who did it best?
Nitendo controller cake, NES cake,
And here's attempt two of the brilliantly old school NES controller, courtesy of Simon!
Dougal Magic Roundabout Cake
How cute is Ron's Magic Roundabout Dougal inspired cake - all together now.. Awww!
Jim'll fix it retro cake
Tracey fixed it for us to be treated to a Jim'll Fix It inspired feast - in the form of this brilliant bake, inspired of course by the famous badge that the lucky stars of the show used to recieve - now then, now then!
So that’s it folks – the full run down of our retro baking efforts! Hope you’re all suitably impressed and a big well done to everyone at Trufle Towers who took part. As we all quickly realised – baking and decorating cakes is flipping hard work.
All that’s left to say is please take a few minutes to vote for your favourite on our facebook page – not only will you be helping us with the very important task of deciding on the deserving winner but you’ll also be in with a chance of winning yourself free TruffleShuffle money! So what are you waiting for – come join the fun……
Good luck TruffleShufflers!
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This weeks Friday Facebook Competition!

As you may already know, Friday means Facebook Competition day here at Truffle Towers which means we give you lovely lot the chance to win free money to spend on the site! Happy days!

This week, we came across this rather hilarious Barbie inspired pic so we couldn’t resist a caption related question!

This weeks Friday Competition - give us your best caption on our facebook fan page for your chance to win!

To enter, all you need to do is give us your best accompanying caption in the comments box on our facebook page. The funnier the better of course! We need your answers before 2pm as usual and the winner will be announced this afternoon.

Get involved on our facebook page here for your chance to win and you can giggle along to all the other entries too!