Fame & Fortune with TruffleShuffle

Blogging for Wardrobe Mag & TruffleShuffle, I find myself in front of the camera a lot awkwardly posing in the most beautiful of clothes. So when those lovely folks at the TruffleShuffle towers asked me to think of ideas for my next guest post, I had a slightly different proposal…

Instead of being in front of the camera, I thought wouldn’t it be refreshing for everyone to have a break from my lovely mug (ahem) and give someone else a go. Now before you pull that confused expression hear me out.

Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirt
Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirt

With it being summer (you know that brief period in our yearly calendar when this strange yellow thing called the Sun comes out and we’re all so happy and hot) I thought it would be cool to maybe do a mini photo-shoot. I also thought it would be perfect to show you male TruffleShufflers’ how some of the men’s tees look worn on.

As a keen photographer, I offered to “get my pap on” and take the pictures. With TruffleShuffle providing the t shirts it was just the models left to gather. Unfortunately Kate Moss was busy back then with her pending nuptials but step forward two of the Wardrobe Mag girls: Steph and Bhavna. Now getting a bunch of guys to model wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but three superhero studs came to my rescue. Once again thank you Anthony, Alex and Kieran.

Now where does one do a super cool summer photo-shoot at? Well the park of course! Where else can we mix a bit of business and pleasure? Just a shame the kiddies had taken over the swings and slides, how inconsiderate.

Fame and Fortune in the park
Fame and Fortune in the park

Without sounding really bigheaded…I think the pictures have come out well! I think I took like 500 pics on the day but whittled it down to a handful. The ‘models’ are all wearing t-shirts by a brand called “Fame and Fortune” which is EXCLUSIVE (yes capital letters were needed) to TruffleShuffle. Round neck t-shirts are their main clothing items but look out for V-neck t-shirts/scoop neck t-shirts, slouchy fit tees and pullovers. Their items include  TV show t-shirts, movie t-shirts, and cartoon t-shirts.

Fame and Fortune Ladies T Shirts
Fame and Fortune Ladies T Shirts

Steph is wearing the Ladies Sugar Puffs Honey Monster t-shirt “tell them about the honey, mummy!”

Bhavna is wearing the Ladies Transformers group t-shirt perfect for you Transformers fans.

Kieran is wearing the Men’s He-Man and the Masters of Universe t-shirt “By the power of Grayskull!”

Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirts
Fame and Fortune Men's T Shirts

Anthony took our breath away *groan* in the Men’s Maverick Top Gun t-shirt.

Last but not least, Alex is wearing the Men’s I Skull the Goonies T-shirt – one of my favourite films EVER.

All the “Fame and Fortune” t-shirts used are available to buy on TruffleShuffle as well as some other boss F&F t-shirts.

Ladies Sugar Puffs T Shirt
Ladies Sugar Puffs T Shirt
Mens Top Gun T Shirts
Mens Top Gun T Shirt

We all had such a fun day on the shoot and lucky for us the weather was so nice we got to bust our sunglasses out- bonus. Anyway I hope you all like the pictures! Special thanks to TruffleShuffle for giving me this opportunity. Also once again a huge thank you to all my models, hope you find “Fame and Fortune” after this…haha no?


125 Years Of Enjoying Coca-Cola

With the past few days seeing the welcome arrival of some much needed sunshine and warmth, we have been reaching for our beloved cans of fizzy pop, tinglingly cold, straight from the fridge!  Whether you take yours with ice and a slice, neat, or mingling in with your favourite naughty tipple, there’s always a special place for some sparkling refreshment! Coca-Cola is a worldwide phenomenon with an instantly recognisable logo and advertising slogans such as ‘Things Go Better With Coke’, ‘Have a Coke and Smile’ and ‘Enjoy Coke’ and we are incredibly proud to introduce our new range of  EXCLUSIVE Coca-Cola tees from Fame and Fortune which coincide with the 125th year anniversary of the cult beverage. We even have some rather tasty treats from Punky Allsorts to add a retro pop of fun to any look!

Ladies Catch The Wave Coca-Cola Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Men's Have A Coke And Smile Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Ladies Things Go Better With Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Men's Coca Cola 125 Year Anniversay Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Ladies Enjoy Coke Tee from Fame and Fortune £20
Cola Bottle Ring from Punky Allsorts £8.50

Autobots roll out……

If like me you were tranform-erly (is that a word?) neglected as a child because ones parents realised Transformers was a massive marketing ploy by Hasbro to get kids to buy toys and therefore your only transformer was a cheap market knock off ‘Santa’ got you for Xmas (I never realised Santa was a tight wad), then you’ll be pretty excited about the upcoming Transformers dark of the moon movie which is released THIS WEEK!

I know for a fact I am. After watching the first 2 movies without blinking once, I can confirm they were every adult Transformers fans dream (well mine anyway!) I swear I was clinically blinded by all the explosions followed closely by a near motorcycle accident on the way home because I was willing my bike to turn into a giant robot (in case you were wondering, I wanted it to be a decepticon which I’d name Bones and we’d be awesome together OK.)

Therefore, I’m expecting more explosions, lasers, guns, giant robots and a few more explosions followed closely by bleeding eyeballs and fits of epilepsy when I leave the cinema for the third instalment of the hugely popular franchise. If that happens, I’ll be a happy boy! If it doesn’t, those Autobots had better watch out.

Reviews have been mixed so far with The Daily Mail saying

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