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Find the best range of fun and funky Father’s Day Gifts here at TruffleShuffle! Our huge range of quirky presents are sure to go down a storm with your dad and put a huge smile on his face this Fathers Day.
With prices starting at just £5.99 and everything available for Next Day UK Delivery, we make treating the number one man in your life easy peasy this Father’s Day.

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Let your dad know he’s your…. Superhero!

Fathers Day - Superhero Banner

Superheroes, believe it or not don’t get their special powers from wearing TruffleShuffle Superhero T-Shirts. Most get their powers in some unlikely ways. Peter Parker, was changed into Spider Man by the bite of a radioactive spider. Bruce Banner became the hulk after standing too close to a nuclear explosion. Some, get their powers via technology: Iron Man has powered armor & Batman has a host of cool gadgets. Dads have had to learn, improve and hone their very own super powers to deal with all that fatherhood has to throw at them. So, why not treat your very own superhero to one of our specially-picked fathers day gifts?

Fathers Day - Spider Man Banner

Is your dad agile, fearless but a bit rash at times? Does he sometimes come across as immature? If you can put this down to a youthful outlook on life he sounds like he may well be your very own personal Peter Parker. We definitely have some fab Spiderman T-Shirts to satisfy your webtastic wannabe!

Fathers Day - Batman Banner

Does your dad lack any ACTUAL superpowers? Is he more intelligent, faster and stronger than most humans? Does he have a thing for ‘gadgets’? Does he like to see that justice is served? It sounds like you may live with a gotham-goodie! We’ll have a Batman T-Shirt to bring a smile to your on personal caped crusader!

Fathers Day - Iron Man Banner

Is your dad brave? Maybe a little bit cocky? Is he full of energy? Does he have a favourite suit? Why not shop Iron Man Accessories or T-Shirts. Because even Stark enterprises has dress-down-Friday!

Fathers Day - Hulk Banner

Is your dad a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character? One minute he’s mild mannered, the next flies into an uncontrollable rage? Does his brute force out-weight his intelligence? Well I think we know who your dad is matched to? Why not treat him to an incredible Hulk tee that Bruce Banner would be proud of!

Fathers Day - Superman Banner

Not found your dad so far? Well, you’ve probably got the most superdad then? If you have an honest, all-round stand up sort of dad who seems to have no end of abilities and can literally take care of anything, then you’ve probably already realised you have your very own couch-loving Clark Kent. We have loads of Superman T Shirts ready to fly off the shelves!!

Men’s Blue Marl DC Comics
Batman Slogan T-Shirt

Men’s Green Keep Calm Don’t Make
Me Angry Incredible Hulk T-Shirt

Superman Vacuum Flask

Men’s Black Marvel Faces T-Shirt

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