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Hello friendly peeps of the Internets!

Following the amazing response we had from our 15 Things You Didn’t Know About TruffleShuffle blog post just last week, we help a little question competition over on the TruffleShuffle Facebook page where we got you guys to ask us ANY question you wanted. Perhaps there was something you wondered about us? Or maybe you just want to know what we think about something? Following some amazing questions coming our way, we decided to just take a bit of time to pick out our faves and answer them on our blog… here it is!

Let’s dive in an see what gems we can come out with this time 🙂

Neil Symmonds asks…. “What’s the funniest reason used on a t shirt return”
TruffleShuffle: Hmmmm around Christmas time we see a lot of ‘I got fat over Christmas’ scribbled on the returns slip. We have a LOT of lovely customers, so drawings are always a massive hit in the office. Pretty sure we’ve naively helped stalkers going by the returns slips we get. Not that we find heartbreak funny, but we often receive returned items that have suffered the consequences of a nasty split up. ‘The bi**h dumped me 2 days before Valentine’s Day, please exchange this ‘Miss Happy’ tee for a men’s ‘Player Snoopy’ tee. We find it amusing, and somewhat dedicated that people have their head screwed on in these circumstances. Cancel the joint account, change my status to ‘Single’ on Facebook, tell my parents….and most importantly exchange her t-shirt for something I can wear.

Check out our amazing ‘washing line of thanks’ and funny return slips from our amazing customers and fans. Makes us smile in the mornings!

Martin Edwards asks…. “What current TV shows do you think will become future classics we get all nostalgic about in years to come?”
I guess the big ones, most recently Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory. From slightly further away, 24, The Sopranos etc. When The Simpsons finally finishes, give it a decade and it will become retro. We’ve recently added a range of Friends t-shirts and mugs – we feel it’s old enough to be classed as a retro classic.

Alison Maclean asks…. “Where do you get your ideas for tees from?”
TruffleShuffle: You guys! Our best t-shirt ideas come from customers, often on facebook and email – some even send letters. We have staff get-togethers to go through ideas and inspire each other. With people like Pat Sharp and Timmy Mallet, they come up with ideas themselves and talk us through them.

Caroline Russell asks…. “Do the truffle shuffle team wear truffle shuffle t-shirts to work?”
TruffleShuffle: Most of them do. Those that don’t (you know who you are – Iain) get a slap round the back of the head and are shamed by the rest of the office. We give them out for free, so why wear any second rate non-TruffleShuffle t-shirts?

Sarah Bradley-Smith asks…. “If you could employ any character from the 80’s to work in your office who would you choose and why?”
From a logistical point of view, Donkey Kong would make a pretty good order packer in our warehouse. We’d love to have Janine from Ghostbusters answering our telephone orders, she has an excellent telephone manner, see here….

[lyte id=”FXMcbhn6Np0″ /]
Johnny 5 would be a great help on a Friday afternoon reading through your comp answers…

[lyte id=”Pj-qBUWOYfE” /]
Forrest Gump is undoubtedly the best t-shirt designer in the world…

[lyte id=”tOHr85z9k64″ /]
That would make for a pretty awesome dream team we think!

Lesley Kirton-Lazarus asks…. “Do you ever donate unsold products to charity’s”
TruffleShuffle: All the time! Mostly we send returns to orphanages throughout the developing world, amongst lots of other lovely charitable projects we like to get involved with. Last year we all gave up work for a day fundraising for a local charity which helps to rehabilitate street sex workers, and in 8 hours we raised £12,000 – a record for us and the charity!

A few people asked… “How do we decide which superhero stamps each order.”
TruffleShuffle: There’s no science to this. We have two full time warehouse supremos – Batman and Wolverine. Hulk works every Monday and during other busy periods. Superman is on stand-by if we have a rush at 4pm before the postie arrives. Iron Man and Spiderman are veritable warehouse hermits and only come out once a year – normally 14th December – our busiest day of the year.

Denise Rolls asks…. “What retro toy or gadget changed your life/do you wish would make a comeback?
TruffleShuffle: The Nintendo GameBoy stands out as one of those life-changing toys, a computer game, or games you could take anywhere. Whether we’d want it to make a comeback is a different question, as even a basic mobile phone has better games on it today!

Lauran Ransom asks…. Are all products designed by in house designers and if so how many designers work for truffleshuffle?
All of our TruffleShuffle brand tees are designed in house, so about 25% of our range. All design work is thought up by all TruffleShufflers and then turned into amazing t-shirt graphics by our design supremo James and his magic Mac.

Michael Appleby asks…. If you could remake any 80’s film using just the people in the office for the cast, what would it be and who would play who?
Wow, what a question! Well the obvious choice would be The Goonies, soooo here’s how we’d divvy up the cast…
Andy as Brand – He’s the looker of the bunch, always the keenest to kiss the ladies. Loves to work out and bully the rest of us.
as Mrs Walsh – The mother in charge of a rowdy bunch. Needs Rosalita to help out with some of those tricky chores.
Claire as Mama Fratelli – She’s the boss, no questions asked. Barking orders left right and centre and not afraid to hand out the odd slap or two.
Emily as Stef – Poor old part-time Emily. She’s not here enough to be a full-time cast member so she’s resigned to the role of supporting actress’ supporting actress.
Iain as Mikey – The quiet one with plenty of ideas. Would be most keen on kissing Andy (both our real life TruffleShuffle Andy, and Goonies Andy (Lucy))
James as Mouth – Always the first to get in there with a quick witted jibe or two, James loves a laugh. Also keen on preening that perfect hairstyle!
Jon as Data – He’s the technical whizzkid who makes the clever stuff happen. Lover of gadgets, and being a Kiwi, has an odd accent.
Mullins as Francis Fratelli – Good old Mullins. Would love to be an evil gangster but is pipped to the post by his evil brother Jake (his real life cousin Ron)
Lucy as Andy – Poor old Lucy’s gotta play the role of Andy as she’d be the most likely target for a kiss from both Mikey and Brand.
Michelle as Troy – This is a tenuous link, but Troy’s a Jock and Michelle is in our in-house Scot. Also likes throwing kids in freezers.
Pat as Sloth – Because Pat’s writing this answer and doesn’t want to offend anyone else! Like Sloth, I like Superman t-shirts.
Richard as Troy’s Dad – He sees an opportunity to make a buck and takes it. Loves golf and country clubs much more than some silly old Goon Docks.
Ron as Jake Fratelli – Ron likes weapons, fire and smashing things up. Would make a perfect movie villain and has watched enough to know how to do it.
Si as Chunk – Because we’re a skinny bunch, poor old Si has the best belly to pull off the infamous Truffle Shuffle!
Tracey as
Rosalita – Poor old Tracey. Always cleaning up after us messy bunch, stressing out and talking to herself in Bristolian gibberish.

Phew! What fun! Hopefully we’ve answered some niggling little questions you had in your head about us. If we didn’t get around to your question…sorry! Maybe next time though.

Don’t forget to stay tuned on our Facebook page for even more competitions giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes. See you there!


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