Rainbow Brite #Competition Winner Announced!

Our fabulous Rainbow Brite themed giveaway is now sadly over which means it’s time to announce the lucky winner of our fabulous bundle of star sprinkled goodies! We love this part.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to enter – we had a huge response which just goes to show how much love there is for the fabulous Hallmark character whose mission is to use the colours of the Rainbow to bring colour and happiness to people everywhere!

The Prizes

So just a reminder of what was up for grabs – as well as fabulous bundle below kindly donated by the lovely people at Hallmark – the creators of all things Brite and beautiful…………..

Our lucky winner will also receive a £50 voucher to spend on our exclusive Rainbow Brite range at TruffleShuffle.com. Sneak peek of some of our favourite styles below for you…..

How our lucky winners are chosen….
Our competition was run through Gleam who have collected all the various entries and added them into a big competition hat of sorts. Their nifty system then picks out a winner completely at random!

And….. drum roll please! The results are in!
Huuuuge congratulations to…..

Terri Jenner

We’ll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your fabulous prizes.

Not a winner? Don’t worry! We still have a simply massive range of official and exclusive Rainbow Brite gifts and goodies so please do come check them out here! 100% official and exclusive to TruffleShuffle.com, they’re the perfect way for all us Rainbow Brite fans to add a little sparkle to our lives!

Big thank you again to everyone who entered. Don’t forget to stay tuned for plenty more exciting competitions to come!


#Competition! Rainbow Brite Goodies Up For Grabs ‎️‍

In a faraway place, right at the end of the rainbow, there is a magical kingdom called Rainbow Land, where all the colours of the earth are created! Living in this wonderful place is the fabulous Rainbow Brite along with her best friend, the magical flying horse, Starlite. Together with the Colour Kids, their mission is to use the colours of the Rainbow to bring colour and happiness to people everywhere.

Well just like Rainbow Brite herself, our mission is simple…. to make the world brighter and our hearts lighter – and what better way to do just that than with a fabulous GIVEAWAY!

Yes that’s right Brite fans, to celebrate the release of our brand new and exclusive Rainbow Brite Made in the 80’s T-Shirts and Hoodie, we’re giving you lucky lot the chance to get your hands on some amazing Rainbow Brite goodies courtesy of the fabulous folk at Hallmark (the people responsible for giving the world all things Rainbow Brite!)

Brand new and exclusive to TruffleShuffle!

As well as £50 to spend on anything you fancy from our exclusive and official range of Rainbow Brite merch (check out the full range here!) Hallmark have given us a whole host of star sprinkled goodies which are sure to make any Rainbow Brite fans YEAR! Check out all the details below…

The Prizes

One lucky winner will get their hands on ALL of the following!

1. £50 voucher to spend on your choice of Rainbow Brite goodies at www.TruffleShuffle.com

2. Twink Sprite Plush – Twink is Rainbow Brite’s high-energy sidekick and an adorable bundle of sweetness and silliness. This ’80s throwback in colourful plush fabric is cute and cuddly as ever and is the perfect collectors piece!

3. The Art of Rainbow Brite Coloring Book – The imaginative and colorful world of Rainbow Brite goes hand in hand with colouring books! Now you can add your own special touch to fun illustrations of Rainbow Brite, The Color Kids and other favourite characters from Rainbow Land with this fabulous colouring book.

4. Rainbow Brite Rainbow Land 1000-Piece Puzzle – Sure to test the skills of even the most dedicated Rainbow Brite fan, this 1,000 piece puzzle features a classic archive scene from the beloved cartoon!

5. Rainbow Brite and the Very Brave Day Storybook – This gorgeous hardback storybook tells the story of Rainbow Brite and her friends on an adventure to save the day. As Rainbow Land is threatened by evil, lessons of friendship and bravery are taught at every turn! Plus it even comes with a set of Rainbow Brite leg warmers! Eeeeek.

6. Classic Rainbow Brite itty bitty – with a sparkly bottom base, this colourful plush is sure to charm any fan!

How To Enter

To keep things as easy, fair and accessible as possible, we’re running our competition through a nifty system called Gleam which will allow you to enter a number of times and in a number of different ways via Twitter, our blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more. The more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning – think of it like tickets in a hat. Simple!

Just follow the directions below after securely logging in (which can be done via Facebook, email, Instagram or Twitter) to begin your entries.

*Hint* The more ways you enter, the more chances you have of winning

TruffleShuffle’s Big Rainbow Brite Competition!

How long do I have?

The competition will close at midnight on Sunday 20th of November and a winner will be chosen and contacted first thing Monday morning.

How will the winners be chosen?

Totally at random! Once the competition closes, the Gleam system will dive head-first into all the entries and pick out one at random to keep things totally fair. If you have any questions or problems at all, please get in touch with us on competitons@truffleshuffle.co.uk and we will be glad to help.


Only one winner will be chosen at random
Only open to UK entrants
There will be no cash alternative of prizes offered
If we do not hear back from our winner within one week, another will be chosen at random and contacted
We reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time without warning

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#Win One of Two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows Goody Bags! #TMNT2

Cowabunga dudes! We’ve got yet another exciting giveaway for you lucky lot and we’re more excited than Michelangelo at a pizza eating competition!

Celebrating the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows which is in Cinemas right now (Go see it folks!), we’re offering you guys the chance to WIN not one, but TWO official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles goodie bundles!

So what’s this new film all about? Well! After supervillain Shredder escapes custody, he joins forces with mad scientist Baxter Stockman and his two… ermm… dimwitted henchmen, Bebop and Rocksteady, to unleash a diabolical plan to take over the world….as you do. As the Turtles prepare to take on Shredder and his new crew, they find themselves facing an even greater evil with similar intentions: the notorious Krang. Is it ever a dull day for the TMNTs?

Want to see for yourself? Check out the official trailer #2 for a slice of the action here…


The Prizes

Because we don’t like to do things lightly, we’re giving away TWO lots of prizes which each include *inhales* a Casey Jones action figure SIGNED by Stephen Amell, limited edition beanie hats, Turtle Shell style backpacks, headphones and boombox speakers, ¾ Size TMNT Acoustic Guitar Set, and TMNT Cup with Straw. Phew!

How to enter

To enter, simply follow the directions below in the super magical Gleam entry system. This system allows you to enter a few different ways like checking out our Facebook, sending a tweet, commenting on our blog, checking out our Instagram and more!

*Hint* It’s worth remembering, each thing you do is a new entry into the competition. The more entries you do, the more chances you have of being picked by the system just like tickets out of a hat.
TMNT 2 Competition

How long do I have?

This turtlely awesome competition will close at midnight on Sunday 5th June at midnight so get entering folks!

How will the winners be chosen?

Well! Totally at random! Yep keeping things nice and fair, the Gleam system will dive into all the entries (remember, you can enter more than once) and pick out one at random. Simple as that! We will then share this on our profiles and pages for all to see and get in touch with the lucky winner directly too just to be sure.

Only two winners will be chosen at random.
Only open to UK residents.
There will be no cash alternative to prizes offered.
If we do not hear back from the winner after 1 week, another will be chosen at random.
TruffleShuffle.co.uk reserve the right to close/cancel the competition at any time.
Winners decision is final.
Good luck!


Gudetama Competition Winner Revealed!! Feeling Lucky?

That’s a wrap everyone! Yes sadly our big competition to celebrate our exclusive new range of Gudetama goodies has come to a close *boooooo!*…..we know. However, with this dark cloud of news some a super soft silver lining in the form of one lucky winner who will be bagging the lot!

Juuuuuust before we reveal the big news, we just want to say a simply HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you who have been busy following, tweeting, sharing or commenting away to gain your entries. So much fun getting to see all of you lovely lot getting stuck into our comps and the more you love them, the more we’ll keep busting them out!

So! What’s been up for grabs? To celebrate our fab new range, we’re giving away a super sweet Gudetama Wagging Talking Plush doll, a box of multi-sensory, magical marshmallows from the amazing Boomf, AND to top it all of our lucky winner will also score a cool £50 to spend on our exclusive range of Gudetama clothing, gifts and home-wares.

!!Our lucky winner!!

Without further ado, we can now reveal that our lucky winner picked at random by Gleam IS…….

Ray Dodds

Congrats Ray! We’ll be in touch soon to arrange getting your prizes to you so please stay tuned.

Not a winner? Panic not! You can still get your hands on our amazing new collection of Gudetama merchandise over at TruffleShuffle.com so there are plenty of ways to share your love.

Stay tuned for plenty more competitions to come folks!