TruffleShuffle Takes A Trip To The Harry Potter Studios!

For those of you who perhaps don’t know a whole lot about the people at TruffleShuffle, we’re all HUGE Harry Potter fans! Getting to think up, design and ultimately create our very own exclusive and official range of Harry Potter clothing is somewhat of a real dream and accomplishment for us. Seeing other fans loving them too is just about as cool as it gets too!

As such big fans of this wizardry phenomenon, naturally the films have been a massive part of our movie going lives and have more than secured their place in our DVD collections forever.
Just a few days ago now, this lucky TruffleShuffler had the chance to take a trip to the very place where a huge part of these spectacular films were created and visit the Warner Bros. Studio – The Making of Harry Potter Tour!

To give you a glimpse of what went down and what there is to see, we thought e would pop something together on our blog you you can all take a quick peep at some of the snaps I managed to capture along the way – Those of you who want to visit yourself with box fresh eyes, you might want to look away now.

From the first glimpse of the entrance, we could tell this place would be special. From the get go you’re treated to one of the flying Ford Anglias that feature in The Chamber of Secrets hanging from the rafters and the super cool centerpiece from Hogwarts Astronomy Tower…

After a short welcome and introduction into the world of Harry Potter Studios and a quick cinema trip to hear from the stars themselves, you’re treated to the great hall, complete with set tables and character outfits from the films which simply blew us all away!

Just from this first glimpse into the studios, you can tell it is going to be more than you could imagine. To see the actual props, costumes, tables and places where the magic took place is just about as good as it gets for fans.

Through the next chapter, you’re treated to the biggest collection of props, outfits and objects you could possibly imagine. Each one more special and amazing than the last. Take a peep at some of our highlights…

All aboard! Just when you thought you’d seen all that there could be, the Hogwarts Express itself steams its way into your day!

After the obligatory platform 9 3/4 wall snaps, we had a quick pit stop to refuel with a class of Butterbeer – possibly the sweetest things ever created, but nice – it was time to check out the night bus, privet drive, and the wonky Covered Bridge….

Walking through Diagon Alley was such a weird and wonderful experience. Following in the films footsteps and getting to see the very street that was filmed and just how much work and detail was involved was such treat…

Perhaps saving the best until last, the end of the tour left out jaws hanging as we got to take a peep at the incredible Hogwarts model which was used in filming. Set up as a snow scene, this is unlike any model I’ve ever seen before and had the most amazing amount of detail. It’s such a work or art and a must see for any Potter fan….

So there you have it folks! This really is just touching the surface of what there is to see and do there. We had such a fantastic day and would really really really recommend this as a day out for any Harry Potter fans. Heck even if you’re not the biggest HP fan you’ll have a blast!

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