Great [Valentines] gifts for the man in your life.

With Valentines day fast approaching [Tuesday 14th February 2012] I was asked to write a blog post hand picking 5 great gifts any boyfriend, fiance or husband would love to receive next week.

So without further-ado here’s my TruffleShuffle Top 5…. (Queue the countdown music)

At five…. What man doesn’t like a good pair of socks or two? Especially socks that means you share style ideas with the ‘ladies favourite’ Michael Bublé? Well, it would make our Men’s Superman Figure Socks the perfect gift… And at just £7.99, a bargain too!!

At four…. Turn that frown upside down with our fantastic Men’s Charcoal Sad Sack Down In The Dumps Raggy Dolls T-Shirt just £20.00.

At three…. Make your cheeky chappy chuckle every time he enjoys a brew with this wicked Cheeky Monkey Mug And Retro Sweets Gift Set. Its comes loaded with awesomely retro banana foam sweeties that will have the recipient swinging from the rafters! Just £4.49!!

At two…. delight that dance floor destroyer with this amazing Men’s Transformers Do The Robot T-Shirt from TruffleShuffle for just £20.00. He too can show his appreciation for every man’s favourite dance move!!

At one… Every man loves a compliment. And what better compliment than these fantastic Monty Python Biggus Dickus Boxer Shorts? For just £8.99 there will be plenty of smiles per pound!!

If you need more inspiration for the best way to spoil your man this Valentines why not check out our great Valentines Gift Finder?

Hopefully I’ve provided some inspiration…. Happy Valentines to all you TruffleShufflers xoxo

Need Inspiration? The TruffleShufflers Have Created Some Retro 80′s Pumpkins To Die For!!!

This week, the TruffleShufflers have been racking their brains and seeking inspiration for that well-known Halloween dilemma, what the hell do I carve into my pumpkin???

Yes, for this week’s Friday Facebook competition, everyone at Truffle Towers was given their very own pumpkin with the brief that we had 2 days to design and create a character carving with a retro, 80’s spin.

Well, I must say the end results were very impressive! After a week of highly competitive talk and secretive Internet researching, the portly pumpkins have now been papped and released on our Facebook page!

The name of the game is to LIKE or comment on your favourite to help us decide which TruffleShuffler deserves the title of Pumpkin carving chief! The one with the most votes wins the TruffleShuffler a prize and whoever likes or comments on any pumpkin gets popped into a hat and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a special Halloween treat! You can enter here until 2pm today so please do get invovled!

So, here are the entries..

Superman Logo
Mario (Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo)
Gene Simmons (KISS)
Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Space Invaders
Elmo (Sesame Street)
The Count (Sesame street)
Chunk (The Goonies)
The Cheshire Cat
Batman Logo
Transformers Autobot

From Pac-Man to Mario, Transformers to Sesame St, a whole host of our favourite characters have been represented in pumpkin form!

Which is your favourite? xoxo