Six Of The Best Classic Band Posters & Covers

I was looking new music the other day on the internet and ended up looking at old school album art and Posters. It seems like you never get posters that look this cool any more. Here are some of my favourites, and while you having a gander check out our awesome music t shirts as well.

Guns N Roses Poster
1. Guns N Roses Poster

Guns N Roses T Shirt
and my t-shirt pick would be this ace GNR T-Shirt
Journey Poster
2. Journey Poster
Journey T Shirt
rude not to wear this slouchy Journey T Shirt too!
Iron Maiden Poster
3. Iron Maiden Poster
Iron Maiden T Shirt
what Maiden fan wouldn't wear this?
Poison Poster
4. Poison Poster
Poison T Shirt
matched with this ladies Poison T Shirt
Rolling Stones Tour Poster
5. Rolling Stones Tour Poster
Rolling Stones Tour T Shirt
and a matching Rolling Stones Tour T Shirt
6. Grateful Dead Poster
Grateful Dead T Shirt
show your ghoulish side with this Grateful Dead T Shirt