Time To Cel-ebrate! New and EXCLUSIVE Cartoon Tees Now In…

Growing up through the 80s and 90s, we had hands down THE best selection of cartoons to pick from (not being biased!). Waking up of a morning and checking to see if our mum was busy making packed lunches, we knew that if the lunchboxes weren’t out, it was Saturday and we were free!

Grabbing a bowl of whichever cereal had the best toy that week, we set up base camp in front of the telly so we were ready to catch some of most iconic cartoons ever. It was bliss!

As one of the biggest retro ambassadors in the land, it’s our duty to bring you guys more and more nostalgia feels through our exclusive designs which is what we’ve just gone and done with our fab new range of Cartoon T-Shirts featuring some of the classic shows we grew up with.

Take a peep at our latest range…

Raccoons T-Shirts

You can run with us! We’ve got everything you need. Run with us, We are freeeeee.

All you need to hear to have this iconic theme tune in your head for the rest of the day (sorry!). Show some love for your furry friends with these fab new Raccoons Tees featuring Burt himself.

Penny Crayon T-Shirts

Using the magic crayons she always carries with her, Penny brings everything she draws to life, usually creating a world of chaos for her and best friend Dennis until it’s either rubbed out or washed away. Pay homage in style with these awesome new t-shirts!

Family-Ness T-Shirts

From the very same producer as Penny Crayon and Jimbo and the Jet Set, The Family-Ness introduced us to the MacTouts and took us on their adventures with the clan of nessies including the likes of Ferociousness, Heavyness, Sillyness, Lovelyness, Pirateness, Sportyness and more. Love it!

Jimbo and The Jet Set T-Shirts

Jimbo, Jimbo, JIMBO! We can clearly remember the amazing opening credits and quirky antics of the lovable aircraft in the fab 80’s kids cartoon Jimbo and the Jet Set! If you love this awesome cartoon as much as we do, then pay homage in style with this great cast t-shirt!

For all these funky cartoon tees and soooo much more, head on over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk.



Jimbo and the Jet-Set

Your brain does funny things. Its amazing what it picks up, stores & reacts to. Whilst going about my daily duties I must have subconciously noticed the Jimbo T-Shirts as I spent most of the day and the majority of that evening humming the Jimbo and the Jet-Sets theme tune and mumbling ‘JIMBOOOOO!!’ just like the air traffic controller at the end of the opening credits.

Well, if you’ve ever tried to get a song out of your head you will know its easier said than done but as I’ve learnt with this example, trying to forget a theme tune that only contains one word (Jimbo) is nothing short of a nightmare!!!

I have no idea how to avoid this slightly annoying situation happening again but one thing I do know is that I won’t take browsing through our Cartoon T-Shirts so lightly from now on.

So I suppose the point to this blog is a friendly warning that shopping with TruffleShuffle.com can cause some serious feelings of Nostalgia. To prove my point, I dare you to watch the theme tune to Jimbo and the Jet-Set below and not hum it for the rest of your day!!

[lyte id=”Ke7r3SBC-z8″ /]

Whilst we’re on the topic of Jimbo and the Jet-Set here’s some t-shirts we do:

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