New Junk Food T-Shirts to Tempt Your Fashion Tastebuds

Crowned as the original vintage t-shirt producers, Junk Food Clothing has never failed to bring us some of the coolest and designs from the biggest and best childhood characters we all know and love. Obviously even from the humble beginnings of TruffleShuffle we have been HUGE fans of everything the Junk Food team have created and proudly stock as much of their retro classic designs as possible to give you guys the chance to get stuck into some of their amazing quality and print creations.

With sooooo many new Junk Food T-Shirts coming in think and fast, we thought we would give you a little glimpse at some of the latest designs and styles to hit the TruffleShuffle shelves. Take a look at this little run down featuring some of our top picks.

Ladies over sized t-shirts
Flattering, retro, comfortable and oh so versatile, the classic over sized t-shirt has been a wardrobe staple for as long as we can remember at least and have just been given the junk food treatment with these amazing new tees! Featuring the lovable Thumper from Bambi and a classic Batman and Robin print, these designs will make the perfect centerpiece for a casual or even statement look.

 Ladies Dark Grey Thumper Vintage Sketch Bambi Mid Sleeve Oversized T-Shirt
Ladies Dark Grey Thumper Vintage Sketch Bambi Mid Sleeve Oversized T-Shirt

 Ladies Black Batman And Robin Mid Sleeve Oversized T-Shirt
Ladies Black Batman And Robin Mid Sleeve Oversized T-Shirt

Superhero T-Shirts
For as long as we’ve had superheroes, we’ve had superhero T-Shirts! Saving the day on an hourly basis, the classic names and faces of the superhero world including Captain America, Superman, Thor and Iron Man have had their place in any retro lover, comic book reader and cartoon watcher’s collection.

Men's Black Captain America Vintage T-Shirt
Men's Black Captain America Vintage T-Shirt

Men's Marvel Avengers Vintage Print T-Shirt
Men's Marvel Avengers Vintage Print T-Shirt

Star Wars T-Shirts
Tune into the Dark Side with these awesome new Star Wars tees from the Junk Food Autumn ’12 collection. Featuring the main man himself Darth Vader as well as a amazing contrast Chewbacca And Princess Leia tee, these amazing new designs ooze vintage influences with their vintage style prints and feel, definitely not your average star wars tees from certain high street stores.

Men's Blue Triblend Star Wars Dark Side Radio Ringer T-Shirt
Men's Blue Triblend Star Wars Dark Side Radio Ringer T-Shirt

 Men's Washed Black Star Wars Chewbacca And Princess Leia Need A Lift T-Shirt
Men's Black Star Wars Chewbacca And Princess Leia Need A Lift T-Shirt

Cartoon T-Shirts
Toon in to some classics with our collection of toon tees featuring some of the biggest tv celebs such as Snoopy and Papa Smurf! These super soft triblend Cartoon T-Shirts are a great way to show off your love for the characters we all grew up with in true vintage style.

Men's Triblend Snoopy Free Pony Rides T-Shirt
Men's Triblend Snoopy Free Pony Rides T-Shirt

Men's Blue Triblend Smurfs Call Me Papa T-Shirt
Men's Blue Triblend Smurfs Call Me Papa T-Shirt

If you’re left wanting more, check out the full range of junk food t-shirts at and get your vintage fashion fill today!


TruffleShuffle – putting the ‘Tee’ in VinTage!

TruffleShuffle has definitely become the most popular hot spot for Vintage T-shirts, so we’ve put together some of our favourite styles for you.

Our exclusive range takes all of your favourite cartoons, films, bands, games and icons – and creates a garment which is brand new with a retro feel.

Our TruffleShuffle t-shirts and sweaters usually have a slightly distressed image which gives your t-shirts the ‘straight out of the 80’s feel’.

Some of our favourites are below!

Next up are is Chaser L.A – providing a range of licensed music t-shirts, which look like they’ve been rescued from the 80’s and given a touch a glam! Some of our Chaser L.A t-shirts come with intentionally destroyed fabric – for that perfect rock chick look!

When we think of t-shirts in the ‘Good Ol’ Days’ – you can’t fault ringer t-shirts. Junk Food have provided us with a little slice of nostalgia with their awesome collection of ringer t-shirts. Check out the full selection and grab yourself a classic Vintage tee!

Tri-blend t-shirts are becoming really popluar with you retro loving fans, and with a vintage look and comfortable feel – who could blame you?

Hitting the shelves recently are the Technacolour t-shirts, colour changing AND treated to a vintage wash – it doesn’t get much more 80’s than THAT! Head over to TruffleShuffle to choose your favourite one!

Happy shopping!



Rock ‘n’ Roll….definitely our cup of tee!

With so many festivals going on, rocking reunions, anniversaries and such – we thought it would be only fair to pay homage to some of the best rock bands around (past AND present!)

When it comes to retro inspired music t-shirts – we really do have quite a lot to shout about. With names like Chaser LA, Amplified Vintage, Junk Food and Worn Free – getting the Rock Chick look couldn’t be easier!

Being a massive fan of anything Rock n Roll inspired, I thought I’d take you through my top 5 ‘rock’ items on the site – and introduce you to some of the new ranges we’ve recently added.

First up, Rolling Stones– these cheeky chaps have just celebrated their 50th anniversary. Out of our collection of Rolling Stones clothing, this speckled sweater from Amplified Vintage has to be my favourite…perfect for wearing over a band tee!

Join the Kiss army, by showing your support for the iconic band with this Amplified Vintage Khaki t-shirt!

Recently spotted on Lana Del Ray, our Guns n Roses tee from house of Gods is sure to turn a few heads at any gig! Check out more from House of Gods here.Paying homage to Grateful dead, this tour style tee comes with a distressed skull print and the date Sept ’77, reminiscing about that amazing gig they played in Englishtown, New Jersey on that date…

Last, but definitely not least – this slouch Blondie tee has to be in my top 5! Just like Debbie Harry – super cool, and effortless stylish – definitely the ultimate rock chick top!

I hope you agree – TruffleShuffle definitely rocks centre stage with support acts like Amplified Vintage, House of Gods, Junk Food, Chaser LA and Ami Barwell photography – be sure to check out our full range of music t-shirts here!

Saving all your money for gig tickets? Fear not – we have a massive sale, with lots of Mens music t-shirts and Ladies music t-shirts to choose from, click here to find yourself a bargain!

Summer’s here! Check out our HOT new releases!

It’s that time of year for a wardrobe change and what better place to come than TruffleShuffle for some funky, retro beauties to see you through the Summer! We have a great selection of amazing tees and accessories which are perfect for lounging around in the sunshine, feasting out at barbeque’s in, hopping along the beach and attending glorious tea parties. Have a look at some of our new additions below for inspiration…


We love the authentic vintage look of Junk Food’s tees and this latest collection offers even more with fabulous shapes, music tees and more of those distressed prints of all our favourite retro characters.


Fydelity bags are the ultimate Summer accessory. Not only do they look fantastic, hold a load of stuff, they ALSO come with in built speakers and amplifier so you can take your favourite tunes with you everywhere you go! There are a variety of styles you could go for, such as the generously proportioned Tote bag, 90’s style barrel shaped gym bag, bum-bags, handy wallet and amazing cool bags. Just the ticket for festivals, beach parties or lounging around in the park. We have had tons of fun with these bags at Truffle HQ, they really do get very loud indeed. Just plug in your MP3 Player or Smartphone and you’re away!

Gold Retro Boombox Cooler With Working Speakers £24.99

Retro Ghettoblaster Travel Wallet With Working Speakers £19.99

Retro Metallic Pink Gym Bag with Working Speakers £29.99

Retro White I'm Not A Boombox Canvas Tote Bag With Working Speakers £29.99


Impress your mates with one of our awesome tees. Always guaranteed a great reaction, we have just added some particularly cool new designs to complete that hipster look.