Buyers Picks: Festivals

As the first stages of Spring, ‘spring’ into action and we are taken aback by the sight of blue skies and that warm tingly sensation provided by the lesser spotted sun, I get to thinking about what fun things the Summer has in store. First and foremost is festival planning! So this months look is a geared around preparing for festival season and TruffleShuffle certainly has a lot to offer in this department!

I can picture myself at Festival Number 6, enjoying wonderful music, poetry and culture, all in the wonderful surroundings of Portmerion, and there WILL be sun which means I need plenty of tshirts and some groovy sunnies at hand.

Here are my hot picks for girls …

And, for the boys…


Our Top #truffleshufflecom Instagrams…

Here at Truffle Towers, we really love a good rummage through our instagram feeds any chance we get. Waiting for a train, boiling the kettle for a fresh round, or even as the first thing we do in the morning to kick-start our day…we can’t be the only ones right?!

Well! To just show off some of the amazing things we’ve spotted and to show off some of our fans rocking our retro clothes, he’s another look at some of our favourite #truffleshufflecom or @truffleshufflecom tagged instagrams that have caught our eye over the last few days and weeks…..


Phew! Only #matilda left to read and blog now. 5 days til #roalddahlday #truffleshuffle #bookblog


Best tee ever ! #tee #tshirt #batman #geekster #clothes #brucetim #dccomics #blue


Best tshirt EVER!!! money well spent! #truffleshuffle #Roald #Dahl #picoftheday #iphonephoto


Just got my shirt from truffle shuffle, so inpressed with service!


My #outfit in my latest post - what I wore roller skating! #zara skirt and #thunderbirds #truffleshuffle t-shirt


New Captain America T-shirt from @truffleshufflecom Thanks!


Childhood on a tshirt #thetwits #roalddahl #yellow #blonde #selfie #literaryclothes


Yes, I am wearing teenage mutant ninja turtles socks- what you saying it? #imcool #turtle #green #ninjaturtle #truffleshuffle #socks #sock #toastyfeet #greentoes


New favourite top, thank you lez! @emilyvictoriagibbons #MLP #truffleshuffle #bdaypresent


#mylittlepony #onelookyeomans #retro #truffleshuffle


#selfie #beatlejuicepants #beatlejuice #blonde #bathroom #david #davidbowie #bowie #labyrinth #jareth #thegoblinking #goblinking #truffle #shuffle #truffleshuffle #stripes #stripeypants

Want to get involved too? Why not show off some retro love and post a piccy of your latest purchase from our little site and tag it with either #truffleshufflecom or tag is in it as @truffleshufflecom and we’ll take a peep and perhaps help spread the love 🙂

See you there!


Secrets from the Labyrinth, The 7 faces of Jareth

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope we’re all having a good time, full of fry-ups, lie ins and perhaps the odd retro movie or three 🙂

If you’re as big a Labyrinth fan as I am, you’ll make any excuse to watch this timeless fairytale adventure. So here’s a few little known facts to tempt you back into the magical world that is Jareths Labyrinth. The secret is that there are seven hidden faces of Jareth (David Bowie) dotted around this magical maze. If didn’t know this, then read on and I shall reveal all.

Take a look at some of the random times the face of our retro hero David Bowie pops up that you might not have noticed before.
1. The first face appears as soon as Sarah enters the Labyrinth (after talking to the little blue ello worm).
2. After the tunnel cleaners scene, Hoggle and Sarah climb a ladder. Hoggle steps on a weak rung and it breaks. As they show the rung falling, Jareth’s face appears among the rocks.
3. After talking to the wiseman, Sarah and Hoggle walk through a hedge maze. Jareth’s face is on the floor, to the left of the obelisk.
4. In the scene after Sarah frees Ludo, Hoggle is seen walking off and muttering, “She’ll never get through the Labyrinth.”Jareth’s face appears on the top left hand corner.
5. At the beginning of the scene were Jareth gives Hoggle the poison peach.
6. Jareth’s face can been seen on the wall of the Bog of Eternal Stench, right after the ledge crumbles.
7. In the forest, right after they leave the Bog of Eternal Stench, Jareth’s face appears among the trees.

Don’t believe us? Check out this clip and see them in action for yourself…

[lyte id=”YCmdYCrHXoc” /]

So have you spotted any of these before? Or is it all news you you?

Think you can remember them all for your next viewing? If you get a bit lost you can find some awesome exclusive Labyrinth and David Bowie t-shirts over at

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with special thanks to BuzzFeed

Jennifer Connelly’s “Labyrinth” Audition Tape

Calling all you fellow Labyrinth lovers out there!

On one of our many trips through the weird and wonderful world of YouTube, we discovered this little gem and just had to share with you guys. Yep! It’s the young and oh-so stunning Sarah…sorry Jennifer Connelly before it all begin in her first audition for the part in one of our favourite cult films ever!

[lyte id=”XvjCG3MsaEc” /]

What do you think?

Left wanting more? Check out our huuuuge range of totally official and exclusive Labyrinth T-Shirts

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