Buyer’s Look Of The Month – August

This Summer is all about the nineties! If it’s all brand new to you or you remember it the first time (eeek), there is something to suit everyone!


Go crazy with a bright, all over print featuring those fun loving Heroes In A Half Shell with this awesome roll sleeved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt (£19.99). For that casual 90’s vibe, team with customised Levi 501’s and Converse Sneakers.


Get with the cool crowd with this like, totally gorgeous cropped Clueless Class Of 95 tee. Wear with high waisted washed black mom jeans and a pair of clear Juju Jelly shoes and you’ll have the ninetes nailed!

Go get em! xxx

Classic Levi’s Ads Through the Ages

Introducing out latest blog feature! Each month we’re going to be taking a trip down memory lane and looking back at some classic retro TV ads that hit our small screens duruing our childhoods.Few things are guaranteed to make you feel old like getting nostalgic about old TV adverts. These are the kinds of things you often don’t even know that you remember, but having been aired in between your favourite after-school shows they slip into your sub-conscious only to make you feel old in the future.

Some adverts become legendary and some brands are better known for their advertising campaigns than others. Believe it or not the classic jeans brand Levi’s have been airing TV ads since way back in 1966, so lets take a trip back and see just what Levi’s brought to the TV table.

How many of these ads from them can you remember?

Good Morning World, 1974
A campaign for Levi’s “youthwear” features a boy and his dog having a much sprightlier morning than any I remember when having to be up early. Any 70s kid are bound to remember this, but whether you can or not, rest assured you won’t get that song out of your head any time soon.
Best bit: the dog’s ears!

Laundrette, 1985
Aired in the 80s but with a distinct 1950s setting, this featured a young chap who simply couldn’t wait to shrink his jeans to fit. Set to Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Heard it Through the Grapevine’ he has quite an audience in the laundrette. Levi’s themselves found sales grow by 800% after this campaign. WOWZA!
Best bit: has to be the pulled up white socks….just because.

Brad Pitt for 501s, 1991
Just having been released from a dusty desert jail minus his trousers (for some reason!), a twenty-something Brad Pitt is given a pair of Levi’s by the beautiful brunette who has come to collect him. 1991 doesn’t sound so long ago until you glimpse how young Brad Pitt looks here…prepare yourself people.
Best bit: seeing the smug look disappear from the prison guard’s face.

Flat Eric, 1999
A puppet made by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop for the Sta-Prest line, Flat Eric broke the golden Levi rule of never using an idea more than once and appeared in a series of adverts. C’mon, hands up who had a Flat Eric toy?
Best bit: Flat Eric grooving along to Flat Beat.

Can you remember any of these? Which adverts bring back memories for you?