Our Latest Lilo & Stitch Merchandise Making A Splash!

Aloha Stitch fans! What better way to glide into Spring/Summer than with a taste of Disney paradise thanks to our ever-growing collection of Lilo & Stitch Merchandise!

We’re so excited to bring you stunning new goodies to our range of Disney clothes and Disney gifts including some all-new Disney Loungefly bags and more!

Making a splash into our site, we’ve picked out some of our latest Stitch goodies that we know will have all you fans of this noughties classic riding high. Tape a peep!

Loungefly Disney Lilo And Stitch Luau Cosplay Mini Backpack

Say ALOHA to your new favourite Stitch Loungefly backpack! We love the bright details of this true gem with Stitch in full Luau mode, complete with a grass hula skirt and lei. That’s before we’ve even mentioned the adorable 3D ears!
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