Keeping Cosy In Total Style With Our Latest Disney Pyjamas

Looking for the ultimate cosy style for your stay at home plans? Heck yeah you are! Not having plans doesn’t mean you can’t plan to look awesome and feel totally at ease which is why our range of Disney Pyjamas and loungewear has never been more essential.

Packed with classic Disney charm, our latest designs feature Gene from Alladin, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. What’s not to love? Let’s take a look…

Women's Aladdin Three Wishes Pyjamas

Looking to stay cosy, warm and totally magical? *Poof* You wish is our command thanks to this stunning set of Aladdin Three Wishes Pyjamas. What more could you wish for? Continue reading “Keeping Cosy In Total Style With Our Latest Disney Pyjamas”

Lounging About The House!

In a few weeks (fingers crossed) I will be moving into my first house and have begun buying items to make my house a home. Apart from the obvious surround sound systems and large screen TVs that are compulsory for any man buying his first house I have also been on the look-out for some awesome retro loungewear.

Luckily we have added loads of new loungewear items to the site over the past couple of months so there’s loads to choose from, below are some items that I will be adding to my collection in time for the move:

Lounge Pants:

Men’s DC Comics Comic Print Batman Lounge Pants Men’s Blue All Over Print Logos Superman Lounge Pants
Men’s Grey Stormtrooper Stormtrooper Lounge Pants

Dressing Gown:

Men’s Star Wars Yoda Toweling Hooded Dressing Gown With Ears

Boxer Shorts:

Men’s Optimus Prime Shooting Transformers Boxer Shorts Men’s South Park All Over Print Cartman Boxer Shorts
Men’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Group Boxer Shorts

Not forgetting you ladies out there, I am sure my girlfriend will be asking for items from the ladies loungewear collection this Christmas.


Brand new threads for retro beds!

This is a must read for all you ladies out there who dream of going to bed wearing nothing but the best of retro fashion!  We’ve had a pair of superhero nighties to help you save the dream world in style, These hot new items of loungewear are perfect for bedtime or just chilling out around the house in style and all you need to do is make the difficult choice of which super heroine you would rather be!

This wicked Supergirl Nighty will have your boyfriend dreaming of superheroes and that won’t be a bad thing!  It even comes with a delightful detachable cape.

Ladies Supergirl Night Dress with Cape - £28.50
Ladies Supergirl Night Dress with Cape - £28.50

This amazing Wonder Woman Nighty features the chest logo of the sexy Amazonian Princess. It also comes with a super cool detachable cape full of her trademark stars!

Ladies Wonder Woman Sleeveless Night Dress with Cape and Foil Print - £30.00
Ladies Wonder Woman Sleeveless Night Dress with Cape and Foil Print - £30.00

If super heroes aren’t your style and you’re more of a big kid at heart perhaps this Sesame Street nighty will be more up your ‘street’?

This Cookie Monster Hooded Night Dress would be perfect for sleepovers or for sneaking to the kitchen for a midnight snack of cookies and milk!  Cookie’s face is even printed on the shirt’s hood to help you emulate the hungry blue guy.

Ladies Sesame Street Cookie Monster Hooded Night Dress - £28.50
Ladies Sesame Street Cookie Monster Hooded Night Dress - £28.50

Last but certainly not least this Muppets nighty will make you feel like a real Animal!

This adorable Animal Hooded Night Dress will allow any fan of the wild and crazy Muppet to have sweet dreams. The shirt’s hood features Animal’s face with his trademark cheeky grin.

Ladies Muppets Animal Hooded Night Dress - £28.50
Ladies Muppets Animal Hooded Night Dress - £28.50

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the best of our Beddy Buys!  All this talk of night time and sleeping has got me yawning, might need to just pop off for a quick nap…