We’ve Struck Gold….and Lilac With Our New Me & Zena Collection!

Now, as many of you out there in the real world know, no look is truly complete without the perfect accessories! Whether it’s a beautiful bangle, a top notch necklace or perhaps just the right ring, adding some extra touches to your style can really go along way and is also…..pretty fun!

Thankfully, the looooovely people at Me & Zena are hard at work creating some simply stunning jewellery that is sure to add a little dash or something special to your look. With some snazzy new items only recently hitting our store, we thought we would give them a proper shout out on our blog so you peeps can check them out for yourselves. Take a look!

First up, enter the spiritual world of the good old nineties with these super ‘Cosmic’ necklaces and rings. Sure to add a dash of retro charm to your style.

Ommmmmmmmmm! Embrace your spiritual ways with these funky ‘om’ style pieces. Sure to keep you centered and calm.

If you are a yoga, meditation and mindfulness kind of gal, these exquisite Nirvana rings and necklaces from Me & Zena should be finding it’s spiritual home with you.

Still looking for more? Weeelll……go on then! Check out these little beauties too….

For all these and so much more, check out our complete range of Me & Zena Jewellery goodness over at TruffleShuffle.com


Biff! Crash! POW! New Superhero Goodies Now In!

2016 certainly is the year of the Superhero! With sooooo many amazing films featuring some of the most iconic heroes ever coming our way in just a few months, we’re getting fully geared up and ready to rock with yet even more amazing new Superhero Merchandise that’s just sat ready to be snatched up.

You really can’t beat the classics and our funky new range of Superhero bags prove just that! Featuring some of the most adored heroes ever, complete your look with one of these clutch bags with chains or our butt-kicking Wonder Woman wallet…

More bling than a Kardashian’s Christmas tree! Add some POW! factor to any look with the help of our fab new range of Superhero Jewellery including necklaces and chokers. Are you a Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman babe?
Are you ready for the year of the Superhero? Pick up something from these amazing new arrivals or the rest of our simply huuuuge range of DC comics and Marvel goodies and start revealing your inner hero in style.


How Wand-erful! Amazing New Harry Potter Jewellery Now In…

A world full or magic, adventure, friends and the odd villain, there really is very little not to love about Harry Potter.

Since it all begin way back in (prepare to feel old…) 1997, kids and adults everywhere have been hooked on the tale of a wizard, his friends and the amazing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. From books to films and even games, we have been able to dive into the mystical world of these amazing characters and escape our simple muggle ways, if only for a moment.

Always looking for more exciting ways to show our love for this true phenomenon, we’ve just landed ourselves some amazing new Harry Potter Jewellery!

With four amazing designs to pick from, these stunning new Harry Potter Wand Necklaces are a great subtle nod to your favourite characters and are sure to get plenty of love from fellow Potter fans.

Check out our fab four below….

Silver Plated Harry Potter Wand Necklace With Gift Box Silver Plated Harry Potter Hermione Granger Wand Necklace With Gift Box
Silver Plated Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Wand Necklace With Gift Box Silver Plated Harry Potter Dumbledore Wand Necklace With Gift Box
Available from £21.99, grab your very fave of perhaps pick out the perfect one for someone special this Christmas.


Amazing New Harry Potter Jewllery We Can’t Stop Raven(claw) About!

From the very first moment Harry Potter entered our lives back in 1997 (18 years ago!!!), our minds have been filled with the images of the grand and awe-inspiring Hogwarts School and the lives of the people who are lucky enough to attend.

Harry Potter isn’t just a series of books and later films, it’s a true phenomenon which has earned itself a cult status and following. Producing generations of fans with children and adults both hooked on the magical world of young wizard and his friends, it’s hard to imagine a world without this real icon!

With soooo much love for this series and all the characters we’ve come to know and love, it would only be right that we hunt high and low and do what we do best and dig up some exciting new Harry Potter Merchandise for all you eager fans to snap up and start showing off your love your very own way.

Never one to disappoint, we’ve just had an amazing new collection of Harry Potter Jewellery roll onto the site like the Hogwarts Express itself! Take a peep and snap up something special today from only £3.99!

Surely the ultimate goal! Show off your love for all things Harry Potter with this glorious slider charm featuring the Golden Snitch!
All aboard! We’re taking the iconic Knight Bus all the way to coolville thanks to this fab new necklace…
Store all your official Harry Potter charms in style with this super stylish necklace that really is made just for them…
For all these and a whole heap more amazing Harry Potter necklaces, charms, and bangles shoot on over to TruffleShuffle.co.uk now and pick up your perfect treat for you or someone special. See you there!


Magical New Disney’s Cinderella Jewellery Now In!

What an exciting time for Disney fans! With an all new Cinderella flick hitting the silver screen in just a few days, we’re really getting into the spirit of it all and have been working hard, doing what we do best to bring all you eager fans some amazing new Disney inspired Jewellery and T-Shirts!
Disney fans have been waiting a long time for something this special to come along and we for one are bursting with excitement to see just what this latest adaptation has to offer.

Based on the Walt Disney 1950 classic, this new installment follows Ella, played by Lily James, as she finds herself in the care of her wicked stepmother after her father unexpectedly passes away. After meeting a dashing stranger in the woods, she is determined that an invite to a palace ball might help to reunite her with her mystery man against the will of her stepmother. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of a kind beggar who can perform magic and help grant Ella’s wishes making it all possible.

Inspired by the magic of this story itself and our huge love for all things Disney, we’ve gone all out and have released this amazing range of stunning Disney Jewellery that is just the thing for any aspirational princesses out there. Take a peep….

Disney Cinderella Filigree Choker Necklace Disney Cinderella Pearl Vine Aliceband
Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Jewel Statement Earrings Disney Cinderella Butterfly Brooch Hair Chain
Disney Cinderella Tear Drop Jewel Statement Necklace Kids Disney Cinderella Fairytale Charm Necklace And Ring Set
Disney Cinderella Fairytale Tiara Disney Cinderella Butterfly Brooch Hand Chain
Silver Disney Cinderella Fairytale Charm Bracelet
Available from only £7.99, show your love for this classic take and modern twist in one go at prices that don’t take the Mickey.

Take a peep at the rest of our range over at TruffleShuffle.co.uk today and snap up something that’s perfect for your style.

So are you looking forward to this film release? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.