SPOTTED! Loving our Love Kills T-Shirt on top Fashion Blog Moon-Magik!

Even more fashion blogger action folks!

We’ve had so much love recently from a whole heap of our favourite fashion blogs recently which is simply amazing! Getting to see our clothing out and about in the real world and getting styled up in as many different ways as possible is just such a joy to us and we can’t get enough.

As you might remember, a few weeks back top blogger and queen of various social media sites Killy from the fab Moon-Magik Fashion Blog featured our Jimi Hendrix Photographic Baseball T-Shirt (see it HERE) and it looked amazing! Well she’s only gone and done it again, this time taking on our Love Kills T-Shirt from Kill Brand.

We absolutely love this look with the platform shoes, red checked shirt and super vintage jacket, this really is a match made in fashion heaven!

Why not pick up this amazing rock t-shirt in either Ladies or Men’s for only £19.99 and start styling in your own way?

Looking Fresh! Check Out Our Top 90s Inspired T-Shirts!

Sadly! Gone are the days of big baggy jeans, chokers, denim shirts and biker shorts….well for most of us anyways!

BUT do not fear, while a lot of the big trends from the decade have long gone, there’s still plenty of ways to show your love for these amazing times with some retro 90s inspired tees!

Like a lot of the classic flicks from the 80s, it seems there are a whole list of amazing films and TV shows from the decade that gave us the Spice Girls and hit show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Take a trip down the not so distant past with some of our very best selling 90s T-Shirts

Ladies Clueless Ugh As If! Slub Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Ladies Clueless Ugh As If! Slub Scoop Neck T-Shirt
Certainly one of the greatest chick flicks of the 90’s, Clueless too the world by storm as we entered the weird and wonderful world of Cher, Tai and Dionne. This cult classic was a lively adaptation of 1816 Jane Austen novel ‘Emma’ and featured the lives of the ultra-rich at Beverly Hills high school.

Men's Black Nirvana Smiley T-Shirt
Men's Black Nirvana Smiley T-Shirt
Paving the way for the 90s grunge era, Nirvana became THE name and face off this amazing genre and style that’s influence can still be seen today, not only in music but fashion and subcultures. What a band!

Jurassic Park T-Shirt
Men's Jurassic Park Logo T-Shirt
One of the biggest films of the decade! Jurassic Park was a real blockbuster, grossing over $900 million worldwide in its original theatrical run. This film saw some amazing new special effects and made amazing use of robotics and models to really bring the dinosaurs to life! Such a classic!

Ladies Vintage Sonic and Sega Logo T-Shirt
Ladies Vintage Sonic and Sega Logo T-Shirt
Remember rocking the SEGA?! Still a gaming classic to this day, we remember watching our little blue hero Sonic speeding his way around and pulling off some amazing jumps in search for those precious gold coins!

Men's Black Power Rangers T-Shirt
Men's Black Power Rangers T-Shirt
If you grew up in the 90s, there’s one thing for sure….you loved the Power Rangers! Getting to group together and fighting against the biggest and most evil monster you could imagine, not to mention the odd argument over which colour you could be. Classic 90s TV and so much fun off the small screen too.

Ladies Heather Maroon Round The Twist Theme Tune T-Shirt
Ladies Heather Maroon Round The Twist Theme Tune T-Shirt
Have you ever, ever seen a tee like this?! We wish we could rewind the clock 20 years and step into that crazy light-house for some Aussie based, spooky adventures with the Twists! Remember just how weird the stories got? Not sure anyone could pull it off like they did.

Stone Roses T-Shirt
Ladies White Bye Bye Badman Stone Roses Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt
Celebrate the Madchester revival with one of the greatest bands of the 90’s, The Stone Roses! With the headstrong front-man Ian Brown and musical talents of Mani and the crew, this tee is a great way to reminisce about those crazy Hacienda days!
If all this 90s-talgia has got you feeling the 90s love, check out our ever-growing range of cool t-shirts and pick up something to being those memories flooding back every time you put it one.


Who Wants To See What Amplified Have Planned?

On Wednesday a few of us Trufflers travelled to London to see what Amplified have in store for us in their next collection and so we thought we would share a few of the sneaky peek pictures with you. The Amplified Preview day was held in a perfectly “Amplified” building in Hackney called the Depositories which is where Dragon’s Den used to be filmed – how exciting!

What an amazing venue for the Amplified Preview day

As well as some amazing new bands and great new imagery we got to see the fab new shapes and styles Amplified have been working on and we just know you are going to love them. To see us through the cold winter months there are a collection of warm and cosy sweaters for men and ladies.

New men's sweaters in grey marl and oatmeal
We love this Run DMC design!

Our favourite item from the day was the new ladies speckled sweater with a new Ramones print which has just been introduced and is a great flattering fit, we think it is a great winter wardrobe necessity.

Ladies speckled sweater

Perhaps a little more suited for the spring/summer seasons are the new vest dresses featuring some of the best band designs that Amplified have to offer (although we are thinking we might get away with wearing them in the winter with some nice thick tights, warm boots and a chunky knit!)

Check out the brand new vest dress shape!

To finish off our day we were shown the new additions to the hugely popular Ikons range, with artists such as Axl Rose (Guns N Roses), Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Steve Tyler (Aerosmith) now featuring we can’t wait to get this new collection on the site.

New additions to the Ikons range!
We loved this new Beatles print!

With our first, brand new Amplified delivery landing at TruffleShuffle in 4 weeks time, we hope this has given you a little insight in to what you might like to add to your Christmas lists!


Nevermind the last 20 years…..

This September marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s first major label album which kicked off the alt-rock explosion of the 90’s,  Nevermind (anyone else suddenly feeling really old?)

To mark the occasion, a super deluxe edition is going to be released on September 19th. Available in versions ranging from a single CD to a five-disc box, it was assembled by Novoselic, Dave Grohl, Vig and Nirvana’s management, as well as representatives of Cobain’s estate. Along with a remastered version of Nevermind, the multidisc packages offer killer extras including B sides, alternate mixes and an entire live show.

I remember listening to this album for the first time with my mates in school. We were hiding in the gym at lunch time and Andy (the hardest rocking member of our clique) pulled out this cassette  (remember those  people)  which was to have a huge impact on my musical tastes. He’d taped Nevermind from his brother who probably taped it off some other kid like we all did back in the day and he  carefully set it inside the schools stereo system and cranked it up…..

The noise that came out was like nothing else I’d ever heard before and there was nothing much I could do other then jump around like a possessed monkey. I then borrowed that tape and copied it myself (please don’t sue me Universal – I do now own a legal vinyl copy of Nevermind so surely that cancels it out?) and from then on, I can honestly say Nirvana pretty much dominated my midi system.

Nirvana were everything a teenager from the 90’s needed – they were chaotic, melodic, sarcastic, sympathetic, surrealistic and serendipitous. They literally moulded my youth!

If you’ve never heard Nevermind then do it, now and let us know how you got on! Or, if like me you can’t forget your first experience of Nevermind we would sure like to hear about it. Only because we’re nosy like that……

The Curse of 27!

With the recent, tragic passing of Amy Winehouse, I’d like to shine a light upon the talent the musical world has lost to the so called “27 club”

Brian Jones

Brian Jones – The Rolling Stones guitarist was found drowned in a swimming pool. A coroner’s report explained the incident as ‘death by misadventure’.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix – Pioneering guitarist Jimi Hendrix was a left handed guitarist who strung his right handed guitar backwards, playing it behind his head and even with his teeth at times. Whenever you air guitar, you are saluting this God of Rock. Jimi tragically died by asphyxiating on his own vomit. A well-known known drug addict, he had earlier combined sleeping pills with wine.

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin – Songwriter Joplin died on October 4, 1970 from a heroin overdose. The raspy-voiced singer was called “probably the most powerful singer to emerge from the white rock movement in the sixties” by Time

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison – Regarded as much of a poet as a rock musician, with The Doors, Jim produced some of the first music videos in history. Sadly, he also lived a notoriously wild life, abusing both alcohol and drugs. He sadly died from heart failure, but no autopsy was carried out.

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain – The Nirvana frontman infamously committed suicide with a shotgun in 1994 in a death that has been steeped in controversy and conspiracy theories.  He was one of, if not the most influential Grunge musicians of the 1990’s and still continues to inspire to this day.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse – Say what you will about Amy’s private life; the cancelled gig’s, the Drugs and alcohol abuse , her hopeless love for Blake Fielder-Civil – for me, it was all about her music. In my eyes, Amy made every song her own and painted each songs story with her heart which is what made her so unique. Something that always struck me was her obvious passion and love for Motown, Jazz and RnB (and when I say RnB, I mean “original Rhythm and Blues” and not todays Beyonce-esque version which for me, isn’t a patch on where it started with the likes of Aretha Franklin.) Amy brought it’s incredible magic back to a generation that had forgotten this powerful and heartfelt style of music which I am truly thankful for!

Rest in peace Amy. Let’s just hope that this club is now, finally, closed for membership.