The Good Old TV Times!

Led on your belly with head on hands, in front of a faux wooden box on top an oak cabinet, eyes as wide as saucers glued awaiting the evening’s entertainment! Four channels is all we had and even so we’d only watch two of them.

Being the youngest, the family hierarchy dictates that you be the remote control. Dad would direct you to the channel to switch as you stodgily walk on knees to the big brown box. After a while you’d try and tempt fate by switching channels whilst dad was sleeping only to hear a muffled but firm “I was watching that”! Then you’d rush back to your spot on the sofa trying whole heartedly to blame your older sister only to get the evil eye off both off them.

Sure we were telly addicts but who wasn’t?

Straight home from school the big brown box would be glowing with luminescent joy and we’d watch, Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, Bugs Bunny on Rolf’s Cartoon Club, Happy Days, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and just before bedtime Only Fools and Horses and Cheers.

The theme music to Poirot and Lovejoy still send shivers down my spine and give me that queasy “I have school tomorrow” feeling and have most likely forgotten any homework I had and do I have P.E?

On the bright side here’s a few T.V. themes to get you through the day so you don’t have to think about school and hey we’re grownups now and we never have to go to school ever again 🙂

Men's The Fonz Happy Days T-Shirt £19.99 (also available for ladies!)
Men's The Fonz Happy Days T-Shirt £19.99 (also available for ladies!)

Ladies Cheers Where Everybody Knows Your Name T-Shirt £19.99 (also available for men!)
Ladies Cheers Where Everybody Knows Your Name T-Shirt £19.99 (also available for men!)


Get down in your dressing gown…

Here at TruffleShuffle we take lounging around extremely seriously and with the help of our fantastic range of retro dressing gowns you can too!! All of our amazing retro bathrobes shout allegance to your favourite TV Shows or Films.

They all include great features such as embroidered logos and/or contasting trim.

Get one today to keep your cosy on that early morning brew mission or lazy sunday loungin, definitely warmer than sitting around in your pants….

Here are some intergalatic Star Wars robes:

Men’s Star Wars Stormtrooper Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown Men’s Star Wars Darth Maul Towelling Dressing Gown Men’s Star Wars Yoda Toweling Dressing Gown With Ears

Star Wars not your cuppa tea (see what I did there?), why not check out these retrotastic robes instead:

Men’s Dr Who Tardis Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown Men’s Black Fleece Rocky Emblem Dressing Gown Ladies Wonder Woman Dressing Gown

Only Fools and Horses – New arrivals!

‘Well, Well, Well – what do we have here Rodney?’ TruffleShuffle have only landed themselves some amazing new ‘Only Fools and Horses’ t-shirts and accessories. If you thought our existing collection was cool – you should check out our new designs! I know what you’re thinking – Cushty huh? Let us talk you through some of the new additions (Just in time for Fathers day – incase you’ve forgotton!) In the men’s section – we’ve added a super cool ‘Wheeler Dealer tee’ – suitable for retro loving bargain hunters! This grey marl stylish mens tee would make a great addition to any wardrobe! Don’t worry ladies, there’s also a ladies ‘Wheeler Dealer’ tee in sky blue – available here. If you fancy something that will show off your appreciation for the 3 wheeled beauty that is the ‘Trotters Independant Traders van – then why not do so with our new charcoal tee… The ladies version comes in a bright purple (perfect for summer), with sizes ranging from S to XL (Lovely Jubbly! Still looking for the perfect Fathers Day gift? Then look no further – we have a full selection of Only Fools and Horses accessories here. With gifts starting from £2.49 – you’d be a ‘Plonker’ not to check them out!

Only Fools and Horses Del Boy Costume Apron, only £12.99! Only Fools and Horses Cufflinks, only £9.99!

Only Fools and Horses Playing Cards, only £5.99! Only Fools and Horses Mange Tout Passport Holder, only £9.99! So, all in all – lots of amazing new products for you to check out! We also have Only Fools and Horses bags, wallets and travel card holders available – so why not to treat your dad to some retro love this Fathers Day – Del Boy style! If you’re still stuck for ideas, take a peek at Simons Fathers Day blog post for more inspiration! xoxo

Get Father’s Day in the bag this year with a great retro gift from!

Make your dad feel extra special this Father’s Day with our handpicked range of fun and funky gifts which are sure to put a smile on his face. Find your dad a Fathers Gift that he’ll love at Shop our Fathers Day Gift finder for tonnes of unique and fun present ideas. Super speedy, cheap delivery too. All in stock and available for next day delivery too. Easy peasy!

**Fathers Day - 17th June** Great Gifts from under £5!
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Guest Blog Post: TruffleShuffle Sundays

We all need duvet days once in a while, and in my house these tend to happen on a Sunday.  Sometimes, I just love to snuggle down, watch a DVD and just generally relax. However, I still like to inject a little Truffle Shuffle style into my comfort zone, so let me share my favourite products for a Truffle Shuffle Sunday.

I have a little girl, and we start our Sundays with her favourite breakfast – egg and soldiers. A classic, right? My girl loves to eat with this amazing Gruffalo breakfast set.

The Gruffalo Breakfast Set

My daughter just loves eating with The Gruffalo!

The Gruffalo is one of her favourite books, and so it’s a great way to start the day. It also includes a little mug, which is perfect for a nice warm drink.

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