Top Gifts for Boyfriends

Christmas is creeping ever closer and I’m sure some of you out there are already panicking about what special gifts you can get for the man in your life but fear not because I’m here to help with my handpicked selection of great gifts for boyfriends.

We’ve come up with our very own Gift Finder which is perfect for tweaking your search to help find the exact sort of gift he’ll love.  Going out with a Rock God, a Movie Buff or even a wannabe Superhero?  We have loads of great gifts perfect for his tastes, give it a try here!

Being a bit of a retro gamer geek myself I know I would personally love to receive some of these old skool treats that would remind me of the great computer games from my youth.

Check out our awesome Tetris Heat Change Mug that changes appearance with the heat of your cuppa!  And what about these gaming treats, our Pac-Man Alarm Clock, super popular Pac-Man Belt and my personal favourite this Sesame Street Invaders T-Shirt which puts the Sesame Street gang into the world of Space Invaders – all great gift ideas for gaming geeks!

Maybe your boyfriend is a bit of a Movie Buff, in which case we’re sure he will love some of these great film T-shirts.

See Bowie do his thing with the Dance Magic Dance Labyrinth Poster T-Shirt, pay tribute to Ghostbusters with this Don’t Cross The Streams T-Shirt, Star Wars fans will love the Boxing Stormtroopers Photographic T-Shirt and our Gizzy is the Shizzy T-Shirt is just perfect if he’s a Gremlins fan.  A great selection of classic movie tees!

And finally we present the opportunity to make the boring old tradition of gifting pants and socks fun again!  Check out these cool Vintage Print Optimus Prime Transformers Boxer Shorts or give his confidence a boost with the ultra cheeky Monty Python Biggus Dickus Boxer Shorts, just what every man wants to hear!

We’ve got socks covered too; make him feel like a hero with our Superman Figure Socks or if he’s a film fan, our Ghostbusters Assorted Socks Gift Set would be perfect.

I hope this has helped all of you that are struggling for ideas, if you are still looking for some more inspiration check out our Gifts for him link to get the full list of men’s pressie ideas.  There’s tons of possible presents for him waiting to be found!

For even more inspiration for everyone else in the family check out Amy’s Gorgeous Gift for Marvelous Mums, Simon’s Great Gifts for Dads and Dave’s Great Gifts for Men.


Need Inspiration? The TruffleShufflers Have Created Some Retro 80′s Pumpkins To Die For!!!

This week, the TruffleShufflers have been racking their brains and seeking inspiration for that well-known Halloween dilemma, what the hell do I carve into my pumpkin???

Yes, for this week’s Friday Facebook competition, everyone at Truffle Towers was given their very own pumpkin with the brief that we had 2 days to design and create a character carving with a retro, 80’s spin.

Well, I must say the end results were very impressive! After a week of highly competitive talk and secretive Internet researching, the portly pumpkins have now been papped and released on our Facebook page!

The name of the game is to LIKE or comment on your favourite to help us decide which TruffleShuffler deserves the title of Pumpkin carving chief! The one with the most votes wins the TruffleShuffler a prize and whoever likes or comments on any pumpkin gets popped into a hat and we’ll randomly select one of you to win a special Halloween treat! You can enter here until 2pm today so please do get invovled!

So, here are the entries..

Superman Logo
Mario (Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo)
Gene Simmons (KISS)
Jack (Nightmare Before Christmas)
Space Invaders
Elmo (Sesame Street)
The Count (Sesame street)
Chunk (The Goonies)
The Cheshire Cat
Batman Logo
Transformers Autobot

From Pac-Man to Mario, Transformers to Sesame St, a whole host of our favourite characters have been represented in pumpkin form!

Which is your favourite? xoxo

Wakka-Wakka-Wakka, Here comes Pac-Man!

Being a massive fan of old skool gaming I am very excited to unveil a new range of giftware featuring Pac-Man, everyone’s favourite ghost-gobbling, pill-guzzling, motor mouth!

I’m a huge fan of the all time classic arcade game and always used to get super excited whenever I would see the Pac-Man booth in the arcades, it was always the best way to spend my ten pence pieces!  An interesting fact for you (possibly nicked from the Scott Pilgrim film…) is that Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man, this comes from the Japanese phrase ‘Paku-Paku’ which means to flap one’s mouth open and closed.  There you go, you learn something new every day!

I know it’s a little bit early to talk about as these gifts are going to be added throughout the next month, but I am really pleased to be able to show you what great things there are to look forward to.  With products ranging from bottle openers to soap on a rope there’s something for everyone!  Here’s a rundown of what’s due.

Pac-Man Bottle Opener, £5.99.

Shaped just like the Pac-Man character with his distinctive eyes and open mouth, the Pac-Man Bottle Opener is guaranteed to be a conversation starter at any party. His distinctive yellow body and black eyes and mouth means he’ll really stand out in your kitchen drawer. However, you probably won’t want to hide him away so two small magnets have been incorporated onto the back of the bottle opener allowing him to be attached conveniently to your fridge door. The presence of the two magnets also means bottle tops stick to the magnets once opened rather than being thrown on the floor, allowing them to be disposed off tidily.

Pac-Man Ghost Stressball, £4.99.

The perfect gift for any stressed out video game enthusiast or retro collector. Can’t finish that super hard level? Give Pac-Man a squeeze, we’re sure he’ll help!

Pac-Man Moneybox With Sound, £14.99.

The Pac-Man Money Box with Sound features the familiar open-mouthed pose of Pac-Man. Every time a coin is inserted, the authentic gaming sounds of Pac-Man gobbling up the pac-dots are triggered. The Pac-Man Money Box measures 12 cms in diameter so there’s loads of room to save your pennies. Pac-Man fans will love hearing the instantly recognisable wakka-wakka-wakka noise as Pac-Man gobbles up their money.

Pac-Man Soap On A Rope, £5.99.

The Pac-Man Soap on a Rope is shaped into the instantly recognisable profile of Pac-Man! Weighing approx 105gms, it’s scented with watermelon and is is attached to a black rope enabling it to be hung on a hook inside the shower. Very handy! Presented in an officially licensed Pac-Man gift box, it would make a great present for anyone who loves 80’s nostalgia.

Pac-Man Apron, £11.99.

Gobble up ghosts while youre chopping up carrots with this officially awesome Pac-Man apron! It features all the well-known characters from the game so you’ve got Pac-Man, the ghosts, the pac-dots and even the bonus fruit in a repeat pattern, all set against a simple black background! The ties come in contrasting blue and the neck tie can be adjusted for a better fit. The apron also has a large, handy pocket at the front so you can store various cookery utensils whilst preparing your culinary masterpiece. Sustained a few spillages? Never mind, the Pac-Man Apron is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable at 40C degrees so it’ll stay looking good wash after wash.

Pac-Man Cufflinks, £9.99.

This wicked Pac-Man Cuff Link set comprises one cuff link featuring Pac-Man in profile and one of Blinky, the red Ghost character from the game. The chrome effect cuff links are embossed with the official Namco Bandai logo on the back and are presented in a smart, silver-coloured gift tin which is embossed with the Pac-Man logo. The presentation tin measures 5.5 cm in diameter and can be used to keep your Pac-Man cuff links safe or as a storage tin for similarly small items! Perfect for any guy who remembers the golden days of arcade video games!

Pac-Man Ghost Salt And Pepper Pots, £7.99.

These super-cute Ghost Salt and Pepper Pots which will lend any kitchen table an air of quirky, retro cool. Modelled on Blinky and Inky, they measure just over 6 cms in length and are really easy to clean inside and out. The red Ghost Pot is intended for salt as indicated by the holes in the top forming an ‘S’ shape. Similarly, the blue Ghost Pot is intended for pepper and the holes for the pepper form a ‘P’ for easy identification. Easily refilled by removing the plastic bung at the bottom of each pot and adding salt or pepper accordingly, they come packaged in the official Pac-Man gift box making them a great gift for all fans of 80’s retro.

Pac-Man Oven Gloves, £9.99.

Stay on your game in the heat of the kitchen with these durable Pac Man oven gloves! The gloves are trimmed in blue and feature all the well-known characters from the classic arcade game including Pac-Man himself, the Ghosts and even the bonus fruit and pac-dots creating a colourful effect on the black background! So cool!

Pac-Man Wall Clock, £14.99.

This collectable Pac Man inspired clock is an absolute must for video game fans of any era! Featuring the Pac Man character in profile, it measures thirty cms in diameter and if you look closely, you’ll spot that the hour and minute hands are blue and the second hand is red, reminiscent of the blue and red ghosts in the game, Blinky and Inky. The distinctive Pac-Man logo is featured at the bottom of the clock but there are no numbers around the dial to detract from its simple, clean appeal. The Pac-Man Wall Clock is powered by 1 x AA battery (not included) and has Quartz precision timing so no mechanical winding is necessary. It comes packaged in an official Pac-Man gift box and is sure to be a much talked-about feature in anyone’s kitchen!

Pac-Man Wallet, £11.99.

The Pac-Man Wallet is slim yet spacious enough to contain all your essentials! With two compartments for bank notes, four compartments for credit cards, one zipped compartment for coins and a photo ID window, it measures just over 11 x 9 cms. The Pac-Man character is featured on the front of the wallet and on one of the pockets inside and the red Ghost character, Blinky, is featured on the back of the wallet. This stylish yet sturdy faux leather wallet combines retro cool with simple practicality and any man is going to want to get his wallet out just so he can show it off!

Pac-Man Washbag, £9.99.

Featuring your favourite items from the iconic game, this wash bag is pure old school cool! Power pellets not included!

Phew, what a list!  There’s got to be something to get you excited amongst that lot.  I’m the worlds worst cook but I’m considering learning just so I can rock out in the kitchen with the Pac-Man Apron and Oven Gloves, and that Pac-Man Clock will look awesome on my living room wall!  How about you guys, is there anything tickling your fancy in this collection?

Retro gaming has never looked so cool!

We’ve just found out about an amazing exhibition that’s happening in far away Los Angeles.  ‘Super I Am 8 Bit’ is a group art show where over 100 artists re-imagine their 80’s gaming fantasies, delusions and secret desires via all sorts of media – painting, sculpture, plush, and even some more interactive experimentation.  Get ready to see some classic computer game characters as you’ve never seen them before!

Pixels are sexy!

Check out this awesome flyer for the event, which features some of my favourite characters like Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic and Mega Man all leaping out into action from underneath Princess Peach’s skirt!

How many old skool favourites can you name?

This short video shows one of the past events, and is a glimpse of the kind of goodies that you might expect to see at the new 2011 version.  Keep your eyes peeled for a DJ using a GameBoy as a soundsystem!

For more information visit  It all sounds right up my street, it’s just a shame it’s so far away!  Here’s hoping that the exhibition can find it’s way to the UK at some point soon, don’t keep a Nintendo fan boy waiting…