Our Top Toys Of The 80’s

We can remember the excitement of Christmas Eve as a child like it was yesterday! Being reminded daily of all the wonderful, iconic stuff which made life in the 80’s and 90’s so wonderful, just working here at Truffle Towers.

So here it is, if we were to go back a few decades to the 80’s this would have been our Christmas Wish List.


Launched in 1982, this little bed buddy let off a gentle glow to help you sleep, so cute!


These beany, plushy, delights came in their own little cardboard kennel with an adoption certificate (the welfare of the Puppy was very important). I was lucky enough to get one call Beamer!


With a relentless marketing campaign, it was hard to escape the urge to own a (or a few) Transformers. The Robots in disguise cleverly ‘transformed’ from cars into robots and Kids across the globe took part in battles between the Decepticons and Autobots.


If these cute, cuddly Bears enticed you to grab them from the shelves with their Care Bear stare then, like me, you will have fond memories of the sweet toys. Mine was called Cheer bear 🙂


Although not strictly an 80’s toy, Furby sales went completely mental in the year 1998. Love them or hate them, they definitely deserve a place in the must have retro toys for kids Xmas wish lists!


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