TruffleShuffle X Japan: Our Top Kawaii Clothing and Accessories!

If there’s one thing we can say with certainty here at Truffle Towers, it’s that Kawaii clothing and accessories have totally taken the site by storm and is shaping up to become a bigger deal than ever!

Over the last year, maybe even more, we’ve been slowly adding to our collection of Japanese Kawaii inspired designs including some exclusive Studio Ghibli clothing and super popular Polly Pocket bags and accessories. These have all quickly become some of our most-loved items and we’re sure they will be around for a long while yet!

Not in the loop? Originating from Japan, Kawaii (translated as ‘cute’ in Japanese) is a style that follows strong themes from anime and manga and is typically styled as bright, pastel colours promoting innocence and being totally loveable. What’s not to love about that?

Getting ourselves totally stuck into this cult sensation, we’ve created and collected some totally stunning Kawaii merchandise including some of our top picks below. Take a peep!

Purple Polly Pocket Heart and Bow Cross Body Bag

Ticking all kinds of kawaii boxes is our stunning Purple Polly Pocket Heart and Bow Cross Body Bag. Packed with details and nostalgia, it’s sure to become a real fave of any 90s lover.
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Our Fab New Christmas Jewellery Will Make You Jingle All The Way!

That’s right folks! We’ve just got our little hands on some amazing new Christmas jewellery from one of our favourite funky brands Punky Pins! Always wanting to get into the spirit of things here at TruffleTowers, our latest collection of retro accessories are just about as wintry cool as they come and are the perfect things to liven up any outfit this holiday season.

With ‘Snowman-y’ to pick from, you’re bound to find something to tickle your festive fancy and from only £4.49 too!! Take a quick peep at our latest range that make the perfect accompaniment to one of our classic Christmas Jumpers….

Perspex Retro Christmas Candy Cane Necklace from Punky Pins
Perspex Retro Christmas Candy Cane Necklace from Punky Pins £10.99

Christmas Red Nosed Rudolph Reindeer Necklace from Punky Pins
Christmas Red Nosed Rudolph Reindeer Necklace £9.99

Santa Moustache And Beard Necklace from Punky Pins
Santa Moustache And Beard Necklace £8.99

Perspex Chunky Christmas Robin Necklace from Punky Pins
Perspex Christmas Robin Necklace £11.99

Snowman Christmas Stud Earrings from Punky Pins
Snowman Christmas Stud Earrings £4.49

Christmas Tree Earrings from Punky Pins
Christmas Tree Earrings £4.99

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Necklace from Punky Pins
Ho Ho Ho Christmas Necklace £11.99

Let it Snow Christmas Statement Necklace from Punky Pins
Let it Snow Christmas Statement Necklace £11.99

Black Perspex Sleigh Ride Necklace
Black Perspex Sleigh Ride Necklace £13.99

Jingle Bells Christmas Necklace
Jingle Bells Christmas Necklace £9.99

We Ho Ho Hope you like this lovely lot as much as we do and remember, if you order before 4pm it’ll be delivered to you the very next day! Happy shopping everyone

Our Ultimate Accessories for Your 2013 Look is a wonderland of fabulously magical, quirky, funky and retro accessories. This year is all about taking risks and adding a touch of humour to your look or adding a statement piece to set you apart from the crowd and become a real talking point.

Whether to edge towards the girly, whimsical pieces or the out there, vibrant colours and bold designs, we have something that will compliment any look for 2013.

Proving ever popular are these stunning, official Disney Couture pieces, cute yet still contemporary.

For something on the more daring side, injecting a humorous touch, these funky rings could be just the ticket!

Time to update your watch with something a little different, check out these wicked quirky finds


My “Gift ideas for 80s kids” list!

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for either friends, relatives or that someone special, one thing’s for sure (well for me) it can be a bit of a challenge to get it right. I seem to find myself shopping for things that I know I like instead of what the ‘giftee’ would actually want, surely I’m not the only one!?

Well to make that sometimes daunting challenge just that little bit easier and way more fun than rushing from shop to shop on a quest (maybe just a guy thing) I’ve put together a shortlist of some of my top retro gifts for 80’s kids! Enjoy.

Retro Dedicated To Gaming iPhone 4 Case £19.99

Up first is one of the coolest iPhone cases we’ve ever seen! This retro Gameboy iPhone 4 case sends memories flooding back of ‘well spent’ hours of Gameboy action back in the day before we’d even heard of 3D, HD, LCD and everything else D! This is a real gamers gift that’ll keep the memories alive every time they reach for their phone.Check out the full range of iPhone cases here.

Casio Classic Light Grey Watch £20

Surely no self respecting kid in the 80s would have gone their whole life without owning at least one Casio watch?! The iconic symbol of retro, this trusty timepiece is one of the biggest must-have accessories for someone who lived in the 80s. I must admit, i wear this one every day and it’s still a winner. Available in a variety of colours and styles, check out our complete Casio collection here.

Mini Mix Tape Retro Cassette Bracelet £10

One for all those music lovers! Remember the good old days of tapes? The ones that would slow down as the batteries died in and Walkman, the ones that you would find yourself rolling back together after the tape spewed out like a party popper! Well, pay homage to one of the coolest pieces of retro technology with this wicked Mini Mix Tape Cassette Bracelet from just £10! Great way to treat any music lover in style.

Eighties Child Mug £4.99

Can’t decide which retro character you love the most? This 80s Child retro mug has them all! Featuring some of the most iconic toys and dolls from the decade, this as full or energy as the hot coffee inside and is sure to brighten up any one’s tea break from only £4.99. More retro mugs available here.

DC Comics Superman Logo Headphones £19.99

No retro 80s gift list would be complete with out some Superhero action no would it?! Well besides the classic Superman t-shirt which will be around for eternity, the ultimate gadget for any retro fan has to be these Superman Headphones from iHip, ‘cape’able of super strong bass, blistering sound and impenetrable noise deadening technology that will blow you away and not everyone around you! Perfect gift for the music loving 80s kid.

Tado Red And Black Chequerboard Redford Scamper Shoulder Bag £30

Admittedly I probably say this about a lot of the amazing things we sell, but I really love this! Being a huge fan of the iconic shoulder bags, this wicked retro Gola bag has to in my top pics. Offering both practicality and style, this classic piece will be with you every step of the way with it’s amazing quality that will cope with anything you throw at it….or well…in it! I really think that this real retro treat can add that something special to any casual look and for £30 is a bargain of a trusty companion.

That’s a wrap!

If you spotted anything in my list, simply click on the image for a closer look and to buy, alternatively check out our complete range of vintage gifts over at and treat yourself or someone special today!