Top Retro Video Games: Then Vs Now!

Hello retro gamers! No doubt if you’re reading this, you’re one of those lucky few who have grown up through one of the most exciting ages for gaming.

Yep new gamers these days enjoy their HD graphics, online streaming and uploading, international seamless multiplayer, as well as wireless controllers and now even no controllers at all! We love all of these things, but a classic retro gamers, we’ve been able to really see just how far things have come first hand and for every new game, upgrade and accessory that is available, see our 7 year old self’s wildest dreams come true in more ways that we could imagine!

To help show what we mean, we thought we would take a few moments to look back at the classic games we all loved from the 80s and compare them with their modern day counterparts (sort of). It’s amazing how far things have some and just think of where they’ll be in another 20 years when we’re playing our PS10’s in our rocking chairs 🙂 Enjoy!
Wolfenstein (1992)
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Battlefield 4 (2013)
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Remember the simple classics? Big pixel based fun where the differences between a person and an alien could be a few simple pixels in a different colour, seemed legit at the time! We knew these games didn’t have amazing sounds and effects, but that didn’t matter! Getting to walk around and blast everything in sight was just about the best things we’d ever seen. These days the games out there are just insane, the graphics and game physics are simple stunning which helps create some of the most action-packed experiences available on your sofa.
Pole Position by Namco (1982)
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F1 (2014)
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We can remember back when getting to race against someone in the same room was not only impossible, but would have meant that the amount of screen space available would leave your amazing F1 racecar looking like something out or Mart after being struck by a Thunderbolt. Not great! These days sees us battling it our corner after corner on some far distant world tracks against people almost anywhere in the world! Not only do these games allow us to have full length racing seasons, but full driving careers with sponsors, interviews, reputations and more. Buckle up folks!
Super Mario Bros
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Super Mario 3D World Wii U
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Now, we all know the classic NES game is probably one of the most iconic games ever made, and perhaps always will be! The creators at Nintendo certainly know this and have worked hard to bring us a whole range of Mario inspired games including sports, racing, adventure and more. One of the most recent games that cover this more classic adventure genre sees a whole new world with 3D graphics, amazing camera angles and game play. Still very much the game we all know and love with its tricky baddies an classic jump and run style but with a modern twist.
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap
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Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
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Fighting dragons with swords is almost as old as gaming itself, these days it’s more of a drama than some good ol fashioned button bashing – we all did it! With some amazing new games coming from the vast Final Fantasy collection, kicking dragon but has never look so cool.
RealSports Soccer (1983)
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Fifa (2014)
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Beating your friends at football down the park was one thing, getting to beat them at home on a video game was the true test of skill and stamina! Original Football games looked like close decedents of the very first game Pong and gave us little option for step-overs, volleys or through balls. Instead we made with a simple battle of whit’s with classic such as RealSports Soccer. Kicking things up to some of the latest releases, the difference is black and white really. Mastering some of the latest Fifa games takes as much practice and training as getting to grips with the game for real. A much more entertaining and all round frustrating experience, our passion for Football games grows with each new release which bring us the options to control more than we ever thought needed to be!

So there you have them peeps, pretty amazing change huh. One thing we’re left thinking though is….which one is actually better and more fun? Perhaps not such an obvious decision hmmm 🙂

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Guest Post: More Yo-Yo Than YOLO!

Hello! Let me quickly introduce myself, my name is Nikki and I am a fashion blogger from Passerellauk, but most importantly of all, I’m a fully fledged 80’s baby!

Growing up in the 80’s was pretty amazing wasn’t it? There are so many things that make the 80’s great. If you’ve all but forgot the crazy times of the 80’s, then let me jog your memory a little.

Remember Ring pops, Yo Yo’s and Spokey dokes?

We all remember the good old fashioned Yo Yo right? Can you remember the one that lit up? The Coca-Cola spinner? Most people still don’t understand why they were so popular… Why were they so cool? It was all because in 1989 the UK was gripped by Yo Yo fever.. and everyone got involved from our friends, to our mums and dads! We took them to school, we took them to the park, we swapped them, replaced them and finally, got very bored of them and that was the end of the Yo Yo craze! I have to be honest, I never learnt one trick, but if I saw a Yo Yo today I would probably have a go.

Marbles had so many uses in the 80’s didn’t they? There was the simple game of marbles, with a very strange set of rules which ended in me losing my amazing swirly and gaining a chipped cats eye, that I just knew had been found on the floor! The epitome of the marble was definitely the blue one wasn’t it? That blue marble had such an allure, you had to have it! When you finally won it, you were the king of the world…and then you lost it, damn!… “another game”?

Playing marbles was great, but an even better use for marbles was Ker-Plunk!

Your heart is in your mouth as the last couple of plastic sticks remain and it’s your turn. Which one do you go for? Green or yellow? Green or yellow? It’s the hardest decision you’ve had to make all day, except for the game of Jenga earlier. You go for yellow, you can feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, but mainly the weight of the marbles on your stick and you know you’ve chosen wrong. You can’t go back now, that’s it! As the marbles crash down, you catch a glimpse of your sister’s smug face, smiling away, knowing she has just won, for the fourth time today! I’ll beat her at Guess Who!

There was nothing more fascinating than watching a Slinky bounce down the stairs…

I would wait at the top, my sister would wait at the bottom and as that funky little spring made its way down the stairs along came my brother to spoil the fun mid-flow. Just as we finally got it to work. He gives it back in a mass of neon tangles and its game over! “Muuuuuuuuuuum!”

Neon slinky

Watching saved by the bell with Zack and Kelly, was like your real life Romeo and Juliet wasn’t it? We were gripped, would they, wouldn’t they? Much like the Towie of today.. or so I hear. Hours upon hours of my 80’s life were spent in a Saved by the Bell trance, wishing I was Kelly and my boyfriend was Zack. Ah, Zack!

saved by the bell

Lego! Everyone had Lego, lots of Lego! Little Lego people, Lego flowers, Lego cars, you name it. We had brand new Lego, hand me down Lego, car boot sale Lego, our best friends Lego I planned on keeping. Lego Helicopters, Lego houses, Lego merchandise, Lego turtles, Lego stuck to your foot! Stepping on a sneaky Lego brick is the worst!

Retro Lego

If Lego friends were around in the 80’s it would have blown our little minds. Pink Lego? Are you kidding me?

Now the 80’s was all about getting outside, no matter the weather. Partly because I had two siblings and we drove each other mad if we stayed indoors. We had a massive back garden so we would play out there with amazing games like Twister, where we would all get involved.

Being outside in the 80’s was great because we had bikes, and my new Roller boots! Not only could I whiz around on wheels, but I could stop myself by tipping my toe forward whilst imaging I was an ice skater. Oh yeh!

I also enjoyed coordinating my boots and outfit because after all, the 80’s was all about the NEON!

….and it still is today!

Now the 80’s may be a thing of the past, but don’t be sad. We will always have our memories, and when that isn’t enough, we will always have….TruffleShuffle.

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Retro Cassette iPad Cover
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Retro Cassette Messenger Bag
Retro Cassette Messenger Bag

May it long remain the coolest era and may we never ever forget the 80’s!

Nikki xoxo

15 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About…!

Hold on to your hats Truffle fans! As you know we love a good “10 Things You Didn’t Know About…” style blog post, mainly so we can do some extra research into some of our favourite things, movies and shows. WELL! We’ve decided to turn things on us for a change, giving you lucky lot the chance to learn a few facts about our little selves that might surprise, scare, amaze or simply entertain.

Dive on into the weird and wonderful world of TruffleShuffle……

1) Why are we called TruffleShuffle?? Some people ask us this so we thought we could fill everyone in. Well! One of the founding T-Shirts that helped to inspire TruffleShuffle’s creation was a classic Goonies TShirt (as seen further below), the money received from the first ever t-shirt sold was then used to buy the domain name, inspired by top Goonie Chunk’s legendary moves…

2) For the first year of its life, TruffleShuffle operated from a one bed flat in Bristol! …And we still use those very same shelves today stocking your tees before they get sent out…only slightly more of them now.

3) Competitions! Running weekly competition on our Facebook page as well as holding monthly biggy ones here on the TruffleShuffle blog, we’ve ever-so roughly given away £13,000 in prize money! That’s around 24p per fan we have to date! See…it really does pay to be a fan!

4) The busiest day ever on the site was December 5th 2011 where we had a staggering….wait for it…. 202,214 page views! Wowzers! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to beat it.

5) SPOILER ALERT! The faces (almost) behind the warehouse Superheroes! – Look our for your superhero on your next order 🙂




Iron Man

The Hulk


6) 57% of TruffleShuffle male work force are somehow single! Laaaadies??! We’ll just leave this link to our Contact Us page here then 🙂

7) Mr & Mrs Truffle have two cats called Bert & Ernie. They are best buds too.

8 ) Jeff Cohen (our hero Chunk from the Goonies) once told our Simon just how amazing his pumpkin was…

9) Our most popular product of all time is the Pac Man Belt – a cool 9,995 sold since 10th March 2006

Pac-Man Canvas Belt

10) We’re a family business. No greedy shareholders, investors or fat cats bossing us around. The simply amazing Pat and Claire Wood (and little 1 year old Freddie!) have worked tirelessly to help us become what we are today with our 12 strong team and best customers ever!

11) We run a lunchtime ‘Chinese’ bingo to decide what to order from our local establishment once a week.
The Rules: You get three goes, you have to pick one, then pick either that number, or +1 or -1 as your order number for lunch. The number you pick also gets stamped on the Bingo cards and whoever fills their card gets a free lunch (which might take some time). Easy Chinesey!

12) T-Shirts that inspired the creation of TruffleShuffle! The first t-shirt was a Dukes of Hazzard General Lee, the second was a Goonies Silhouette, proudly displayed on my office wall today.

13) We’re a varied aged bunch! Staff ages fall between 24 and 51. The newest person has been here for over two years now so we like to stick around too!

14) We once owned an A-Team Van which actual Faceman had a ride in one time. We miss it! 🙁

15) The company was originally called, but TruffleShuffle came about very soon after!

Sooo much more we could tell you but we’ll spare you for now. Is there anything you’d like to know that we haven’t covered? Let us know with a comment and we might just answer them all in a follow up post to fill you in. Go wild!