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It’s that time again! With the end of the month approaching – we are giving one lucky customer a £50 gift voucher to spend at TruffleShuffle.

‘What do I have to do?’ WELL! It couldn’t be easier! We need awesome reviews of awesome t-shirts, by awesome people (That’s where you come in!)

If you head over to TruffleShuffle and choose the latest cool t-shirts that you have purchased – and leave a review, we will then choose our favourite review on the 1st of September.

Last months winner, amused us with his outstanding review of our Ramones t-shirt.

”so? being a middle age old punk, Ramones T-Shirts are required by law for us.but since the evil rulers off the world at primark have cottoned on to this we find ourselves in a ethically difficult position and ill fitting Ramones jumpers, along with some berk called Steve with a wonky eye who thought “HEY HO LETS GO” was larry graysons catch phrase. ….until truffle shuffle.. not only did the thing arrive in about the time billy butter fingers here could press the “confirm payment button” button but the quality was excellent. the design its self is a rare find too(important when your down the front, in a mass of old bald blokes all wearing the same t-shirt!) the cruel irony about getting older is as your hair gets thinner,the rest of you gets thicker and it was unfortunately a bit snug,my fault entirely,not truffles. after a quick begging letter Amy was soon in contact,she didn’t swear at me once and sorted out a larger size for me straight away with no hassles… if Amy is like her customer service skills in real life? then i suspect shes a heart breaker! 😉 replacement fits perfectly and arrived as fast as the first and already my best mate has called me some choice names cos he doesn’t have one! great company,great service (a rare find), great T-shirt! thank you muchly. ps, nearly forgot!….SWEETS!…there were sweets in the bag! i kid you not, didn’t ask for any but got em anyway! Jesus its worth it just for the sweets!….SWEETS MAN!…whats not to like?”

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When TruffleShuffle Hit New York!

Today just last week I was lucky enough to be standing at the front of The Statue of Liberty herself as she gazed across the bay. Believe me I never thought I’d be saying that!

Oh yes, my week long Manhattan NYC adventure saw me up the Rockefeller Center (night) and Empire State (day), shopping in Soho, eating breakfast in Times Square of a morning, walking the High Rise, navigating Central Park, and more! What a dream!

Being such a huge retro fan (obviously) one thing that I was always on the look out for was the retro 80s fashion scene over in the states. Being my first time over the pond, I really didn’t know what to expect. Would be be popular? Would they love all the same films and characters?

What awaited me when I hit the streets of Soho was simply amazing! Working at the wonderful world of TruffleShuffle had meant that I’m now pretty accustomed to seeing a huge amount of awesome tees, but this left me standing wide eyed and open mouthed like something out of a cartoon. No really!

Bursting into one of the coolest stores I have ever seen called Yellow Rat Bastard, I was greeted by this huge wall of eighties nostalgia which had my bank balance shaking in its boots! So much choice in once place it would have been impossible to choose only one! See for yourself…

Stacked up high was wave after wave of some of the coolest tees from bands, cartoons, films and superheroes it had the lot! Luckily for you guys, quite a lot of what was on offer if currently available at my homeland TruffleShuffle. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered 🙂

This was only half of the top floor!
A Superhero collection to end all others

Check out this fab collection from one of our top brands Junk Food! Such a great style in this section with customer graffiti and messages which gave this a much more casual feel when compared to shopping in most department stores. Check it out.

Junk Food Clothing stand

Checking out one of the nations favourite stores Macy’s, I stumbled across these beau’tees’…

Loved the Beavis and Butthead designs as well as the hilarious ‘Junk in the trunk’ Mr Potato Head tee! Toy Story tees at TruffleShuffle one day? Let’s hope so!

One things for sure over in the big apple, they love a good retro tee! Just walking around it’s hard not to spot the odd Batman, Spiderman or Coca Cola tee on other city goers. In one of the top fashion capitals of the world, the 80s bands and characters are still very much at home and people rock them with pride.

Over all I was hugely amazed by all the 80s influences out there, for anyone who has yet to visit NYC, I would just say….Go for it! It won’t disappoint and you’ll love every second, PROMISE!


Beavis and Butthead