Coming Soon: Christmas Jumper Day Competition!

That’s right folks! It’s time to ‘Make The World Better With A Sweater’ as we’re just a few days away from launching our big Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day competition, giving you lovely lot the chance to win a massive £100 to spend at just in time for Christmas!!

Kick-starting this Friday (13th Dec), we’re searching for your best, most embarrassing, most creative or simply super retro Christmas Jumper piccys taken by yourselves. The more wacky or funny the better!

Plus – for every pic uploaded, we’ll be donating £1 to Save The Children so there’s really no reason not to get involved!

Full details on how to enter and how long you have will be posted on Friday so stay tuned and get snapping your best Christmas jumpers piccys in preparation.

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Stay tuned and let the fun begin!

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10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About…Mr Men & Little Miss

As you know, we’re huuuuge Mr Men & Little Miss fans! So much so we tucked ourselves away and worked as hard as ever to create and bring you our exclusive range of Mr Men T-Shirts AND Little Miss T-Shirts! We might have mentioned them once or twice already 🙂 But hey….classic designs at only £14.99! Who can blame us right?

While digging our way through the iconic stories and books, it got us thinking of a cool little post we could do where we dive in and seek out some cool, interesting and perhaps shocking facts about one of our all-time favourite books. So here it is! Check out our 10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Mr Men & Little Miss!

1) “What’s a tickle look like?” That was the question which launched the series, asked by a young Adam Hargreaves of his dad Roger. Inspired, Roger created the first Mr Men book, Mr Tickle, in 1971. Another five books came out that year.

2) The Mr Men books have been translated into 15 languages, and in this process several other Mr Men characters have been created by editors around the world, such as “Madame Oui” in France. Additionally, some characters have been renamed for foreign markets, such as Mr Jelly, who is known as Mr Nervous in the USA.

3) Around 120 million Mr Men and Little Miss books have been sold worldwide since 1971 and one is now bought every 2.5 seconds.

4) The Mr Men books cost just 15p when they were first released. A brand new Mr Tickle will now set you back a whopping £2.50!

5) Each book always has 34 pages

6) Creator Roger Hargreaves is within the top five bestselling authors, selling more copies than The Hobbit, The Da Vinci Code and The Catcher in the Rye.

7) Mr Cheeky was created by eight-year-old Gemma Almond, from Shropshire, who won a nationwide competition.

8 ) After Mr. Har­g­reaves’ sudden and sad death, son Adam con­tin­ued draw­ing the char­ac­ters until 2004 when the family sold the rights to Mr. Men to the Chorion group for a massive £28 million.

9) Mr Men & Little Miss in their ever helpful ways have also introduce some amazing guides including; Mr. Bump’s Guide to DIY, Mr. Lazy’s Guide to Fitness, Little Miss Chatterbox’s Guide to Gossip, and Mr. Greedy’s Guide to Food.

10) The Mr Men and Little Miss licence is now owned by the Japanese company who also own Hello Kitty! One big happy family!

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Hurry! Our Big Mr Men & Little Miss Competition Ends Soon!!

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Our Classic Childhood Toys and Games, Then and Now!

We’ve all got cherished memories of the favourite toys we had when we were growing up and here at TruffleShuffle we are dedicated to bringing these memories flooding back to you with a collection of great Games T-Shirts and Toys T-Shirts.  I am going to take you lucky people on a trip down memory lane with this blog post and then bring you bang up to date as I take a look at some of our favourite toys and games we had when we were younger and what those toys look like now, some of them have evolved in very interesting ways…

My Little Pony first trotted onto the scene in 1983 and was instantly popular with little girls all over the world.  First arrivals included Blossom, Cotton Candy, Minty and Snuzzle and there have been many more additions over the years including fan favourites such as Applejack, Princess Sparkle and Lickety Split.  The cute and girly look of these toys are instantly recognisable and synonymous with the 80s!

My Little Pony
Aaw! Some of the original early favourites.

My Little Pony
A very impressive My Little Pony collection!
My Little Pony
Cute and girly.

My Little Pony has evolved over the years, but the most radical makeover came in the form of My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic which launched in 2010.  These ponies have been given a new Japanese inspired style and have gained a whole new fan base of boys and girls of all ages.  The ‘Brony’ fandom are a passionate lot and their community has made sure that the love for My Little Pony is still going strong after all these years.

Friendship is Magic
The new gang!
Friendship is Magic
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic figures
Friendship is Magic
A dedicated Pinkie Pie fan with her collection.

Mario burst onto the scene in 1981 as part of the game Donkey Kong, he clearly wasn’t interested in playing second fiddle to the great ape though as in 1985 he got his very own game in the shape of the classic Super Mario Bros on the NES.  This was a hugely popular game all over the world and was the introduction of side scrolling platform games to many 80s kids, including myself!

The original Super Mario Bros from 1985.

Sequels and new games have followed over the years on a variety of different consoles including NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, Gamecube, DS and Wii.  A big shake up occurred on the N64 when Mario was thrown into a massive 3D world in the smash hit Mario 64 game.  This was another classic and is often described as one of the best games ever made!

Mario enters the third dimension with Mario 64.

Mario is still as popular as ever, even now.  Nintendo are great at keeping the franchise fresh while still harking back to it’s roots, check out the picture below for one of Mario’s recent adventures, it’s still reminiscent of his first Mushroom Kingdom venture!

Mario has been brought up to date but with a wink to his beginnings.

Monopoly is a staple board game for many families to while away an hour, or two, or three!  It was bought over to UK in the 1930s and is one of those iconic games that has never gone out of fashion since.  The fight for money and property is just as relevant now as it’s always been!

Love those retro graphics!
The classic Monopoly board, I'll take Park Lane please!

To keep Monopoly fresh in the modern world there have been a load of special editions introduced over the last few years based on licenses that everyone knows and loves.  Some of these new editions include Disney, The Simpsons, My Little Pony, Nintendo, Marvel Superheroes, Pokemon, Doctor Who, Hello Kitty and many more!  Some of which will be heading our way soon! There really is a Monopoly for everyone.

We would love to get our hands on this Disney version of the game!

Mouse Trap was another board game that a lot of 80s kids will remember fondly, although it was originally introduced in 1963!  The classic game of cat and mouse involved moving around the board whilst building a crazy contraption that acted as the mouse trap in the final part of the game.

Mouse Trap
A game of cat and mouse!
Mouse Trap
The classic contraption we all know and love.

Mouse Trap has now been dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world with a complete overhaul, this version features a brand new board featuring a similar amount of crazy gadgets and courses for marbles to roll down.  It all looks very exciting but does it have the charm of the original game!?

Mouse Trap
This brand new board is all new and even stranger than before!

Street Fighter was an arcade game released in 1987 that enjoyed moderate success at the time but it wasn’t till the sequel came out that the series really took off.  Street Fighter II which featured characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile and Blanka enjoyed massive success in the early 90s, everyone who played it had their own favourite character and could spend hours every day learning moves and perfecting their combos.  It was massive in the arcades and became huge at home too when it was released on the SNES and Megadrive.

Street Fighter
The original Street Fighter selection screen, only eight characters...

There have been countless sequels over the years and with Ultra Street Fighter IV due for release in early 2014 the character roster has been expanded hugely!  The early characters are still around though and just as popular as ever, you can never beat the classics!  Chun Li FTW!

Street Fighter
...and look at all the characters now, a ton of new faces!

Last but not least we have the board game Battleship, the game went from humble beginnings to much grander things, almost inexplicably so!  Launched in 1967 by Milton Bradley, this tactical guessing game was a huge HIT, where two players would take it in turns to try and sink each others Battleships.

Classic Battleship from the 80s.

In a bizarre twist this game would later be considered perfect movie script fodder as it reappeared in 2012 featuring a host of famous names such as Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch and….. Rihanna.  It would do well at the box office but received a load of negative reviews from critics sadly.

Battleship goes Big Budget and Blockbuster!

This unexpected reboot obviously worked as Battleship is still a popular franchise today with the tactical board game updated to home consoles with pretty amazing realistic graphics.  Who knew such a simple game could evolve so far!?

Evolving onto home consoles, Battleship is more involving than ever.

We would love to know what your favourite toys and games were and are they still around today?  And are there any toys that should be revamped for todays kids?  Let us know what you think!