Exclusive New Charlie And The Chocolate Factory T-Shirts!

Oompa, Loompa, doom-pa-dee-do, we have exclusive T-Shirts for you!

As some of you might be aware, we’re huuuuuge Roald Dahl fans and not only that, this year sees the 50 year anniversary of one of the biggest child’s book ever written, of course… Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!

Still as loved now as it has ever been, this classic tale has been made into two full feature movies and has captured generations of minds and young readers all around the world.

For those not in the know, (go read it now!) this iconic tale follows the story and adventures of young Charlie Bucket who finds a golden ticket for an exclusive inside tour of the mysterious chocolate factory which is owned and run by eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka.

We are absolutely honoured to have this exclusive Roald Dahl range available at TruffleShuffle! Combining the best author of our time, with the worlds best children’s illustrator – the results speak for themselves.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory T-Shirts

Perfect finds for any fans out there, pick up one of these for your very own from only £19.99.

What do you think folks? What are your memories of this classic book?


The Weekly Retro Movie Rundown 112

Swoooosh! Bang! Ahhhh! It must be the weekend!
Getting all wrapped up tight and heading deep in to the dark night, we’ll crane our necks and wait in eager excitement as we watch the night sky erupt into light from a barrage of firework glory. We’ll gaze up at the fiery delights as we reach for our cameras and start rolling, trapping ever more magic onto celluloid wonder.

Have a happy retro weekend!


Smokey and the Bandit II (1980) ITV London 2:55pm-4:50pm (1 hour 55 minutes)
The maverick haulier must overcome a crisis of confidence when he and his friends are hired to transport a pregnant elephant to Texas, a mammoth task that proves far from easy,

Mr Bean’s Holiday (2007) ITV London 4:50pm-6:20pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
The bumbling fool wins first prize in the church raffle – a trip to France and a video camera. His travels cause chaos as he disrupts a film shoot in Cannes, to the fury of its megalomaniac director, and is then accused of kidnapping a youngster. Comedy, starring Rowan Atkinson, Willem Dafoe, Emma de Caunes and Max Baldry.

Mr Bean T-Shirts

Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) Film4 5:00pm-6:40pm (1 hour 40 minutes)
A rebellious fox decides it is time to grow up and change his chicken-stealing ways for the sake of his wife and children. However, the presence of three wicked farmers near his woodland home proves a challenge he cannot resist. Stop-motion animated adventure based on the novel by Roald Dahl, with the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray.

Fantastic Mr Fox T-Shirts

Back to the Future Part II (1989) ITV2 6:45pm-9:00pm (2 hours 15 minutes)
Time-travelling teenager Marty McFly travels to the 21st century, where he has to save his children from a terrible fate. However, this proves to have unforeseen consequences when the future version of arch enemy Biff sees a chance to rewrite history for his own benefit, leaving Marty stuck in a twisted parallel universe. Sci-fi comedy sequel, starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Back to the Future T-Shirts

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980) ITV London 9:45pm-10:40pm
The rebels are scattered across the galaxy after the Empire launches a devastating attack on their secret base. Luke Skywalker searches out a Jedi master to complete his training, while Han Solo and Princess Leia are relentlessly pursued by Darth Vader’s space fleet. Sci-fi adventure sequel, with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams, Alec Guinness and David Prowse. Continues after the News.

Star Wars T-Shirts


Hook (1991) Sky Movies Modern Greats 10:55am-1:30pm (2 hours 35 minutes)
Peter Pan, who has finally grown up and is now a married lawyer with a family of his own, is whisked away by Tinkerbell to Neverland, where he must learn to fly again if he is to save his children from the clutches of Captain Hook. Steven Spielberg’s fantasy adventure, starring the late Robin Williams, with Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins and Maggie Smith

White Fang (1991) Channel 5 1:40pm-3:45pm (2 hours 5 minutes)
A prospector sets off for Alaska during the gold rush, and along the way he encounters a wolf-dog being cruelly treated by its owner. He sets the animal free and tames it, gaining a constant companion for his perilous journey through the wilderness. Adventure, based on Jack London’s novel, starring Ethan Hawke, Klaus Maria Brandauer and Seymour Cassel.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) BBC3 7:00pm-9:00pm (2 hours)
The intrepid archaeologist sets out to find his estranged father, who has gone missing while searching for the Holy Grail. Once reunited, the duo team up to finish the task and locate the sacred relic before the Nazis get their hands on it. Action adventure sequel directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Alison Doody, River Phoenix, Julian Glover and Denholm Elliott.

Batman Returns (1992) ITV2 11:20pm-1:50am (2 hours 30 minutes)
The masked hero returns to face the Penguin, a grotesque crime boss dwelling in the sewers who conspires with a corrupt businessman to make himself mayor. When the tycoon tries to kill his secretary, she returns as vengeful vigilante Catwoman, who soon forms an intense relationship with the dark knight in both their costumed and real identities. Tim Burton’s comic-book adventure sequel, starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Batman T-Shirts

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, don’t forget to separate your recycling and always wait for the green man before crossing.


Our Top #TruffleShuffleCom Instagrams!

We’re back again folks with another little look at some of our most recent Instagram love!

Over the past few weeks, even more of you lovely lot have been getting their hands on some TruffleShuffle goodies, picking up their phones and uploading some fantastic snaps of their latest purchases.

As always, we really love to see where all our designs end up as well as getting to see you guys proudly show them off for all to see.

To help even further spread the love, we’ve plucked out some of our favourite snaps from you guys so you can see what’s been going on an hopefully inspire you to also show off some of your retro items! Take a look at some TruffleShuffle fans….


Labyrinth Worm Cup of Tea Vest Roald Dahl The Enormous Crocodile Vest


Sharky And George T-Shirt Harry Potter Gryffindor Team Quidditch T-Shirt


Round The Twist Theme Tune T-Shirt Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Sublimation T-Shirt


Old School Gamer Sleeveless T-Shirt Clueless Ugh As If! Slub Scoop Neck T-Shirt


X-Men Distressed Vintage Comic Cover Marvel T-Shirt Gnasher Face Beano T-Shirt


Roald Dahl The Twits T-Shirt Jurassic Park Logo Rolled Sleeve Boyfriend T-Shirt
We’d just like to say another huuuuge thank you to everyone who has been sharing their snaps with us. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to show us and the world just what they’ve been grabbing and how they’ve styled it.

Fancy being featured in the next insta-llment? Why not snap and upload you very own TruffleShuffle purchases and be sure to tag them with #truffleshuffle or #truffleshufflecom and you can always tag us using out profile @truffleshufflecom so we can’t miss it. :)

See you next time


TruffleShuffle Insider: Meet…James

Here it is! Working our way through all the lovely names and faces of the TruffleShuffle dream team, we’ve been taking a little time each month to put one unsuspecting victim member of staff in the spotlight as we fire a whirlwind of questions at them and see what spins back out.

This time it’s the turn of creative genius James to take the hot seat so we can show the world, who he his, what he does here at Truffle Towers and what makes him tick. Sit back and enjoy everyone!

What do you do here at Truffle Towers?
I am the designer of all our TruffleShuffle own brand T-Shirts, which involves working with loads of cool brands such as Coca Cola, Labyrinth, Top Gun, He-Man, Beano, Transformers, Roald Dahl, My Little Pony and many many more.
How long have you been at TruffleShuffle?
Just over three years, but time flies around here so it feels like about two weeks.
What do you like most about working here / best thing about your job?
I love the constant new challenges that you get from working on such different licenses, no two days are the same and thinking up new design ideas for all these characters can be a lot of fun.  Plus it’s very cool to work with all the brands I used to love when I was growing up, I could never have guessed when I was younger that I would get paid to design things featuring the likes of Sonic, Asterix or Roald Dahl, what an honour!!
What is your favourite tee currently on the site?
It would be vain to pick one of my own designs (although having said that I am rather partial to this Old Skool Gamer tee which basically summed up my childhood) so I would have to say this classic A Clockwork Orange -T-Shirt from Out of Print.  I do love a bit of retro design and Out Of Print are masters at creating tees that look like they’re from a bygone era. I’ve got the sweater version but might treat myself to the T.Shirt in time for Summer!

Men's Old School Gamer T-Shirt

Men's Black Anthony Burgess A Clockwork Orange Novel T-Shirt
When you’re not at TruffleTowers, what do you like to do?
I’ve got a keen interest in all things creative and love a bit of design, photography and illustration. I’m a keen swimmer and can often be found doing multiple laps around the local swimming pool. If I’m having a night in I love computer games (Nintendo fan boy) and watching the odd indie flick or two. I’m also really into music and collecting new vinyl and try to go to as many local gigs as possible.
Name three things you like…
Nintendo, Whiskey and Wotsits. Sounds like an ideal night in.
Name three things you don’t like….
Onions, Flying Insects and Jeremy Clarkson.
What were your favourite three films as a kid?
Gremlins 2, Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead and of course Labyrinth.
Who is your idol?
Geri Halliwell or Dorian from Birds of a Feather.
Who is the last band you saw live?
I saw a double bill of The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart who were supported by Fear Of Men which made for a very jolly indie pop night last weekend.  I am also very excited to be seeing Kate Bush in a couple of months time which is a big deal for me!
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I am absolutely desperate to go to Japan as I love so much about their culture, if I ever do make it over there it’ll be a pricey visit with all the tat and gadgets I would end up buying. The Funhouse might be quite cool as well, with or without Pat Sharp.
Which iconic TV/Film car would you most like to own?
I can’t drive so I feel that this question is slightly lost on me.  Because of this I would have to choose KITT from Knight Rider so he could drive himself around for me, it would be like a personal chauffeur.
What music are you listening to at the moment?
Royksopp, I Break Horses, Sohn, Elephant, MØ, Ronika and Pawws have all had great music out this year.  So, lots of new stuff combined with dreadful cheesy 80s music that always brings a smile to my face.
If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?
I’d probably buy many small apartments around the world and spend my life flitting between them living a life of doing absolutely nothing. I’d also buy as many iTunes downloads necessary to get B*Witched back to the top of the charts where they belong.
So there you have it folks! Stay tuned for plenty more staff insights and discover even more names and faces from inside TruffleShuffle. See you next time with our next installment!


Our Top #TruffleShuffleCom Instagrams!

Hello internet explorers!

As we’re sure you already know, we really love getting to see all of our amazing customers and fans getting their hands on something nice and showing it off with pride. Nothing puts a bigger smile on our little faces…well..apart from maybe an early morning cuppa and sneaky bikkie!

With every order we pick and pack each day, each one is destined for an exciting new home where it will be loved and worn with pride by the new happy owner, this is such a great feeling and we REALLY love it when you guys show us where they have ended up and who will be rocking it all, perhaps showing some love for their favorite cuperhero, movie, cartoon, TV Show or even band.

To say a big thank you to everyone who keeps us updated on what you’ve been buying, we’ve decided to put together another little look at some of our top #truffleshuffle Instagram features that have been uploaded by you guys. Take a peep at some of our favourite from the last few weeks….

kerriejohnstonexo - Clueless Sweater

ashierosee - Deadpool Cardigan
Clueless Ugh As If! Sweater Marvel Deadpool Knitted Cardigan

alicefrancesca1 - Labyrinth Vest

giveemhellalice - Clueless T-Shirt
You Remind Me Of The Babe Bowie Labyrinth Vest Clueless T-Shirt

amygraveling - Lion King Necklace

rebeccalbevan - Monopoly T-Shirt
Simba Outline Lion King Necklace from Disney Couture Monopoly Money’s Too Tight To Mention T-Shirt

kellywelly_x - Playdays T-Shirt

bronywilson - Transformers T-Shirt
Playdays T-Shirt Transformers Autobot T-Shirt

sadumari - Breaking Bad T-Shirt

kelliequinn19 - Science Bitch T-Shirt
Jesse Science Bitch Breaking Bad Boyfriend T-Shirt Breaking Bad T-Shirts

em2evol - Sega T-Shirt

lynstagram2 - Nintendo T-Shirt
Sonic and Sega Logo T-Shirt Come and Visit the Mushroom Kingdom Boyfriend T-Shirt

archeravenue - The Twits T-Shirt

corriecozla - Mr Grumpy Mug
Roald Dahl The Twits T-Shirt Mr Grumpy Mug

pipthepomx - Mean Girls T-Shirt

pipthepomx - Mean Girls T-Shirt
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink Mean Girl Vest Boo You Whore Mean Girl Swing Vest
Phew! So there you have em folks! Sadly we simply couldn’t include ALL the amazing piccys you guys snap and post, but we do try!

Fancy being featured in the next insta-llment? Why not snap and upload you very own TruffleShuffle purchases and be sure to tag them with #truffleshuffle or #truffleshufflecom and you can always tag us using out profile @truffleshufflecom so we can’t miss it. 🙂

Huge thank you for everyone out there who is sharing their fab new buys with us and helping to spread the word, amazing work everyone!

See you next time