Our Top Harry Potter Picks For A Magical Christmas 🧙‍♂️✨🦉⚡

It’s official… Harry Potter is still HUGE!
With the last book being released 11 years ago and the latest film a cool 8 years, Harry Potter is still one of the biggest things hitting many of our Christmas lists and is sure to be keeping Santa extra busy with sooo many amazing goodies available to show off your fandom.

Working as hard as Santa’s little elves, we’ve been adding a whole head of Harry Potter Gifts, clothing and more to our collection and we’re sure we can keep even the most discerning Potter fan scrolling through the site.

Let’s grab our boomsticks and fly into the mix as we pick out some of our Top Potter picks!

Turn any space into a mystical corner with this ace Harry Potter Potion Bottle Light! Great gift for anyone looking to be top of the potion class!

Harry Potter Potion Bottle Light

Still waiting for you letter from Hogwarts? We still are! Why not wait in style or give the gift of comfort with this Harry Potter Hedwig Here Comes My Letter From Hogwarts Pyjamas!

Harry Potter Hedwig Here Comes My Letter From Hogwarts Pyjamas

Do you need more than just caffine to get your started in the morning? Why not summon the help of magic too with this clever Harry Potter Marauders Map Heat Change Mug. Watch it go!

Harry Potter Marauders Map Heat Change Mug

After all your potion and Quidditch classes, the chances are you’ll have work up an appitite! Dine in style with this Harry Potter Hogwarts Satchel Style Lunch Bag. Great for kids and big kids alike.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Satchel Style Lunch Bag

Pretty much as classic as they come, you’ll be ‘sorted’ once you’re rocking this iconic Harry Potter Gryffindor Team Quidditch T-Shirt.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Team Quidditch T-Shirt

About as versatile as they get, our Harry Potter Socks are as much at home chilling on the sofa, as they are in the boardroom. Subtle, smart and comfortable, what more could you need?


Ahhh… okay well while you might not actually live at Hogwarts, there’s nothing wrong with a big of wishful thinking, right? Add a touch of magic to your doorstep with a little help from our Harry Potter Welcome To Hogwarts Door Mat.


If you’re brewing up something warm an tasty, why not do it in total Potter style with this amazing Harry Potter Potions Master Large Cauldron Mug! Guaranteed to transform a cuppa into something far more magical.

Harry Potter Potions Master Large Cauldron Mug

The most important ball of the lot, the Golden Snitch is something to be feared and respected. Show off your quidditch prowess with this stunning Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light.

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

She’s a keeper, she’s a catch! Our Harry Potter I’m A Keeper Pyjamas is the kind of awesome you DON’T want to keep to yourself.

Harry Potter I'm A Keeper Pyjamas

If something’s worth saying, it’s worth writing down, right? Don’t just send a letter, send and experience, send someone’s dream with a little help from our Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Writing Set!

Harry <br />
</br><br />
Potter Hogwarts Letter Writing Set” /></a></div>
<p>There you have them peeps! for all these goodies and a whooooole lot more, check out our range of <a href=Harry Potter Merchandise and find the perfect gift for the Potter fan in your life. Enjoy!

Fill Your Boots! Stock Fillers Gifts Guide 2018

Halloween is officialy done which means only one thing… it’s time to start talking Christmas!

Between now and the big day, we’re sure you’ll be spending a whooole heap of time seaching and snapping up some amazing gifts for the special people in your life. To give you a little helping hand in your time of need, we thought we would pick out some of our favourite gifts that would make IDEAL fun Stocking Fillers this year. Take a peep!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Writing Set

Taking the site by storm! Our Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter Writing Set has been such a hit with the Potterheads this year and with its endless gift appeal, it’s sure to make the great addition to your very own potter fans gifts this year.


Star Wars Death Star USB Cup Warmer
Is the sci-fi fan in your life usually too busy planning their next Star Wars marathon to finish their brew before it turns colder than Hoth? Perhaps this awesome Star Wars Death Star USB Cup Warmer might just get them out of all sorts of trouble.

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Put Your Best Foot Forward With Our Latest Superhero Socks!

It’s true, not all socks are created equal. Some socks are destined for your everyday kinda activities and serve a hard life while receiving very little recognition and reward, while other socks are saved for the special occasions in life when it’s time for something just that extra awesome.

Be it a wedding say, an office part of heck even just because you fancy treating yourself to something epic because you work hard and you’re damn worth it, these special socks are some that never fail to add a certain something extra to any day or situation.

Perhaps you want to show them off, or perhaps you just want to wear them knowing they’re there being awesome and you’re the only one in the room who knows about it, whatever your use of special socks, we’ve managed to get our hands on some simply AMAZING new Superhero Socks which are sure to have your feet dancing with excitement.

Batman Socks

We can’t promise you’ll be able to fly anywhere in these socks, but we can 100% guarantee you will look super cool in them

Giving Your Health A Boost In 2018?

If like many of us at Truffle Towers you’re giving yourself a little health kick in 2018, you’re going to love what we’ve been rocking to keep ourselves motivated!

With soooo many cool fitness brands out there, once thing we’ve spotted is that not too many of them really allow you to show off your personality. I mean, a shirt with a brand logo isn’t saying much in the way of ‘hey, I’m kinda cool and sure ain’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.’

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Toe-tally Awesome New Socks To Start Your 2016 On The Right Foot…

The humble sock. For many moons these have been a wardrobe staple and have become something we just take for granted and often ignore, neglect or perhaps don’t care about. But these times are over!

With our ever-growing collection of funky socks, the simple sock has become so much more and can really go a long way in expressing your style, tastes and perhaps the odd hidden identity or two.

Treat your feet to something they can be proud of like these brill new Superhero Socks featuring designs from Superman, The Flash and of course Batman….

New year new me? Okay well maybe not totally new but perhaps a tougher, fitter and more motivated me is a start. Starting the year stating you’re kicking the takeaways and lazy Sundays is frankly setting yourself up for failure really, and who wants to deal with that?

Well! Our seriously funky new Superhero sports / active socks might just be the thing to help kick-start your fitness efforts with their motivational designs. Hell! A bit of running for the chance to rock these around the local park is well worth it right?

It’s official! The sublimation all-over print design is in and now not only can you pick up plenty of awesome vests, tees and jumpers lovingly smothered in your favourite characters and designs, you can now get this same treatment for your socks!

Choose from these fab Wonder Woman or funky Harry Potter featuring a montage of the book cover designs.

Whatever your tastes or style, a sock can become as much a part of your look or perhaps be tucked away so only you know of the awesomeness that lurks beneath.