Our Top Tees For Under £15!

We all love a bargain and January is always the best time to find ourselves a little treat for less.  I’m here with a handpicked selection of Cool T-Shirts all for under £15, these favourites can be a great start to the new year and won’t break the bank either!  Don’t forget we have an even bigger sale section filled with loads more fabulous Cheap T-shirts, perfect for banishing those Winter blues!

Ladies Space Invaders Arcade Graphics T-Shirt - £14.99
Mens Top Gun Jet Fighter Movie T-Shirt - £14.99
Ladies Thunderbirds Photographic Lady Penelope T-Shirt - £14.99
Ladies Navy Saved by the Bell Bayside Tigers - £14.99
Ladies Roald Dahl The BFG Swing Vest - £14.99
Ladies 80s Dancing Coke Can Sleeveless T-Shirt - £11.99
Mens White Columbia Records Logo T-Shirt - £14.99
Ladies Meet The Thunderbirds T-Shirt - £14.99
Ladies Big Bang Theory Haircuts V-Neck T-Shirt - £14.99
Mens Hits Album The Clash Front and Back Print T-Shirt - £14.99
Ladies Ferris Buellers Day Off Save Ferris Vest - £14.99


Brand New Junk Food. Now that’s food for thought….

Brand New JunkFood Clothing

Few things make the TruffleShuffle office as happy as a piping hot portion of Junk Food Clothing. As we’ve come to expect from the L.A based brand, this collection takes a pinch of vintage style mixes it with a spoonful of fashion and seasons it with a healthy dose of quality to create some amazing new Superhero, Music & Movie T-Shirts for him & her.

Here’s a couple of my faves….

Men’s Marble Black Back To The Future Logo T-Shirt from Junk Food – £36.99

Ladies White Patterned Batman Logo Scoop Neck Long Sleeved T-Shirt from Junk Food – £39.99

Ladies Grey Leopard Blondie Slash Neck Sweater from Junk Food – £74.99

Men’s Blue Here Comes The Thunder Thor T-Shirt from Junk Food – £29.99

Men’s Black Hunting Space Invaders T-Shirt from Junk Food – £29.99

Ladies Blue Star Wars Cast Scoop Neck Oversized T-Shirt from Junk Food – £36.99

So……which one is your fave?

Available from just £23.99, check out our complete range of Junk Food T-Shirts today for even more to pick from.


Happy Video Games Day!

We would like to wish you all a very happy Video Games Day!!  If you’re a retro gamer with a taste for anything in pixels we’ve got a great selection of Video Game T-Shirts and other treats you’re sure to love.  From Sega to Nintendo Tees, Pac-Man to Space Invaders and with a healthy dose of Tetris thrown in, you’re bound to find something to fall in love with.

All your favourite Nintendo paraphernalia has been brought back to life on these amazing Old Schol Gamer tees exclusive to TruffleShuffle. This is a real gamer-geek’s t-shirt of choice, be proud to show off your gaming skills!!!


This is an absolute must have for ALL gamer geeks or geekesses! Covered in an array of colourful arcade ghosts, this amazing Pac-Man backpack has the real waka waka factor!

What an absolute classic! This wicked, exclusive Sega T-Shirt comes with a classic and much-loved Sega Logo print, incorporating the famous and iconic Hedgehog character Sonic! What a dude.


If, like Sonic the Hedgehog – you find yourself whizzing around all day, this tin tote would be the perfect addition to your busy schedule! Perfect for lunch, stationery, letters – or even just to store your odds and sods. Forget Gamer Chic…it’s all about ‘Gamer Keep’! This Sonic The Hedgehog Scene Tin Tote features a scene from one of our favourite 80’s video games…a must have for any organised fan!


Featuring the arcade game of all arcade games, these Pac-Man headphones are a real must have for all fans of the 80’s hit game! With a classic design, these will help you show off your appreciation in style!


Bring some magic into your home with this wicked, official Tetris light! The seven individual Tetrimono pieces can be stacked in endless combinations. They magically illuminate when stacked together, but turn off when they are removed from the stack. Wowsers, that’s pretty impressive to us!


If you are a fan of gaming, this classic Nintendo Controller Tee could be the perfect ‘console’ation if the trials off everyday life are keeping you from your games.

NintendoIf you loved the above T-Shirt you can complete your outfit with this mega Nintendo Gamer Controller backpack, oh yes! This big old bag has ample room for games consoles, games, joysticks oh and is equally as useful for school, a night away, shopping or just day to day carrying functions!


This is a real treat for any fans of gaming, a Space Invaders vintage arcade design! With intentionally distressed graphics, these retro Space Invaders t-shirt really has the authentic look of an original, well-loved find!

Space InvadersSpace Invaders

This fabulous, Pac-Man fleece blanket features the unmistakable game board design. The throw is a lightweight, but nice and warm and is made from super soft micro fiber fleece. You’ll find the non-gamers in your life will end up using it because it’s so comfortable, and you’ll love it because it’s PAC-MAN.


Aww…nothing better than some 80’s loving, and this mug says it all. Pay homage to the coolest game ever with this ‘I love Gaming’ mug. We sure know the way to your Tetris shaped heart! <3


They may look cute and unassuming but Nintendo Boo’s are normally up to no good and you need to watch them like a hawk! The ghostly creature cowers and covers its face when looked at and when turning around will gain the courage to creep up behind its target in an attempt to defeat it. Oooh sneaky!



Retro Gaming the Smart[phone] Way…..

In our office it’s easy to spot the My Little Pony fan because she’s wearing a ‘Daddy I want a pony’ hoodie or the office geek because he’s wearing the latest Big Bang Theory t-shirt and our gamer t-shirts are being sported by our in-house Xbox addicts and Playstation junkies. But even with these very different fans occupying our office space every so often theres something that causes the office to act like crazed lunatics, the latest smartphone game.

With smartphones being all-the-rage in our office its meant that we could battle over Angry Birds, puzzle over Word Press and tactle Tap the Frog. Although these popular games cause commotions and comradery, there’s some games we just keep coming back to for settling arguments. Here’s the top 3 retro smartphone games to keep rivalry rife in the office…..

Snake – Due to the average age in Truffle Towers being 30 we don’t really remember the original 70s release of this infamous game so this one takes us back to those ‘First Mobile Phone’ days of the Nokia 6110 and the argument with your mates about how long your worm is (ooh matron) and the best technique as not to bite your own tail. Everyone’s an expert at this game…..

Snake on a Smartphone
Men's Retro Phone And Snake Ringer T-Shirt Ladies Retro Phone And Snake Vintage T-Shirt
Men’s Retro Phone And Snake
Ringer T-Shirt – £14.99 >
Ladies Retro Phone And Snake
Vintage T-Shirt – £19.99 >
Download Snake from iTunes here.

PAC-MAN – Even 32 years after it’s original release the yellow-bodied arcade icon Pac-Man turns even the most sedate financial director into a gaming demon chasing that illusive top spot on the in-house score board. Wakka-Wakka-Wakka

Pac-Man on a Smartphone
Men's Pac-Man Logo T-Shirt Ladies Grey Pac-Man Abbey Road Swing Vest
Men’s Pac-Man Logo T-Shirt – £16.99 > Ladies Pac-Man Abbey Road
Swing Vest – £19.99 >
Download Pac-Man from iTunes here.

Space Invaders – You can keep your Call of Duty kill ratios, in our office its all about defeating alien invasion of the simplest (most 2 dimensional) kind. Not only did it single-handedly turn the games industry from a novelty to a global industry its turned a whole office into a majorly competitive gaming arena. Space Invaders is a true gaming classic….

Space Invaders on a Smartphone
Men's Space Invaders Logo T-Shirt Ladies Black Space Invaders T-Shirt
Men’s Space Invaders
Logo T-Shirt – £19.99 >
Ladies Black Space
Invaders T-Shirt – £19.99 >
Download Space Invaders from iTunes here.