Pancake Day! Our Top Flippin’ Cool Retro Pancakes + How To!

Well….it’s back! Here for another sugar filled year, Pancake Day or Shrove (food in your face) Tuesday as we like to call it is possibly one of our perfect days of the year. We flippin’ love it!
It’s hard not to love a day when it’s practically a crime punishable by death not to bust out the scales and get mixing up some super sweet treats which you can really use to set your culinary creativity wild.

Will you go sweet? Will you go savoury? Or perhaps will you just eat so much it hurts…..the choice is yours.

To help get even the most bah pancake humbugy of people into the spirit of things this year and maybe inspire some top designs of your very own, we thought we would search around and pick out some of our top geeky and retro inspired pancakes that look good enough to eat…..because they really are! Take a peep!

Wowzers! Well all this talk of tasty treats has got us in a panic for our very own pancakes!

Looking to create your very own masterpieces? Check out our earlier Pancake recipe and guide blog post to create the ultimate pancakes HERE.



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