TruffleShuffle Loves Chunk!

Here at Truffle Towers we love waiting for deliveries of new Retro T-Shirts, especially when thei’re coming from top brand Chunk Clothing. As soon as that loading bay door goes up and that delivery truck backs up, it’s like a stampede of hungry Truffle Shufflers at Christmas ripping open boxes just to get our hands on those new funky T-Shirt designs.

My favourite design from their range are the funny Star Wars Stormtrooper T-Shirts. So I figured I’d use my Jedi powers and search the galactic web space (also known as a Google search) and share some of my favourite Star Wars inspired fan art, Cosplay and other crazy goodies from the farthest reaches of the Dark Side.

Enjoy and may the force be with you.

1) I think the Droids went this way. No Mike I think those were Beatles
2) Haha we’ve got them this time Dave, Vaders going to be stoked

3) Ok so the plan is. Hit 88 mph go back in time and patch up that tiny vent thus making the Death Star completely indestructible so we can all go to the annual Empire Employee dance and chat up drunk alien chick right?

4) Vader is guna freak when he sees my new pimp threads

5) The Empires enlistment medical eye test seems a little Propaganda’ish. But at least its catchy.
6) Ok Mike that’s a double word score for your boobs, which puts you in the lead.

7) Along time ago in a Pyramid far far away

If you enjoyed those as much as me, why not check out our awesome range of Chunk T.Shirts including these little beauties….

Men's Navy DJ Yoda T-Shirt from Chunk
Men's Navy DJ Yoda T-Shirt from Chunk

Men's White Star Wars Boombox Trooper T-Shirt
Men's White Star Wars Boombox Trooper T-Shirt


Our ‘Typo’graphic Movie Posters!

As huge fans all all things retro, we’re absolutely loving these! Take a peek at these amazing pieces of movie artwork in the form of Typographic style film posters inspired by some of our favourite flicks and cartoons.

This series of creative posters by Pete Ware features popular movie characters made out of words and famous quotes. The British artist creates typography posters featuring characters from classic films and cartoons such as Star Wars, Transformers, Indiana Jones, Rocky, and more!

Who knows, perhaps these could inspire some of our  retro movie t-shirts designs in the future??

What do you think? xoxo

Our New Star Wars T-Shirts Are Out Of This World!

With so much hype surrounding Star Wars recently with it being sold to Disney and an impressive THREE brand spanking new films coming our way soon, we just couldn’t resist the temptation to reaffirm our love of the cult films than with some fab new Star Wars T-Shirts!

With a little something for everyone be it a classic style Star Wars Logo T-Shirt design, a fancy dress style R2-D2 vest, or even a fun twist on a classic with a funny t-shirt, our latest collection is the perfect way to show your love in style and won’t break the bank too!

Men's Black Star Wars Logo T-Shirt
Men's Black Star Wars Logo T-Shirt £14.99

A simple classic, this wicked Star Wars Logo T-Shirt features the logo we all know and love as seen at the beginning of the 1977 film before the text crawl starts.

Men's Black Pool Hall Star Wars T-Shirt
Men's Black Pool Hall Star Wars T-Shirt £27.99

If you like your style and designs a little different, our new Pool Hall Star Wars T-Shirt is the one for you! Featuring the Dark Lord Vader himself shooting some pool with Boba Fett and a trusty, if not very accurate, Stormtrooper. Let’s hope they can shoot pool better than they can shoot their E-11 blasters otherwise things could get messy!

Ladies R2-D2 Star Wars Longline Vest
Ladies R2-D2 Star Wars Longline Vest £31.99

Not looking for another retro T-Shirt to add to your collection? Then our wicked new Star Wars R2-D2 vest is the way to go! Such a perfect design for all you Star Wars film loving females out there that features an all over print inspired by one of the coolest robots out there.

Men's Black Star Wars Stormtrooper Face T-Shirt
Men's Black Star Wars Stormtrooper Face T-Shirt £24.99

What a design classic! Show your support for the Empire with this awesome minimalist Stormtrooper face T-Shirt. This has got to be one of our faves!

Don’t forget! There’s plenty more where these came from. Check out our huge range of Star Wars T-Shirts at today and pick up your perfect tee at your perfect price today!


Satisfy that craving for Junk Food at TruffleShuffle this November!

There is no hiding the fact that all of us TruffleShufflers are big fans of Junk Food T-Shirts. And this November really proves that point with about a million* new designs coming into stock!!

Not only has the Autumn/Winter ’12 collection bought you some of the coolest cartoon t-shirts featuring the likes of Minnie Mouse & the Peanuts but they also have some rockin’ music-tshirts from some of the greats including AC/DC, Blondie & Aerosmith to mention a few.

With so many new Junk Food T-Shirts available, I thought I would give you a little glimpse at some of my favourite designs and styles to hit the TruffleShuffle shelves….

(* It maybe less than a million new designs)

Buy Now > Buy Now >
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The TruffleShuffle Top 5 Movie Quotes Countdown!

We all like to think of ourselves as big film buffs here at TruffleShuffle and with so many great Movie T-Shirts in stock there are constant reminders around to encourage us to dig out the old classics time and time again.  The films that I return to most are the ones that I grew up on, there’s nothing like cheering yourself up with a classic 80s movie for the ultimate nostalgia fest!  In a Top of the Pops style I’m going to run through my top five movie quotes that never fail to bring a smile to my face, and also show you a cool selection of Film T-shirts to kit you out in style as you settle down with the popcorn!

5 – “May the force be with you” – Star Wars

The ultimate Sci-Fi flick from the late 70s, few films have made as big a cultural splash as Star Wars and if you count yourself as one of the millions of fans out there you’re sure to appreciate our cool and stylish Star Wars collection!

4 – “Roads… Where we’re going we don’t need roads!” – Back to the Future

Every kid wanted to go on an adventure like Marty McFly and Doc Brown did after seeing Back to the Future, unfortunately time travel hadn’t (and still hasn’t!) been invented so the next best thing you can do is pay homage to the ultra cool Delorean with our fab tees!

3 – “There’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call?” – Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters of course!  Celebrate the spooky classic with these amazing new and exclusive Ghostbusters T-Shirts, you can choose between a huge looming Stay Puft or the Ghostbusters logo with other amazing quotes from the film carefully interwoven in.

2 – “You remind me of the babe” – Labyrinth

Just saying that line makes me want to burst into Bowies classic song from the awesome Jareth and the goblins scene!  All together now… “You remind me of the babe, what babe? The babe with the power…”

1 – “First you gotta do the Truffle Shuffle” – The Goonies

Ta-Dah!  How could we not place this one at the top of the chart!?  Chunk and the gang have been a huge inspiration for us and we’re very proud of our exclusive Goonies range, you can even brush up on other quotes from the movie in our new Goonies Quotes T-Shirt!