Get down in your dressing gown…

Here at TruffleShuffle we take lounging around extremely seriously and with the help of our fantastic range of retro dressing gowns you can too!! All of our amazing retro bathrobes shout allegance to your favourite TV Shows or Films.

They all include great features such as embroidered logos and/or contasting trim.

Get one today to keep your cosy on that early morning brew mission or lazy sunday loungin, definitely warmer than sitting around in your pants….

Here are some intergalatic Star Wars robes:

Men’s Star Wars Stormtrooper Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown Men’s Star Wars Darth Maul Towelling Dressing Gown Men’s Star Wars Yoda Toweling Dressing Gown With Ears

Star Wars not your cuppa tea (see what I did there?), why not check out these retrotastic robes instead:

Men’s Dr Who Tardis Towelling Hooded Dressing Gown Men’s Black Fleece Rocky Emblem Dressing Gown Ladies Wonder Woman Dressing Gown

This years top five Star Wars T-Shirts!

Always being some of our top selling T Shirts, Star wars T-Shirts have definitely made their home in all of our own personal collection and it seams you guys just can’t get enough of them too!
With out of this world designs starring the likes of Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vader, Leia and the trusty stormtroopers, our huge range of vintage inspired designs is sure to keep even the biggest Star Wars fans and retro movie lovers amused.

To help you guys pick out your fave and show you what everyone else is loving, we thought we would show you some of our very bestselling Star Wars inspired designs that will have you feeling the force and being tempted by your dark side!

#1 Mens Navy Star Wars Wookie Surfer T-Shirt from Chunk: This awesome navy t-shirt is an instant classic and shows one of the lovable Wookies hitting the beach and getting ready to ride the waves with style. Super cool!

Mens Navy Star Wars Wookie Surfer T-Shirt from Chunk
Mens Navy Star Wars Wookie Surfer T-Shirt from Chunk

#2 Mens Star Wars Dark Side Racing T-Shirt from Chunk: A Stormtrooper on the race-track, not exactly what you’d expect to see but hey. Working as the ultimate team, this seriously funny tee really captures the Chunk brand brilliantly and you guys just love it!

Mens Star Wars Dark Side Racing T-Shirt from Chunk
Mens Star Wars Dark Side Racing T-Shirt from Chunk

#3 Mens White Star Wars Boombox Trooper T-Shirt from Chunk: Rocking the 80s old school hip hop look, this stormtrooper with his classic boombox is one of the coolest designs we know! We’re so used to seeing these guys standing to attention and carrying out evil orders so what better than to see them strutting their stuff with some Mick Jagger swagger!

Mens White Star Wars Boombox Trooper T-Shirt from Chunk
Mens White Star Wars Boombox Trooper T-Shirt from Chunk

#4 Mens Black Boombox Vader Star Wars T-Shirt: One again rocking the 80s boombox, this time Vader himself has taken the stage and is chilling out with some beats on this uber cool and funny as ever Vader T-Shirt! A must-have in our eyes!

 Men's Black Boombox Vader Star Wars T-Shirt
Men's Black Boombox Vader Star Wars T-Shirt

#5 Ladies Pink Star Wars R2-D2 and C3PO Black Label T-Shirt from Junk Food: The lovely ladies here at Truffle Towers simply can’t get enough of Junk Food’s Star Wars tees, especially this gorgeous pink one! This tee comes with a distressed print of C3PO and R2D2. Out of this world!

Ladies Pink Star Wars R2-D2 and C3PO Black Label T-Shirt from Junk Food
Ladies Pink Star Wars R2-D2 and C3PO Black Label T-Shirt from Junk Food

Want to see more?? Check out some of the other chart toppers that just missed the top spot below:

Men’s Navy Star Wars Chewbacca Slam Dunk T-Shirt
Mens Navy Star Wars Stormtrooper Medal Ceremony T-Shirt from Chunk
Mens White AT-AT Crossing Star Wars T-Shirt


British streetwear brand Addict launches at TruffleShuffle!

Addict (edikt’; for n. ad’ikt) vt. [<,to + dicere, say]
To give (oneself) up (to some strong habit).
1. one addicted, a past time
2. [Colloq.] a person devoted to something -addic’tion n. – addic’tive adj.
Starting life as a menswear label in 1996, Addict has developed a signature style of streetwear that blends classic casual wear with the performance, quality and functionality of high spec outerwear. The brand has over a decade’s worth of heritage in the streetwear genre, its roots run deep in the design, music and board sports communities crossing over both to the underground and mainstream alike since birth. Long a favourite of the freesports fraternity, Addict is much more than your common or garden clothing range. Despite the rapid growth in popularity and distribution over the years, Addict has a tight, focused team of individuals who are intensely passionate about the brand and keep a tight reign over its development, producing all clothing, graphics and media for the mainline in-house, focusing on product development, letting the brand evolve naturally rather than bending to fit in with fashion.
Addict regularly work with and support a collection of independent highly sought after artists and illustrators on the more limited edition ‘artist series’ ranges. A reflection of their general company ethos, the artists and designers Addict work with are sourced mainly on a social basis. The limited edition artist series tees and related products have seen Addict working with a plethora of contemporary talent including long time collaborators She One, C-Law, Mitch and Swifty, Mode 2, Jimi Crayon, Ben Swift, Guy Featherstone, Shogun™, Will Barras, Mr Jago, and Steff Pleatz to name but a few.

Launching this week of TruffleShuffle is our first drop of tees from their much anticipated instalment of Addict X Star Wars tees, featuring art from long time Addict collaborator Mitchy Bwoy. Staying true & accurate to the original Star Wars designs from the Star Wars Trilogy, this collection of tees show Mitch’s unique, highly detailed, hand drawn vector style which he mixes with a keen colour sense and a healthy dose of ink and spray paint to lethal effect.
“Brought up in the Shires of the North of England, Mitch’s fascination with design and illustration was initiated by a love of comics and the Star Wars phenomenon. His first true influence was Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars’ chief illustrator) and, much do the disapproval of various art teachers, he spent most of his early years in the realms of fantasy art and graffiti. Concentrating on what he calls ‘hip hop surrealism’ during his design degree, Mitch spent his final degree year working at Swifty’s London studio. As Mitch was already a huge fan of Swifty’s work for Mo Wax and Straight No Chaser magazine, this was a logical progression and served as a valuable apprenticeship. Working from his own London studio over the last 10 years, Mitch has carved his own niche not only in music cover design but also in illustration, fashion and more recently, video production. His work has become synonymous with new music and club culture, working alongside the most prominent musicians of the last decade, including; Amp Fiddler, Bugz in the Attic, Incognito, The Bees, Howie B and many others. In addition, Mitch has worked on many special projects, live paints and collaborations with other artists; 55 Roots for 55 DSL (live paint and group art show with Dragon and Shibuya from Japan), Bacardi brand development (with Mode 2) and Black Twang/We Love You album projects (with Banksy). His reputation has also led to his inclusion in numerous art shows, such as; the Art Basel/ Miami (alongside Doze Green, Swoon, Rostar), Candela Festival/Puerto Rico (with Swifty, Mode 2 and HVW8) and Board / London (with Jamie Hewlett and Pete Fowler).” His series of inter galactic Star Wars designs pay homage to the timeless quality of the original designs featured in the original films released over 30 years ago… Check them all out below….
Men's Black Stormtrooper Graffiti T-Shirt from Addict £24.99
Men's Boba Fett Graffiti T-Shirt from Addict £24.99
Men's Millennium Falcon Blueprint T-Shirt from Addict £19.99
Men's Red At-At Blueprint T-Shirt from Addict £19.99


Have a Chunk of THIS!

Here at TruffleShuffle – we pride ourselves in providing the most exciting range of t-shirts possible! We are home to some pretty awesome brands, and are constantly on the look out for new and exciting ranges. One of our favourite brands is Chunk – and with designs like this, how could blame us?

The recent addition: The Men’s White Star Wars Boombox Trooper t-shirt, is no exception when it comes to originality, on a comfortable stylish t-shirt…

We stock a whole range of Men’s Chunk T-shirts (starting from a size XS) so head over to and have a browse of all our latest designs. You will find the likes of Star Wars t-shirts, quirky Pac-man designs, Ren and Stimpy t-shirts, Mickey Mouse and Bert and Ernie!

For our full selection of Chunk T-shirts click here.

Chunk – A great British t-shirt brand!

Hi my name’s Simon and I’m a Chunkaholic. There I said it. Now, If you haven’t come across any of our men’s T-shirts from Chunk then you’re in for a right treat. I’ll start with a quick history lesson…

Chunk started back in 2001 having launched some designs all based on the Haynes Car Manuals iconic cover illustrations. Ten years on and Chunk is now one of the UK’s leading urban street-wear labels. Chunk’s ethos was, and still is, to produce great designs on quality garments, targeting 18-35 year old males with a strong emphasis on cool nostalgia. Famous for their bold graphics, tongue-in-cheek humour and unique design quirks, Chunk now has worked with some of the biggest licenses in the world, which include Marvel, Hanna Barbera, Fremantle Media (Danger Mouse) and Lucas Films (Star Wars) – for which Chunk won a licensing award in 2007 for its Star Wars range. The future promises to be incredibly bright for Chunk as the brand expands into even more retro goodness further cementing its reputation as a great British brand.

With offering a massive range of amazing retro t-shirts, gifts and accessories we get to see cool new stuff all the time. But for me nothing matches the excitement of a new Chunk catalogue turning up because I know it will be full of amazing new designs. It’s their ‘outside the box’ approach to designing a t-shirt that I love, generally taking a familiar character such as Darth Vader or Mr.T and putting them in an unusual situation, IT’S GENIUS. I could only wish that when I’m down at the coast for a cheeky weekend surf that I catch a Stormtrooper ‘out the back’ riding that perfect wave or driving past my local scrap yard would reveal that Mr.T, Luke and Bo Duke, Michael Knight and the Trotters famous ‘rides’ had reached the end of their lives (probably due to the government Scrappage scheme!!). Only t-shirts from Chunk make this happen.

EXCLUSIVE Men's Star Wars Surfing Storm Trooper T-Shirt from Chunk!Men's Trash TV Car Pile Up T-Shirt from Chunk

Here’s some of my current favourites T-shirts from Chunk that you can buy RIGHT NOW!

Men's Black Street Vader T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Black Street Vader T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's White Clonestock T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's White Clonestock T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Ink Blot Mr T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Ink Blot Mr T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Blue Fresh Air T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99
Men's Blue Fresh Air T-Shirt from Chunk - £27.99

Oh and keep your eyes peeled for more retro goodness coming soon from Chunk including the likes of more cheeky Star Wars designs (Darth Vader – who’s your daddy and Yoda – short may be I but your ass kick I will) and even more excitingly, a new collection inspired by that 90’s classic, Ren and Stimpy!!