Grab a chance to see Mickey Mouse in a whole new light!

Check out these awesome new Disney T-Shirts we’ve just had from the guys at Bloc28 by Disney.

Mens White Old School Mickey Mouse T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

Bloc28 by Disney are a group of artists whose mission is to re-interpret Mickey Mouse using non-traditional media like murals, graffiti and street art.  It’s a really unique project that encompasses artist visualisations of one of the worlds most recognisable characters!

Mens White Multi Colour Mickey Mouse T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

These officially licensed Mickey Mouse T-Shirts add a quirky, retro, humourous touch to the classic Disney character that manages to bring him bang up to date!

Mens Black Mickey Mouse Crossbones T-Shirt from Bloc28 by Disney - £24.99

These Bloc28 T-Shirts have got me really interested in the artists and ideas behind it all, and with the project going from strength to strength I’m sure we can expect to see some hot new products in the future!

Girls on Bikes….

UK artist / designer INSA’s infamous ‘Girls on Bikes’ art project has become fashion thanks to Addict t-shirts.

The ‘Girls on Bikes’ photo series has appeared all over fashion, lifestyle and cycling blogs already, but now you can actually own a little part of it thanks to Addict and the release of this biketastic tshirt series.

If like me, you love graffiti / street art, bikes and beautiful ladies you will love these t-shirts. There are three designs available in total – Layla, Emily and Vicky. They feature color matched collars and sleeve stitching alongside a soft touch water based photo print and co Addict x Insa branding on each sleeve.

Unless your job has a relaxed dress code (like us lucky Truffleshufflers), you probably won’t be wearing these tees to work anytime soon thanks to the fine mix of boobs, bottoms and bikes. But who cares? You’ll be excited for the weekend to ‘roll’ around so you can show off these tees!!

Layla Emily Vicky
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‘See No Evil’ Bristol Street Art Event 2012

Loving a good piece of design (typically on a humble t-shirt) and always looking for any excuse to get out and about in the sun, last weekend saw this TruffleShuffler exploring the Bristol’s latest See No Evil street art event on Nelson street and what a treat it was!

Bringing together some of the most loved and well respected artists from around the globe, this annual event gives them the chance to really do their thing and bring the once bog standard street to life with some stunning pieces.

A total of 40 urban artists, including Mr Jago, Flying Fortress, Nychos and Mark Bode, have used 3,500 spray cans to create their masterpieces on the streets. The event is said to be largest street project in the UK and last year projectors were brought in to help artists create graffiti on buildings up to a neck craning 10 storeys high!

The four day long event featured a New York style bloc party with music and dancers as well as many live performances through the days which really had the city buzzing with life.

Take a look at some of the snaps we took of the event…

This one has to be our absolute fave! Such a fantastic design featuring the Marvel characters Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Superman, Iron Man and of course Batman! Can you spot them??

These two are just amazing, covering the entire side of the buildings, they stand proud for all to see and really have presence in the street and transform the area. Love it!

Well that’s a wrap folks! If you get the chance, you have to have a quick walk down Nelson Street, Bristol and see these for yourselves. They will be there all year so plenty of time to enjoy them.